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How might the potential firing of Ann Curry bring about a reunion between one of TV's most beloved tandems? Well...

Rumors are circulating that if when Curry is let go by The Today Show, her seat will be filled by Hota Kotb, who currently hosts the program's fourth hour alongside Kathie Lee Gifford.

This, of course, would leave an empty chair alongside Kathie Lee... and it might be occupied by Regis Philbin, sources say!

Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford

Philbin and Gifford, of course, spent years by each other's side on Live! every morning until the latter left in 2001 and was replaced by Kelly Ripa. Regis then retired from the program this year.

NBC "absolutely loves Regis, and want to formally sign him to become a special contributor to Today and work with the network on entertainment specials," an insider tells Radar Online. "If Hoda is chosen to become Matt Lauer's co-anchor, Regis would be the natural choice to replace her."

Would you want to see Regis and Kathie Lee reunite on Today?


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Regis Philbin's replacement on ABC could be Rob Lowe, reports say.

Lowe just finished a two-day stint guest hosting with Kelly Ripa and an ABC source says the top network brass "loved the chemistry between them."

Network executives have spoken with Lowe's reps about making it a permanent gig, but Lowe, who stars on Parks and Recreation, is non-committal.

Rob Lowe Pic

There's a big surprise. One of the more itinerant actors around, Lowe has departed in the middle of numerous programs' runs in pursuit of other projects.

Rob was just asked by TMZ whether he's moving to New York.

He said: "We were just talking about that. I love New York. I love the energy. It would be a change of pace. I'm a California boy, but it could be fun."

Thoughts? Rob Lowe replacing Regis Philbin ...


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With ratings down last season, Dancing With the Stars is under the gun from ABC to live up to its name and land a buzz-worthy crop of contenders this spring.

J.R. Martinez, last season's winner, proved enormously popular - once he was cast on it. He was probably one of the least-known celebrities prior to the show.

ABC reportedly wants to change that and is willing to bust out big bucks to bag big names and generate serious buzz next go-around. One rumored target:

Taylor Armstrong Lips

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong!

"We would love to have the drama and emotion that Taylor Armstrong would bring to the show," said an insider, adding that they are also looking to balance that out.

"The lovability that Regis Philbin has given audiences for decades" makes the retired talk show host a perfect fit, as does “ABC's wonderful relationship with Regis."

In the last few weeks and months since the show has ended, the reality competition reached out to Kendall and Kylie Jenner and various Republican candidates.

Michele Bachmann on Dancing With the Stars? Now that'd be something. She's got a lot more free time after quitting the presidential rate too. Just saying!

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Regis Philbin's last show Friday boosted ratings of Live With Regis and Kelly to near-record highs, with ABC scoring a 7.3 household rating and 23 percent share.

Philbin’s swan song included a celebrity packed audience, taped accolades from celebrities and a key to the city presented by New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

Ratings were up 157 percent year-over-year, leaving many fans wondering what the network will do to replace him ... and specifically who will fill his shoes.

Questions for another time. Here's Regis Philbin's brief farewell speech:

Who should replace Regis?


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The day has come. Regis Philbin has taken a seat alongside Kelly Ripa on Live for the last time. At his farewell press conference yesterday, he reflected on his exit.

"I feel pretty good," he said. "I'm not saying I'm gonna feel as good on Monday down there in Miami, but right now... I wasn't looking forward to this moment."

"You never are in your life - especially when you're leaving a success that you worked your tail off to make, and it's here. And why not hang around and enjoy it?"

"But I have and its time really to move on."

So what's next for the 80-year-old?

"I don't know. I have nothing, don't know what is coming," he said. "I think reality [TV] is a phrase, it's not the truth. But you know, it entertains a lot of people."

But more importantly lingering on the public's mind, including Kelly Ripa's, is who replace the daytime legend, or at least fill the seat he occupied for so long.

"Frankly I'd like to stay out of it. I don't wanna disappoint other people looking for the job," Philbin says. "Kelly is a great little storyteller in her own right."

"I tell ya, its not as easy as it looks, this cohosting thing. It just wasn't for me. So we'll see what happens, I'm interested myself to see who gets it."

Who should replace Regis Philbin?


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File this under Things You Didn't Expect Today: Regis Philbin going all Sitch on Snooki.

No, he didn't discuss Snooki servicing him on live TV ... but he did take his shirt off!

The 80-year-old talk show host disrobed Thursday morning on Live with Regis and Kelly, exposing his pasty man parts in all their glory, leaving the pint-size Jersey Shore guidette princess speechless ... if that's even possible.

Regis Philbin Shirtless

Give the man credit for turning the tables on the oft-naked reality star ... but when's Kelly going to wear JWoww-style tops or show off straight vagine like Deena?

That's what we wanna know. Check out the awkward and hilarious Regis video here.

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Now that would be something.

Earlier this week, Regis Philbin announced his last day on Live With Regis and Kelly would be November 18, 2011. His replacement? Still very unclear.

Here's what a source at ABC is saying about it, though:

Regis and Kathie Lee

"They would love to be able to tempt Kathie Lee Gifford back. It would be a huge TV event, returning to the show she started with Regis Philbin."

"Plus, at the end of the day, TV is all about ratings and no one that has filled in for Regis has generated anywhere near [the] ratings or buzz."

How's NBC, her current employer, feeling about that?

Continue Reading...

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It's official. November 18, 2011 will the final Live with Regis and Kelly.

The last with 80-year-old Regis Philbin at the helm, anyway. They could keep his name in the title, although that would just be plain misleading.

As for who will step in for Reg, who has made his intentions of stepping down clear for months now, no one seems to have the slightest idea.

Regis Philbin Image

Regis is outta here in a little more than two months.

Everyone from Dancing with the Stars alum Psycho Mike Catherwood to Survivor host Jeff Probst and Howie Mandel have been mentioned.

What do you think: Who should replace Regis?


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In November, Regis Philbin is expected to exit the seat he's occupied for decades.

So, who will banter with Kelly Ripa every morning on her ABC talk show? Disney insiders claim "it's ridiculous at this point to be speculating about who will replace" the TV legend, but The Wall Street Journal reports three names have emerged as contenders:

Ryan Seacrest, Andy Cohen and Mark Consuelos.

  • Seacrest Photo
  • Andy Cohen Picture

Seacrest already holds down more jobs than anyone in Hollywood, whole Consuelos is married to Ripa (who joked with David Letterman recently that the couple would "kill each other" if they co-hosted), so we say the gig goes to Cohen, the host Bravo's "Watch What Happens: Live."

Who do you think should replace Regis?



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It's the most pressing question in television today. No, not how the heck did three million people tune in to watch Kourtney and Kim take NYC.

But: who will replace Regis Philbin on Live?

The veteran host announced his impending retirement from the show this month, although he's yet to give a date for his final show. Still, talk is rampant over who will replace him.

According to Entertainment Weekly, ABC has a long list of potential Kelly Ripa co-hosts, but we've narrowed it down to the most likely ones here. Got a preference? Vote on them now.

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