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Kyle Jones is a 31-year old resident of August, Georgia.

He has an active dating life, seeking out mates online and in bookstores and often taking them home to meet his mother.

Pretty typical, right? Except that his main girlfriend is 91 years old.

"Everyone's brain is wired differently," Jones explains to The Daily Mail. "Some guys prefer blondes, some brunettes, some like other guys - I like old ladies."

Does he ever!

Jones says he often dates five women at once, adding that the "average age I go for is between 60 and 80."

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For the record, we don't know if Kourtney Kardashian is actually pregnant with her third child. It's just a rumor at the moment.

But we do almost definitely know how Kourtney and Scott Disick will present this news to the world, if it ends up being true:

Via a tabloid cover story for which they're paid a very handsome sum.

And to which we say: BOOOO! That's no fun at all.

What is fun if you're an expecting couple? Mocking your wife's morning sickness, of course. Or creating your own movie-style billboard.

Herewith, THG presents 11 creative couples who turned a miraculous moment into an LOL moment:

We're Pregnant!
This guy seems a little more excited about his impending baby than his wife does. We wonder why.

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Let the following exchange be a lesson to all women out there: Never cheat on a guy with his best friend.

And definitely never cheat on a guy with his best friend and then try to reconcile with him online, especially not when he's an expert meme user.

Click the image below to view a larger version of a screen capture made by Twitter user "@KaneZipperman."

He seems mighty proud of the way he shot down his ex-girlfriend via text... as well he should be!

Epic Online Cheating Response

HA! We love it.

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A woman cries over Batman in the following video.

And, no, it's not because Ben Affleck has landed that role.

In one of the most elaborate (and, we'll admit it, head-scratching) proposals you'll ever see, a woman is led out of a coffee shop by someone dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

She then watches a flash mob perform to Bruno Mars’ “Treasure" before her costumed boyfriend emerges from group of superheroes (including Wolverine, Spider-Man and Captain America) and gets down on one knee.

Who knew Batman carried an engagement ring in his utility belt?!? Watch now:

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Sorry, fiances and husbands around the world. Your proposal totally sucks when compared to that of Jack Hyer.

Yes, even yours, Kanye West.

In the following video, Hyer says he knew he would marry Becca Strellnauer after the couple’s first date in 2010.

So Hyer started to put together a proposal immediately, filming himself lip-syncing to The Proclaimer's "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" everywhere he traveled - and he traveled A LOT.

From Tanzania to Jerusalem to Thailand to Turkey, Hyer made his feelings known.

On the night of the couple's graduation from the University of Montana, Jack told Becca he was going to show her a graduation slideshow... but cued this up instead. Watch the footage and then watch her reaction at the end now:

Your move, future fiances.

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It pays to be a movie critic.

Not necessarily in very big bucks, but in some rather awesome connections.

And Joe Michalczuk recently leveraged these connections in a pretty cool way, using a number of junkets to ask many A-Listers to send some best wishes his fiancee’s way.

In the following video, everyone from Hugh Jackman to Kate Upton offers up their congratulations to Joe and wife-to-be Jenny, with Anne Hathaway and Kate Winslet earning points by quoting a couple famous roles.

Also of note: Samuel L. Jackson joking that he’s Laurence Fishburne and Arnold Schwarzenegger botching his line like he's Kendall Jenner...

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Sometimes, the worst laid plans turn out the best.

Earlier this month, Elan Spreiser planned to propose to Koren Lockwood on the observation deck at the top of Rockefeller Center. But rain nixed both that plan and his back-up: popping the question on a horse-and-buggy ride.

So while walking near Central Park, Spreiser simply dropped suddenly to a knee and asked for Lockwood's hand in marriage.

She said yes… and a stranger named Jeannae Zuloag just happened to be standing there to capture the moment on camera.

  • A NYC Proposal
  • Couple Gets Engaged in NYC

“I immediately was like, ‘They need pictures of this moment, they’re going to want pictures,’" Zuloaga told Today. "I think it was just a magical kind of happenstance."

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Are you familiar with the growing trend of #TransformationTuesday?

It’s a growing trend on Instagram where users publish before-and-after shots of important events in their lives, depicting all the weight they’ve lost after a run of weeks at the gym, for instance.

Or, in the case of some schmo named "cjkarl11" online, it's a chance to dump your girlfriend in the most passive aggressive way known to man.

Seriously, if you think your breakup sucked, imagine being this girl:

#TransformationTuesday Breakup
Ouch. This is not the way you want #TransformationTuesday to go. Not at all.

Hang in there, syd_ross. There are MUCH better fish in the sea.

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The bottom line is all that maters... right?

In the following video, Ellen DeGeneres calls two audience members down to the stage during a break from taping her talk show.

Once there, the man (Tim) tells his girlfriend (Jaime) that they've been together for a little while and, hey, she's been "great," so... would she marry him?!?

It isn't the most romantic wording of all-time, but the couple sure does look happy after Jaime says yes. And that's all that matters, right?

Watch the proposal, compare it to another proposal on Ellen from last year and then compare both to a bunch of other AWWW-inspiring marriage questions below.

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You can't help but laugh when reading through this collection of 19 Motherly Text Message Fails. Parents trying to be hip is simply hilarious.

But it's difficult to browse around the following gallery without feeling a twinge of sadness.

Somewhere out there, some guy wanted to have virtual sex with his girlfriend... only to be turned down for Pop Tarts or Oreo Cereal. Your heart just goes out to these people.

Except for the dude whose significant other replied to his attempt at sexting with the picture of a cheese grater. He should just run away screaming.

Prepare to scream in laughter yourself when you click through this list of epic sext message fails:

Mmm... Pop Tarts.
Sometimes you're in the mood for Pop Tarts instead of a pounding. Can you really blame a woman?

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