We now know when Barry Allen will run really fast for the last time in awhile.

We also know when Elijah Mikaelson will don his final suit and Damon Salvatore will smirk his final smirk for the summer.

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Reign aired the most controversial scene on network television last week, leaving many to wonder how the rape storyline would be followed up on Reign Season 2 Episode 10.

How would the series both respect Mary's traumatic experience ... while also providing storyline fodder across the board on a winter finale meant to leave viewers hanging off a cliff in anticipation of the show's 2015 return?

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On the CW's Reign Season 2 Episode 9 Thursday night, Bash thought up a way for Francis to be able to extricate himself from the grip of Narcisse.

Narcisse and Catherine both displayed real humanity during the hour, while Greer and Castleroy unwittingly funded terrorism in a surprising plot twist.

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This week's Reign Season 2 Episode 7 saw King Francis pressured to act against his conscience, lest he end up putting his marriage and the throne at risk.

How did that turn out for the monarch? And in whom did Mary find a new ally?

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