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On Reign Season 2 Episode 8, tensions escalate between Mary and Francis as Vatican inquisitors start to perform some truly barbaric acts on Protestant suspects.

When Reign Season 2 Episode 8 gets underway, a man who looks like a Cardinal decides to cut off the lips of those who lie in this new reign of terror.

Mary is astonished and repulsed by Francis' actions and their consequences. Bash says if Francis was trying to alienate Mary, well, then good job.

Francis rejects Narcisse's threat to take Mary's head and doubles down on his desire to keep her safe (or so he says), no matter what fallout may arise.

Jacob, a Protestant leader, likes what he heard about Francis sending a letter to the Pope to call back his men, and wants Conde to appeal to the King.

Will his prayers fall upon deaf ears? As you know if you watch Reign online, these things are complicated and forever intertwined with other questions.

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This week's Reign Season 2 Episode 7 saw King Francis pressured to act against his conscience, lest he end up putting his marriage and the throne at risk.

How did that turn out for the monarch? And in whom did Mary find a new ally?

As a typically complex and dramatic Reign Season 2 Episode 7 began, Princess Claude flashes her breasts and makes it very clear that she hath arrived.

After an uncomfortable breakfast, the nobles want the royals to sign a law requiring everyone to either be Catholic or to pretend they are and keep quiet.

Basically Don't Ask Don't Tell, but Reign Catholic style. Mary deduces that Castleroy is Protestant and tells Greer about the law the nobles presented.

Bash tells Francis the only person who saw Narcisse is Lola. Francis and Bash conspire to hunt down the nanny and Montgomery, then kill Narcisse.

Mary wants to stand by Francis, who wants to defy the nobles and their edict.

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Thursday on the CW's Reign Season 2 Episode 6, events inside and outside the castle converged in a dramatic installment with wide ranging consequences.

When we begin, Mary and Catherine flee angry peasants, and Francis fears it's because of his own actions and arranges a search party to look for them.

Bash and Leith tell Francis that Mary and his mother are missing, and Francis, along with Leith and Conde set off to find the pair, whatever it takes.

At the inn, Catherine and Mary discuss their plan of. Figuring that Francis and the royal guard will find them eventually, Cat decides it’s time for a chat instead.

She asks Mary why she was so interested in going off to Beauvais and eventually it comes out that there’s a doctor who specializes in fertility there.

Catherine, understanding Mary’s situation, cuts right to the chase and tells her to give up her romantic ideals about having a perfect marriage with Francis.

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The CW has given fans a very early Christmas present:

Lumps of coal in their television-viewing stockings!

We mostly kid, but the network has come out with its calendar of fall finales, as all programs will take a long hiatus next month, likely returning at some point in February.

Ian Somerhalde in a Tanktop

What will you do with this sudden expansion of free time? Simply watch TV online instead, we presume, though you could spend it with your family... we suppose.

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Thursday night on Reign Season 2 Episode 4, we saw the domestic impact of the constant struggle for institutional power takes place on the CW series.

The personal side of the political power struggle made for something of a departure from the norm, and perhaps most significantly, Greer took control.

Greer's attraction to Leith is a key aspect of Reign Season 2 Episode 4, even if she concedes, openly and honestly, that she is uninterested in a life of great risk.

Just passion, which seems to trump great risk.

The christening of Francis and Lola’s child, an event which Catherine is planning to Lola's great resentment, also played a role in this latest installment.

Lola nixes Catherine as a godparent, explaining “we have a long history of reasons why” and being remarkably polite about that given the circumstances.

Francis stands beside his wife quietly here.

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There was a famine and there was a coronation ceremony on Reign Season 2 Episode 3.

Yup. Life, death and a party? Sounds like the makings of a perfect hour of CW television, doesn't it?

We opened with Mary and Francis learning all about the coronation events on tap, though they weren’t really in the mood to celebrate, not with leaders from 50 nations coming to their castle during a time of famine and debt.

Kenna and Lola met some noble wives who rambled on about the new chateau that Lola and her child are receiving while Kenna stood in the background, seething.

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So much for that whole "inescapable death” thing, huh?

Despite The Plague playing a key role on the Reign Season 2 premiere, the series shifted gears pretty quickly on last night's installment of this CW hit.

Francis returnd home to off Reign Season 2 Episode 2, with Lola, the baby and Condé in tow. Kenna, naturally, commented immediately on Condé's good looks.

Francis and Mary, meanwhile, immediately engaged in some make-up sex, while Bash received a strong hug from his brother before receiving an invite to be part of Francis’ council.

Bash doesn’t have much time to ponder the offer because Narcisse arrives and starts looking into the death of his son, discovering a lone survivor in his child’s cell and getting the entire story from him.

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Viewers were treated to new suitors, new spectres and new struggles on Reign Season 2 Episode 1, as the Plague caused some pretty big problems for Mary and company.

Such fatal diseases often have this unfortunate side effect.

The exciting premiere centered on Mary and Nostradamus tricking Catherine into believing she actually has The Black Death, as they aimed to prevent her from murdering an innocent man.

Elsewhere, Narcisse - the man who asked for the killing - ended up killing Leith’s girlfriend Yvette by accident; while Francis met his distant cousin Conde and then decided to bring Lola and their son with him back to Court.

Finally, Pascal (the child Kenna and Bash had been caring for) passed away from the Plague. Tough break.

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Be wary, Reign Fanatics.

The black death will be making its unwanted return in just a few weeks.

The CW has released the first promo for Reign Season 2, which teases a serious problem for Mary and company: the plague is back. And no one is safe from its fatal wrath.

What will transpire on the premiere? Who might get infected? Watch fresh footage from upcoming installments now:

Reign Season 2 kicks off on Thursday, October 2 at 9/8c, immediately following The Vampire Diaries Season 6.

Need to catch up before then? You can always watch Reign online via our friends at TV Fanatic. Enjoy!

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The CW has given fans a reason to celebrate. Some very pretty and handsome reasons to celebrate, that is:

Five network dramas were just handed early renewals, with the lucky shows all guaranteed to be on The CW schedule next fall or spring including:

  • The Vampire Diaries
  • Arrow
  • Supernatural
  • The Originals
  • Reign
Men of The CW

Said CW President Mark Pedowitz in a statement:

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