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Till death do us part.

It's a phrase all married couple utter upon exchanging vows; but, as these 13 celebrities can attest to, it's not one often taken seriously by those involved.

Try telling that to Don and Maxine Simpson, however.

The Bakersfield, California couple was married for 62 years when Maxine was diagnosed with cancer. A short time later, Don’s health started to decline after he broke his hip.

Melissa Sloan, the Simpsons’ granddaughter, told local news affiliate KERO that she moved the couple into her spare bedroom and watched as they held hands in their final hours.

When Maxine passed away, "I walked them out with her body," Sloan says, explaining:

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Wedding photos may never get more epic than a groomsman kicking a bridesmaid in the head while jumping high in the air or newlyweds walking in front of a tornado.

But the following image sure makes it close.

An unidentified couple got married in Normandy Park, Washington on July 19, with the husband telling Reddit readers that his wife asked him to take “only take serious pictures with my groomsman.”

So he obliged. And this was the result:

A Serious Wedding Photo

How did she react?

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If you thought you'd seen it all on social media, and believed your Instagram feed couldn't possibly be filled with more inappropriate selfies  ... you are wrong on both counts.

Welcome to the #AfterSex hashtag!

This trend is actually a thing, and is fairly self-explanatory. For reasons unknown, couples of young to intermediate age take post-coital selfies and share them.

The #AfterSex Smoke
Lighting one up in bed after doing the deed is a time-honored tradition. Sharing it on Instagram, however, is relatively new phenomenon.

Because nothing says romance like putting it your partner, then snapping a pic and sharing it with the Internet, where everything lives on forever.

Maybe, and scarily, that's the appeal.

In no way can one take part in such a flagrantly voyeuristic phenomenon without full knowledge that the intimate shots will be ogled by anonymous viewers.

That or they're just trying too hard.

In a way, at least in some cases, using the #aftersex tag could be interpreted more as an insecure move as well as a self-obsessed, hyper-confident display. 

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Someone out there named Marco just got straight up owned by a complete stranger via text message, and while we'd feel sorry for him, the victim sort of had it coming.

How, you ask? Allow us to explain ...

A girl started texting random numbers and telling people she is knocked up with their future baby, just to see what kind of shenanigans would ensue.

Obviously, if the nefarious texter were to reach a woman, or a virgin, someone in a purely monogamous relationship and so forth, this prank would be DOA.

Marco, though? Hook, line and sinker.

Not only did he buy it, he revealed that he cheated on his girlfriend with someone named Sarah, and that he thought she was on the pill, and that he cried.

In a restaurant. In front of his girlfriend.

You gotta read this for yourself:

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Not every woman out there wants to pose for self-portraits while pregnant.

And can you blame them? What if the Internet mocks their seemingly great idea in a gallery of absurdly awkward pregnancy photos?

But one husband came up with a genius response when his wife decided against snapping any expecting parental pictures: He'd do so himself!

Who cares that he doesn't have a baby bump... he's got one seriously impressive beer belly and it's on full display some of the most hilarious images you'll ever see.

Check out this man's large, exposed gut and prepare to bust your gut while laughing at his work:

Black, White and Beautiful
This husband figured that if his wife didn't want maternity pictures, why not pose for some paternity pictures?!?

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As proven many years ago on Sex and the City, using a Post-It to end a relationship is even worse than any of these breakup text messages.

But using it to propose marriage?!? That turns out to be more romantic using your girlfriend's Pinterest account to plan a proposal.

Nathan Humphris recently proved as much.

The 34-year old responded to his girlfriend Modra’s frequent question of how much he loves her by sending five bouquets of flowers to Modra's office.

Each had a single word on it and they eventually spelled out “I love you this much.”

But Nathan wasn’t finished! When Modra ventured to her car after work, she was greeted by the following sight:

Post-It Proposal

Yep, those are Post-Its. And each one also says “I love you this much.”

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In a move we never saw coming but will receive no criticism from any sane male OR female, Cosmopolitan has published a list of sex tips specifically for women.

For women who have sex with other women, that is.

G on G Pic

No beating around the bush (so to speak) with this one, either. The article is titled "28 Mind-Blowing Lesbian Sex Positions," and it makes good on the title.

The article walks readers through "The Laconic Lounger, "The Rocket," "Defying Gravity" and many more you absolutely must try (or think about).

There are illustrations and descriptions, don't worry.

To think, Rosie O'Donnell's recently claimed that Cosmo stopped her from coming out in 1992. Quite a difference two decades makes, doesn't it?

Cosmopolitan has also run "14 Things You Should Never Say To A Gay Man" and, more recently, "8 Things Not To Say To A Transgender Person."

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Good luck ever topping this, boyfriends around the globe.

The following video was filmed by a young man named Jack Harries, who had been Skyping with his girlfriend Ella when she joked that he should hop on a plane and surprise her in Australia, where she was halfway through a six-month vacation.

So Jack did just that!

He took an eight-hour flight from Great Britain to Hong Kong... laid over for eight more hours in Hong Kong... and then took a 10-hour flight from Hong Kong to Australia. All in the name of love.

Was it worth it in the end? Watch Ella's reaction upon seeing Jack and you tell us:

We only ask one thing, Jack:

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New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz makes big plays on the gridiron all the time, but this off-field move will go down as his all-time best.

At their church in New Jersey on July 13, the NFL all-star and his longtime girlfriend were hosting a "baby dedication" for their young daughter Kennedy.

Victor was leading a prayer for friends and family before the group ate ... when he got down on one knee and pulling out a huge diamond ring for Elaina!

Watch the clip, first posted by TMZ Sports, below and prepare to tear up a bit ...

She said yes, and the crowd celebrated like the Giants won Super Bowl XLVI!

(Which they did, over the Patriots. It was awesome. Cruz scored a TD.)

It will be the first marriage for Victor and Elaina, who have known each other since 2003, when the two were just high school kids in the Garden State.

Good luck topping this celebration on the football field this fall, player.

Check out many more memorable marriage proposals below:

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Taylor Swift is known for being unlucky in love at times, but always reaching out to her massive fan base, made up predominantly of young women.

One of those young women, struggling with her feelings for a boy she's very interested in, wrote to Swift on Instagram asking for advice, and Taylor responded!

  • T Swizzle Advice
  • Taylor Swift in Toronto

Swift has certainly given a voice to many heartbroken fans via her music, so we suppose it's not too shocking that she'd try to help one out personally.

Still, the breadth of her response to her fan Hannah this week went above and beyond what you'd expect from a friend, let alone a music superstar.

Hannah explained on Instagram that she is romantically interested in a boy who was her “first best friend,” on whom she's developed “the biggest crush.”

Believing he will “never” like her back, Hannah tagged Taylor’s Instagram page in the caption and asked, “Can you give me some advice maybe?”

The 24-year-old singer did just that, in length and heartfelt fashion.

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