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Sometimes you're the photobomber.

Sometimes you're the photobombed.

Sometimes you're both, in the case of Reddit user apoartar, who was just taking a stroll on the beach when he noticed two very, very different photo shoots taking place.

At the same time, on the same stretch of beach:

When Porn and Wedding Photography Collide

One couple was happily frolicking through the waves for what appears to be an engagement shoot while another pair took racy bikini photos nearby. 

He snapped this photo which makes this a photo of two photos.

It's photography Inception, people. Deep.

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He's certainly no Brad Pitt, but this guy on his cell phone definitely crashed a wedding. Or at least the wedding photos of the groom and his half of the party.

Redditor Melissa Biebel submitted this photo from her wedding to the /r/funny forum with the caption "Don't mind us, just busy taking wedding photos."

"Sorry for interrupting whatever it is you're doing..."

Which was taking a leisurely stroll through a public park while on the phone and shirtless, apparently. You know, like every normal human being does.

The pic is classic, as the oblivious photobomber looks as if he's the one being intruded upon by the guys in suits. As for the man himself ... words fail us:

Shirtless Man Photobombs Groomsmen

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A single man recently made up his mind that he wanted to be a dad and adopting a 12-year-old, a decision that a lot of us would balk at or not even consider.


"As a single male and unable to have children, I just completed an adoption of a 12yo. This is what he made for me," the #1 dad explained on Reddit:

#1 Dad Note

If that wonderfulness doesn't bring a tear to your eye, we don't know what will.

The Reddit user tells others who may be considering adoption [all sic]:

"If your a single male/female and want to adopt, just take the plunge!"

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This note tells you all there is to say about love. Elementary school style.

A Reddit user posted the photo below, entitled "You Can Be My Next Boyfriend," which apparently was sent to the Redditor's little brother by a classmate.

The boy likes Ashely (sic?) a lot, so he asked her to be his girlfriend.

Sadly, she is already with Kyle, so she circled the "No" option she was presented with in the note. However, she did indicate that he would be next in line.

When - not if, but when - they break up ... she'd be down:

Elementary School Love Letter

No one wants to hear that they're a second choice, but it could be worse. It doesn't seem like Kyle is sweeping her off her feet at this moment in time.

It doesn't sound like a bad setup, honestly, if she's already looking ahead. Two months is like a lifetime for an elementary school kid, though, so that's brutal.

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And here we thought the saying was "like taking candy from a baby." One mom in D.C. posted a sign shaming the person who stole her son's pumpkin off their front porch.

Guess the thief didn't get the memo about what we're supposed to be stealing.

(Hint: Snickers. Always the Snickers. Steal the Snickers. Share them with me.)

But this person? Oh, no. This person had to steal a toddler's pumpkin, and only his pumpkin, leaving the other three pumpkins alone. Yep. Definitely an a$$hole move.

First there was twerk shaming. Then there was fat shaming. Normally, the person doing the shaming draws our ire, but this time? This time it's definitely the shame-e who deserves the internet's irritation.


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A Boston-area man picked up a restaurant tab for a stranger he overheard tearfully discussing a medical diagnosis, and the waiter documented it on Reddit.

"While waiting tables tonight, a mother and daughter started crying mid-meal," wrote the server on the site, describing the heartwarming experience.

"I had no idea what happened until a single guy at the table next to them handed me this note [seen below] with his bill. Faith in humanity, restored."

The waiter told the Huffington Post he couldn't confirm the relationship between the two women, but he was fairly certain they were mother and daughter.

After they ordered, the woman whom the waiter believes was the daughter took a phone call. Both women then started crying. Recounts the server:

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Coolio put on the ultimate acoustic performance of his 1995 hit song "Gangsta's Paradise" with a group of UK college students last night. Yes, that happened.

The rapper was in England for a gig, and ended up befriending a group of University of Central Lancashire students in the V.I.P. area. Again, a true story.

Coolio liked the college kids so much that he offered to make the group dinner (he's big into cooking these days, as well as rapping) at their school.

They took him up on it, and had an impromptu jam session as well. Watch!

The 50-year-old hip hop star whipped up a caprese salad, peach cobbler and something called "Chicken a la Daaaamn," while paying for everything.

On Reddit, one of the students said Coolio was a "great guy" who "had some very deep and profound thoughts on life and his time in the business."

Aside from the fact that whomever shot the clip should be roughed up a bit for not holding their iPhone horizontally, this is a pretty damn cool story.

For those too young to recall it, watch the original video below:

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Makeup is a powerful tool for transformation. It's also a lightning rod for discussion on the web, where the no makeup revolution has become en vogue.

To wit, a set of stark "before" and "after" makeup photos posted on Reddit have brought the question up for debate: Is makeup a good or bad thing?

Redditor water_anus posted two side-by-side photos of a woman, seemingly heavily-done makeup and hair on the right and no styling at all on the left.

The caption: "Make-up. That's it." This posting quickly went viral and has opened up debate amongst Reddit users and beyond on a number of levels.

From criticisms of her unsmiling face to praise for the masterful makeup skills to discussion over the merits of wearing makeup in general, it's got it all.

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Dogs do a lot of cute things every day, but this may take the cake.

In a textbook example of the affection and excitement for their owners that make our four-legged friends so beloved, this one got REALLY excited about seeing his BFF.

On Skype, that is. Check out their long-distance reunion:

Dog on Skype

The dog owner, who goes by the Reddit username Nekofrog, is on deployment in the U.S. military and uses Skype to keep in touch with family back home.

On this particular occasion, he received the best greeting ever.

Clearly, the canine misses his human companion and vice versa, and the photo really says it all better than we can, but two thoughts come to mind:

  1. They need to Skype more often, for both of their sakes
  2. He's going to FREAK when they reunite in person

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St. John's Anglican Church in Canada is making a statement against those who say homosexuality is a sin with a sign out front that has gone viral.

The church has quite a sense of humor, as well. The sign reads:

"Jesus had two dads and he turned out just fine!"

Jesus Had Two Dads Sign

Christian principle teaches that Jesus is the son of God, but was cared for during his 33 years on Earth, in part, by his birth mother’s husband, Joseph.

Rev. Duncan Lyon’s wife told The Blaze this week that the message is still outside the Niagara Falls, Ont., church and that the motivation it is obvious.

“I’m sure you can sort it out yourself,” she said.

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