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Katy Perry sure knows how to pick 'em! Right on the heels of her highly-publicized breakup with John Mayer, the singer is reportedly dating Riff Raff.

Yes, dreadlocked white rapper Riff Raff.

Riff Raff and Katy Perry Photo

If you've never heard of Riff Raff, you're not alone.

He's best known as the possible inspiration for James Franco's similarly styled character in the movie Spring Breakers. The rapper even sued the film's producers for using his likeness without permission.

Going forward, however, it seems Riff - real name Horst Christian Simco - will be best known as Katy Perry's rebound guy.

The famous pair went public far sooner than most celebrity couples, with Katy posting a pic to Instagram and Riff Raff later confirming that their hang session was an official date.

"We went on a date, it was fun," Mr. Raff revealed to TMZ. "It was Skrillex's party so we went out and had some sushi, went bowling and then had a few drinks or whatever. Just chilled."

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Robin Thicke - the singer best known for his smooth voice and ability to make models get naked - opened up in a recent interview with People about his recent separation.

Thicke's separation from Paula Patton, his actress wife of nine years, was followed almost immediately by his public efforts to win her back. How's that going?

Paula Patton, Robin Thicke
Paula Patton and husband Robin Thicke. They make a cute couple, wouldn't you agree?

Of his attempts to win Paula back, he says, "She loved it ... She thought it was the sweetest thing and very romantic, and I've always been a romantic guy that way."

Despite Paula's positive reaction to Robin's displays of affection, he seems resigned to the fact that a reconciliation may not be in the cards.

Asked about his goals for the upcoming year, Thicke said, "Just to be a great father...and be a great friend to Paula."

Talk about blurred lines. We're sure Robin will manage to find the bright side of the single life. 

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We have a new addition to our collection of AWWW-inspiring marriage proposals.

The following video takes us to Greentown School in North Canton, Ohio, where teacher Megan Zahorec responded to a fire drill on March 19 like she was just like any other fire drill.

Except this one was anything but ordinary.

Once outside, Megan witnessed her firefighter of a boyfriend, Justin Deierling, unfurl a sign that asked for her hand in marriage. He then got down on one knee and popped the question in front of a horde of cheering students.

"I met Megan volunteering at the fire station," Deierling tells The Huffington Post. "We passed out water to kids in a walk-a-thon. I knew instantly that she was someone special by the way that she interacted with the kids. I wanted to incorporate how we met and the kids, who she adores, into the proposal."

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Lady Gaga doesn't exactly strike anyone as the type to submit to traditional roles of anything, gender or otherwise. But that's the case when it comes to her relationship with boyfriend Taylor Kinney.

While appearing on Sirius XM's The Morning Mashup, Lady Gaga was asked whether she's the submissive one in the relationship.

"Yes, actually," she replied. 

  • Lady Gaga in Black
  • Taylor Kinney Picture

"He's totally in charge," she continued. "I mean, when I am home, I am like, shoes are off, I'm making him dinner. He has a job, too, and he is really busy!"

So while that might not have been exactly the answer the radio DJs were looking for, it's the one she gave them. Something says they were looking for an answer that is a bit more salacious and suited to this image of Gaga.

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Grab some tissues, THG.

Things are about to get emotional.

In the following collection of videos, we highlight some of the best marriage proposals in recent memory, from those that featured help from a celebrity to those that involved a lot of dancing and singing.

In one amazing piece of romantic footage, a woman believes her boyfriend just plunged to his death... before learning he has instead found an incredibly unique way to pop life's biggest question.

These proposals are all unique in nature, though they share one important thing: true love.

Toggle around now and never stop believing that it really is out there:

Man Falls Off Building, Proposes
This man is willing to die for love. Sort of. Watch his unparalleled proposal now.

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Not everybody fakes it for Facebook, but we all know the type who does.

If everyone's marriage were like some people make it seem for the sake of appearances online, the divorce rate would be like zero percent in the U.S.

Some married couples opt for the ironic, but honest route of sharing 25 reasons your kid is crying and other such humorous, realistic portraits of family life.

A lot of people still try to pass it off like some sort of utopia, however.

If you trusted the Facebook feeds of some of your friends, marriage and child-rearing are just so blissful, euphoric and rewarding ... why would anyone not do it?

Check out 11 pics of what a Facebook Marriage looks like ...

Family Breakfast
It's the most important meal of the day, and all your friends mysteriously start it off looking this good.

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Carly Butler recently got back from a six-month trip to England for work, returning in time for her engagement party with fiancé Adam.

Only she got back to a special letter and an even more special surprise, learning that it wasn't actually a day to celebrate her engagement.


"Today is not our engagement party, it is our wedding," read the letter, as Adam went on to explain that he and Carly's mother had organized every last detail - from dress to stylist to flowers - and Carly just had to sit back and enjoy it all.

Not even the guests knew what was happening until Carly started to walk down the aisle. Pretty amazing, huh?

Watch it all unfold here:

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Let us be clear: We don't believe that Kim Kardashian is any sort of [insert negative term here] for having slept with nine people in her life by age 33.

You can judge her by two failed marriages, or the fact that she had a role in making the Kim Kardashian sex tape, but by and large, the star is a monogamist.

Nine partners in over a decade and a half? Downright normal for many people.

She's been romantically linked to others (Gabriel Aubry, Nick Lachey), but we haven't included them in this Relationship Rewind chronicling Kim's turbulent love life.

From before she was famous, to the man who made her famous when He Hit It First (more like fourth) to the present, can you recall all of her significant others?

Here's a look at the nine stars we know have gotten it in with Kim:

T.J. Jackson
T.J. Jackson, Michael's nephew, was Kim's first love. It's believed that he was her "first" in the physical sense as well.

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When your friends get engaged, you are undeniably be happy for them, but you may also roll your eyes and wish you could make some snarky comments.

After all, with the engagement comes the wedding, and with the wedding comes going overboard with the planning and the obsession over every detail.

We've all been there. Some of us on both sides.

There are those who go crazier than others, though, when it comes to Facebook updates, Instagram pics, registries galore and nonstop wedding emails.

Enter the cards you WISH you could send them.

The geniuses at someecards have a bunch of classics for just such a time-honored occasion. Click through them and nod your head knowingly in approval/laughter:

Hope It's a Good One
You're stuck with it. Literally and otherwise.

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When texting the person you're crushing on hardcore, it pays to be cool, collected and charming, and above all else, to check your spelling 2-3 times if possible.

With the bane of human civilization that is Autocorrect, one cannot be too careful. Of course, we fall victim to the perils of this supposedly helpful tool just the same.

You can't pin it all on iPhone technology, though. Some people just plain blow it with their would-be lovers and have only themselves to blame for overreaching.

Other times, there's not a lot they could've done differently (except maybe not use texting to hit on someone ... food for thought). We get shot down sometimes; it's life.

However you want to explain it, these nine people blew it. Bad. Luckily, their epic fails can bring us laughter and wisdom regarding what NOT to do. Enjoy:

Something Between Us
I'm envisioning something between us, all right ...