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In December, a wife in Virginia learned not to make her husband choose between her and his Harley Davidson.

Now, a girlfriend in Lancaster has learned a similar lesson.

In a hilariously awesome Craigslist ad, an unnamed pet owner goes into detail about the problems with his purebred dog.

She isn’t really trained. She yaps all night. She’s high maintenance. She can be pretty darn mean. And, as a result of all these issues, the man’s girlfriend doesn’t like the canine.

So, the man asks… anyone interested in his selfish girlfriend? HA!!!

New Girlfriend Wanted

We assume he's kidding. But maybe not.

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Remember the time that wedding cake literally blew up in that bride's face?

Or when that guy came flying out of nowhere to tackle that little girl and steal the tossed bouquet?

Or when that bridal party fell into that lake?

Such memories may be ones those involved in these ceremonies wish to forget - but they're captured for eternity below, as the awesome folks behind the YouTube channel FailArmy have compiled a Best of The Worst when it comes to weddings.

Did they include this groomsman kicking this bridesmaid in the head? Find out now!

Some folks, of course, want you to laugh WITH them on their big day, as opposed to laughing AT them.

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Let us be clear: there's nothing wrong with having sex.

Provided you are safe, responsible, mature and, ideally, in love... have at it, people. 

Heck, be like Lindsay Lohan and make it a list. Get your Kim Kardashian on and film the act. We are not here to judge.

But some neighbors of yours are here to tell you to keep it down a bit. Please. There could be kids around. We may need to tell them you're beating your girlfriend instead of making sweet love to her.

(No, really, that's what one of the following authors actually told his son.)

So protect yourself, consider the following advice and, seriously, buy a new bed frame already...

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Well, this is... different.

A Russian man named Aleksey Ravkov recently donned a panda costume and asked his friends to harass his girlfriend, Liudmila Shmalova, on the sidewalk.

They obliged. He kicked and punched them in the stomach. And then he removed his panda head, got down on one knee and proposed!

"I had no idea he was in the panda suit. It was a real shock when he took off the mask," Shmalova said. One thing for sure is we will never have a boring time together."

That's a certainty!

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Tucker Blandford is alive and well.

And very, very sorry.

The 23-year old was set to marry Alex Lancaster, who Blandford met when the two attended college in Connecticut together in 2012, on August 15.

However, Blandford got such cold feet prior to the big day that he pretended as if he had perpetually cold feet... by faking his own death!

Lancaster - who described her fiancé as “such a gentlemen” and told The Daily Mirror she had “never been in love” like she was with Tucker - says she got a call a few months ago from a man claiming to be Blandford’s father.

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Sexting is so 2013. If you haven't discovered the infinite emoji possibilities when it comes to booty calling your beloved over the phone, you haven't lived.

With all the fruits, animals and other images you can send with fewer keystrokes and grammatical mistakes than your normal texts, how can a person go wrong?

Well, besides the obvious confusion you might encounter if your smiley faces, hand gestures, etc., don't make any damn sense to your prospective partner.

Sure, if you want to hump somebody tonight, typing that out might be less confusing than sending a small camel picture, but that's the challenge of it!

Embrace it. These people clearly have. Check out 23 examples of how to express your erotic, emoji needs in humorous (and often direct, NSFW) fashion:

Put Your ...
Yeah. These people totally got naked.

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We already know that wedding photos can be beautiful, especially when a tornado is about to hit.

We also know they can be very wet, especially when a wave crashes on top of the newlyweds.

Heck, as evidenced by this amazing wedding GIFs, they can also be animated.

But did you also know they can be silly? Hilarious? Creative? Photoshopped?

We understand your big day is meant to be taken seriously, but that doesn't mean there can't be room for some humor, for some originality, for some... dinosaurs and marshmallow men.

Consider the following examples of couples and wedding parties that came up with ways to make their photos not just last a lifetime, but also provide a lifetime of laughter:

Yup, that's actor Jeff Goldblum and this is an awesome reenactment of Jurassic Park.

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We often laugh at text message exchanges between relatives, especially when they involve these 19 mothers.

But the following back-and-forth simply warms our heart.

It centers on Reddit user “thecly,” who gave his brother his username/password so that the sibling could see a discussion he was engaged in on website... only he forgot that he had also posted in the "gaybros" subreddit.

As a result, this user was outed to his brother in the most unplanned of ways - but the brother really could not have handled the news any better, as this exchange proves:

Awkward Text Message Exchange

Thecly's little brother also added on Reddit, when asked about the development and his sibling:

"He’s a pretty nice guy and I love him to death, ain’t nothin gonna change that."

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If you can't get Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Gandalf isn't a terrible replacement.

In a romantic video that’s gone viral, director Brett Lotriet Best enlists the help of Sir Ian McKellen while proposing to his girlfriend, Shawwa… only because his first choice of Patrick Stewart was unavailable at the time.

But McKellen and Stewart are best friends (the former officiated the latter's wedding) and gladly stepped in to help Best with life's most important question, appearing in the following footage and telling Brett's girlfriend to do the "right thing."

Best later takes center stage himself and tells Shawwa "I would like to explore the universe with you."

The director later took to Twitter and confirmed that Shawwa said yes. Hooray!

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First, there was the controversial Super Bowl commercial. Then, there was the uplifting parenting ad.

Just last week, meanwhile, there was the couple who used the #ShareaCoke campaign to announced they're expecting.

Now, Coca-Cola is back in the news for reasons outside of its actual product.

As documented on Facebook, Donnie McGilvray used this same online hashtag/movement to pop life’s most important question to his girlfriend, Eloise, surprising her when she opened the fridge with the following message:

Coca-Cola Bottle Marriage Proposal

And here's the best part: She said YES!!!

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