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Vivian Boyack and Alice "Nonie" Dubes, a couple together for the last 72 (!) years, got married at First Christian Church in Davenport, Iowa, on Saturday.

Lesbian Couple Weds After 72 Years

According to the Quad-City Times, the elderly couple was surrounded by family and friends as they exchanged vows while holding one another's hands.

"This is a celebration of something that should have happened a very long time ago," Rev. Linda Hunsaker said while presiding over the ceremony.

The two met at Yale more than seven decades ago, then moved to Iowa in 1947.

Boyack, 91, was a longtime teacher and Dubes, 90, worked for the Times and Democrat in payroll. In many ways, they lived ordinary lives, and yet far from it.

Longtime friend Jerry Yeast said this duo is far from just your average twosome.

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Remember that story about the most passive aggressive office fight ever?

Well, this is a story about the most passive aggressive grocery list of all-time.

It's a very simple story and a very short story and it goes like this: Man volunteers to go shopping. Woman writes man a list of items to pick up at the store. It includes basics such as cheese, deli meat...

... and a diamond ring.

Man then posts a photo of the list on Reddit, but does not answer the question: Did he actually purchase all items listed?

Girlfriend Shopping List

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We've seen some dating marriage proposals over the years.

There was the one that involved a fake plane crash, for example. And also the one that staged a confrontation with bikers.

But this is a story of a very sweet marriage proposal, as the father of a newborn in Australia used his son to pop a very important question to his long-time girlfriend.

The following picture explains it all:

A Baby Proposal

As you might expect, Lisa Keogh said yes upon seeing her baby wearing this onesie just hours after he entered the world, revealing the great news to friends on Facebook.

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Back in the olden days when telephones and answering machines were the cutting edge of communication, waiting for someone to return a call was torture.

Hoping, praying and wondering was excruciating because you never knew for certain when they'd be home, or if they'd even receive it for that matter.

Nowadays, that feeling still persists over voicemails and texts, but given the ubiquity of mobile phones, it probably shouldn't. Consider the following:

Not Texting You Back

As you can see, the folks at YikYak (an app used to communicate and gossip with peers in your area) think you should love on if it's been more than 3.5 seconds.

Probably not the worst idea, since the "my phone died" excuse is almost always B.S. Everyone says that, but no one's phone has actually died. Ever.

The good news is that this photo was posted to Reddit, which is shutting down The Fappening but was a treasure trove of quality online fun well before that.

The bad news is that you're not getting a text back, sorry.

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Couples locked into a sexless marriage, drifting apart with little time or even concern for one another over the years? You hear about those situations often.

Husbands divorcing wives who want too much sex? That's a new one.

Apparently, one man was recently granted a divorce in family court for just that reason, citing his partner's "excessive and insatiable desire for sex."

These constant demands from the woman he married? Just too much.

According to The Times Of India, the sex-fatigued man claimed his "aggressive, stubborn and autocratic" wife was frequently harassing him for sex.

She had done so ever since their April 2012 wedding. Crazy stuff.

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Blissful, stunning newlywed Jessica Simpson has penned a column for Glamour in which she revealed her wedding vows, but with a bit of a twist.

These aren't just the vows she exchanged with Eric Johnson at the altar, but the vows she's taken for herself, as they pertain to nurturing a happy marriage.

Remember Who You Are
"When I was younger and starting out in the music business," Jessica writes, "I always felt like I was being defined by other people ... industry executives, fans, the media, and so on. It took a while, but now that I'm in my 30s, I’ve grown into myself and established my identity on my terms. I embrace my strengths and celebrate even the small victories. I'm certainly not perfect, but when I look in the mirror, I'm proud of the woman I see. I'm not only a mother, wife, and daughter. I'm me."

While a wedding is "one happiest days of your life," she says "the love you are walking toward is most rewarding when you have that love coming first from within."

"It’s a time to celebrate with family and friends as you vow to build a life with your soulmate. These are the vows that I've made toward a loving marriage."

Now that the wedding has passed, "I've had some time to reflect on how life’s challenges and accomplishments have brought me to where I am right now. "

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You've heard of the plane crash selfie, right?

And the fighter jet selfie?

Well, Keith Hinson and Michelle Knight are here to introduce folks to the divorce selfie, as they snapped the following photo Friday night and legally ending their marriage and included along with it a caption that reads:

"Here's to the most friendly, respectful, and loving split imaginable. We smile not because it's over, but because it happened."

Divorce Selfie!

Wow. And we thought Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin went through an amicable break-up.

This even tops the woman who baked her ex a divorce cake.

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It's no secret that people love to take down a cheater, but this is taking revenge, payback and crushing someone's soul to new, humiliating depths.

In a radio interview with Cleveland’s Majic 105.7, one longtime listener of the show reveals that his girlfriend of five years is expecting him to propose.

Just one problem: Ashley has been cheating on him.

Simply breaking up with her after discovering this wasn't enough for Chris, though. He decided to have his favorite radio show hosts call her in an elaborate ruse.

The hosts don't overtly lie about Chris' intentions, but they ask her about the proposal she believes is coming ... then Chris comes on the line! OMG!

Little does she know they actually called so that HE CAN DUMP HER LIVE on air. As the Majic 105.7 duo even said, this is a dark road he's going down:

Yeah. That escalated really quickly about 7:00.

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Nope, we still haven't seen it all from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Following weeks of folks dousing themselves in water for a good cause, the past couple days have seen a few very different twists on the global trend.

There was one idiot who set himself on fire. There was one adorable girl who cursed when wet.

And now there's Justin Davidson, who appears below with girlfriend Shelby Muha and takes here by complete surprise when he asks a simple/important question prior to dumping a bucket full of cold H2O on her head:

Will you marry me?

Awww, so very sweet!

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Earlier this month, an unnamed woman decided to live the rest of her life as the loyal bride of her loving fiance.

She then partied, got drunk and decided to Live Más!

Indeed, an awesome photo recently went up on Reddit with the caption "my drunk wife trying to order Taco Bell after the reception."

And when someone asked why the couple was at Taco Bell after their nuptials, the husband responded with, "because we like to party. And it was next to the hotel."

Seriously, commenter, how is that even a question?!?

Drunk Bride at Taco Bell

It's safe to say this was definitely NOT a wedding fail.

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