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How would you sum up your love life in three words?

Twitter's #MyLoveLifein3Words hashtag is trending today, asking this profound question and yielding some pretty great responses in the process.

There are some hilariously self-deprecating people out there. Check out 29 of the best responses to this trending topic and see if they apply to you:

Another takeaway? People are hungry, and we don't necessarily mean with lust. We mean literally. Seriously, we are a nation of pizza-consuming fiends.

Others revealed celebrity crushes or that they would prefer to watch TV online or watch movies online than be in any relationship with a human being.

This greatness first originated Comedy Central's @Midnight, which started via his usual Wednesday hashtag war with a simple gem: #MyLoveLifein3Words.

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It's safe to say that NBC's Marry Me has found a very unique way to promote its upcoming season premiere.

And it's also safe to say Orlando native Bret has officially set the bar VERY high for all future boyfriends hoping to propose.

See, Bret met Jovan in Chicago. He then ran into her again a week later in Orlando. The two had a long-distance relationship until Jovan moved to Los Angeles to be with Bret earlier this year.

She hadn’t seen her family or friends for months afterwards, which is why Bret flew them in for a very special proposal.

With the help of an NBC production team (Marry Me premieres on October 4 at 9/8c!), Bret then organized a lengthy lip-dub set to “Geronimo” by the band Sheppard.

It ended, of course, with him on one knee. Did she say yes? Watch and find out!

We think this is a better way to propose than faking a plane crash, don't you?

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Announcing one's pregnancy via a Facebook message? Please.

Alerting the world to your expecting state on Instagram? Come on.

Surprising your baby daddy with the news while E! cameras are rolling? Only if you're Kourtney Kardashian.

California couple Jacky Shu and Ben Snyder have come up with a truly original way to make their big reveal to family members, friends and, well, Internet users in general: They’ve put together a Wes Anderson movie-style trailer!

This pitch perfect parody features a montage of seemingly ordinary objects… an odd dance sequence… a dose of ironic ambivalence… record players… cigarettes and many other touches that relate to the director's unique work.

Best of all? The film is titled "The Pretentious Presentation Of The Uterine Inhabitant."

That's what we call dedication! We can't wait to see how Jacky and Ben announce the actual arrival of their baby.

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Aviva Drescher, formerly of The Real Housewives of New York City cast, says reality TV ruined her marriage ... on the upcoming season of Marriage Boot Camp!

Aviva Drescher's Leg

The 44-year-old mother of four will seek counseling with her banker husband Reid on next year’s highly-anticipated Reality Stars edition of the WE tv series.

Bravo reportedly fired Aviva Drescher from The Real Housewives of NYC this summer, and her marriage has been on the rocks due to her self-induced crises.

Whether going on another reality show is really a smart remedy if TV "ruined" your union in the first place is an ironic question she has not addressed.

“Her affinity for being famous, her cruel new TV friends and destructive self internet searches are driving a wedge between them,” a press release states.

“Aviva cannot ready a single thing without taking it to heart," the teaser for the new season hilariously goes on, "and Reid is tired of living in her drama.”

That last part we can believe.

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Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis of The Bachelor and now Couples Therapy fame face an uncertain future, and not because of any sort of cheating or scandal.

No, it's a tried and true relationship-killer that does in many duos every day, and that may soon claim another victim in the controversial reality TV pair:

Long distance.

Juan Pablo Galavis, Nikki Ferrell, Daughter

As we learned last week on Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 4, Nikki is still waiting to be "chosen" by Juan Pablo even though she won The Bachelor.

Meanwhile, the pressures of fatherhood, in addition to whatever his personal attitude toward relationships might, keeps Juan from making any moves.

Quite literally.

Nikki Ferrell broke down on the show, admitting that being closer together - she's in Kansas City, he's in Miami - might be the only way this is going to work.

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A Georgia man has been arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after a fight with his wife ... whom he called fat. Two DAYS after she gave birth.

Joshua McCall, 31, didn't simply drop that line in the heat of the sleep-deprived moment, either. He meant it and he put it in especially crude terms.

Josh McCall Mug Shot

The Columbia County Sheriff's report states that after the couple's dog dropped a deuce inside their house, McCall reportedly told his wife to clean it up.

Or, specifically, to "quit being lazy and burn some calories."

She doth protest too much, he believed, after she refuted this comment, as he then told her he was thinking about leaving her because she is fat.

Wow. Just wow. Don't let the door hit you on the way out?

It gets worse, too, if you can believe that. He informed her that he only took days off during their child's birth because he needed a break from work.

Forget about help with the baby, in other words.

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A classic new video entitled "If Women Catcalled Men" does a little role reversal and shows us exactly that, with ladies hollering at male passersby.

The results are hilarious ... but make you stop and think about the bizarre, ridiculous and often unsettling treatment women are subjected to:

Buzzfeed's humorous take on what it would look and sound like if women were the harassers and men were the "victims" is mostly in jest, but not entirely.

The gender-swapped parody is features females belting out absurd lines such as:

  • "Hey baby, I bet you'd let me choose what to do with my own body!"
  • "Bet those arms could put together my IKEA furniture!"
  • "Hey, you want babies?"
  • "Bet you're a really good listener!"
  • "Mmm. Boy, I bet your bathroom is SO clean."
  • "How do you fit all that d--k in your jeans?!"

Okay, that last one is a little too realistic. Tone it down, fellas.

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By now, you'd think men around the world would have learned a few valuable lessons:

Never propose on a paddleboat. Don't pop the question at a UCLA basketball game in front of thousands of fellow fans. And maybe avoid getting down on one knee while placing a camera in the vicinity of your dog.

The unnamed boyfriend in the following video learned this latter lesson the hard way, but also the hilarious way, as we see him strolling on the beach with his girlfriend and his best friend.

He drops to a knee. He pulls out a ring. And the dog - clearly not told ahead of time what was set to take place - wanders over and grabs the camera in his mouth, making us forever wonder whether the girlfriend said yes.

But it's safe to assume these are tears of joy we hear, right? Watch below and cry a few tears of laughter over this canine's actions:

Pretty great, huh?

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When it comes to the world of online dating, some people just...well...

They just shouldn't do it. They're creepy, weird, or overly forward.

Or just plain disgusting. Or all of the above.

It's just not for everyone is our point.

Mirror Mirror
On the wall...this guy is terrible. The most terrible of them all.

Maybe they're punking everyone else on Tinder and OKCupid, but something tells us these 25 people who totally fail at online dating are actually serious.

Seriously screwed up, no doubt. But there's no doubting their sincerity.

Amazingly enough, sometimes these insanely absurd messages don't make their recipients run for the nearest convent! Sometimes, they WORK!

Check out a gallery of some of the more unlikely successes below:

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George Clooney is set to marry Amal Alamuddin, most likely tomorrow in Venice.

How did this beautiful and intelligent British lawyer land the world's most sought after bachelor? That's what many of the following women want to know!

They all dated Clooney at one time or another and they all probably wish they could be a permanent guest in his famous Lake Cuomo mansion.

Some were cocktail waitresses. Some were actresses. One actually appeared on an episode of Fear Factor. But they all went where every warm-blooded female has fantasized about going: to bed with a handsome, magnanimous, funny, talented Oscar winner. One more than one occasion, no less!

So, in honor of Clooney ditching his bachelor status once and for all (hopefully, for Alamuddin's sake!), let's take a few  minutes to look back at this star's love life and remember the women who tragically let him get away: 

DeDee Pfeiffer
DeDee Pfeiffer dated Clooney in the early 1980s. He would then go on to star with her sister, Michelle Pfeiffer, in the 1996 movie One Fine Day.

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