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Total Divas Season 3 Episode 6 and Episode 7, airing back to back last night, provided insight into a number of interesting events in the lives of the WWE's finest.

Where to begin with the Caribbean trip gone awry?

When you watch Total Divas online, you can live vicariously through them as they travel to Curacao for Eva Marie's bachelorette party, a drama free affair.

Yeah, right. That's always how it works out.

Before the trip begins, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella and John Cena head to lunch and exchange some funny banter, but that's about it for the week's levity, 'cause:

  • Ariane is back!
  • Brie and Nikki start fighting even harder!
  • Nattie Neidhart and T.J.'s marital troubles are back!

The latter breaks down and tells Eva all of the problems she and T.J. are currently having, while Brie and Nikki attempt to have a heart to heart as well.

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Last night on Bravo's The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6 Episode 13, the fallout from the Florida trip continued to ripple through the cast.

The setting is Dina Manzo‘s charity event, Project Ladybug, and Teresa Giudice is back in the middle of things in the aftermath of the "disgusting rumor.”

Did Teresa Aprea‘s mom hook up with Rino Aprea?

That's what Victoria Gotti alleged, but it's Teresa who took heat for spreading this on The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6 Episode 13 Sunday.

Kathy Wakile and Jacqueline Laurita agree that no matter what issues you have with someone, bringing up anyone's mother in a feud crossed the line. Then again ...

Presumably so would boning someone's. Just sayin'.

Teresa Aprea and Nicole Nipolitano, her twin sister, are so pissed at the other Teresa in any case, blaming her for her role in making this story public.

“They’re hot-headed Italians,” Teresa Giudice says.

That they are, but if you watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online, is that not a textbook case of the prison-bound pot calling the kettle black? Yes and no.

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The Amazing Race Season 25 Episode 3, entitled "Get Your Sheep Together," saw the contestants embark on a picturesque trek through the Scottish islands.

They weren't there for the scenic vistas, however.

As The Amazing Race Season 25 Episode 3 kicked off, the die was cast early on as Scott suffered a nasty spill and was limping around on a bum ankle.

The Boston firemen continue to have a rough go of it.

If you watch The Amazing Race online, you'll see the teams leave England by land and sea to the Shetland Islands of Scotland, and have two choices:

  1. Construct and light the custom Viking torch
  2. Carry organic peat fuel up hill with ponies

What happens next? Continue reading to find out ...

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Friday on Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 2, the fallout from Hank's astonishing transsexual cheating scandal continued to ripple through the Wilkinson-Baskett abode.

If nothing else, last week's season premiere and subsequent media appearances put to rest (mostly) the rumors that this scandal was somehow fabricated.

In Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 2, we saw more evidence that Kendra truly didn't know how to react to these events, or her husband, in the ensuing weeks.

There's also the question of where the heck Hank even was this week.

We see Kendra show up at doctor's office for her baby's appointment, on the verge of an utter breakdown as she gets heckled by someone on the way.

Asked how she's doing by the doctor, she can barely get words out.

Obviously, we know she and Hank have not gotten divorced, or split up for good. For a period of time after this scandal broke, though, he was apparently MIA.

When you watch Kendra on Top online this week, his absence was telling both for the turmoil he put her through but also the lack of drama on screen.

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The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 5 saw the stakes rise higher still for the athletes looking to relive their Glory Days on the latest iteration of the NBC series.

How so? And who rose to the occasion? (Literally?)

The teams were tasked with a race through the air, and across a canyon, testing their resolve and then some on The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 5.

Moreover, they also had to solve a different kind of puzzle, with the reward for winning being a rare opportunity to put one of their competitors on the shelf.

This week, the stakes are higher than ever, too:

The member of the losing team with the lowest percentage of body weight percentage lost goes home, no ifs ands or buts, without a vote to complicate things.

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Thursday night on TLC, Breaking Amish Season 3 Episode 4 taught us a couple of interesting things about the rag tag band of refugees from Amish country.

Most notably, Matt and his marriage were back under the microscope ...

Picking up where things left off last week, Breaking Amish Season 3 Episode 4 highlighted the rift within the group, stemming from Matt's shady unfaithfulness.

In the aftermath of his hookup, Matt told his wife about Miriam.

That did not go over well, as he'd fulfilled her worst nightmare.

In his mind, though, his wife maybe shouldn’t be quite so judgmental as she once cheated on him too ... but that sort of misses the point. By a mile.

They stayed together through that, and are expecting a baby now. He lied and strayed for kind of no reason. How does her affair really apply anymore?

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Braxton Family Values Season 4 Episode 9 demonstrated that best laid plans don't always work out as planned, even if (or especially if) you're a Braxton family member.

The second to last installment of the year, Braxton Family Values Season 4 Episode 9 focused on Tamar's concert and the obvious nerves she battled going into it.

You could say she was nerve-cited. At least that's how she put it.

We take that to mean a combination of nervous and excited, but like certain Mean Girls cast members trying to make "fetch" happen, we don't expect this to catch on.

Back to the lecture at hand, though: How to combat her anxiety?

Having a big, close family like the Braxtons is something a lot of us wish we had, but there is a downside, too. It can be both overwhelming and stressful.

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Earlier this week, we reported on the rumored possibility of the surprisingly single Jana Duggar breaking free from her famous family.

Now it seems we're not the only ones who have noticed that the eldest Duggar daughter, 24, might be much better off on her own.

Jana Duggar Photo

A recent episode of 19 Kids and Counting showed the family prepping for the wedding of Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard, which took place in June.

More specifically, it showed the maligned Jana Duggar working feverishly to perfect every detail in time for her sister's nuptials.

Jana was made to hem all nine bridesmaids and flower girl dresses, and in a rare moment of self interest, she complained about being stuck with the task.

Several of her sisters are also proficient at sewing, after all.

While Jana was tirelessly put to work, the rest of the Duggar offspring enjoyed pre-wedding festivities such as an afternoon tea party.

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Last night's Modern Family Season 6 Episode 3, "The Cold" began a bit slowly but came together cohesively by the end in a solid, if not stellar, installment.

Ostensibly, if you watch Modern Family online this week, what you'll see is an episode framed around a family health epidemic, something we've all experienced.

Beneath the surface, however, are a group of people trying to put on a good front and look tougher, stronger, and better than ever for the sake of ... who knows.

We all want to appear to be our best selves, especially around family, and no matter how open and honest we are with each other, it's a tough act to pull off.

Phil had done Mitchell and Cam a solid and gotten a friend to shoot the video at their wedding, though he uncovered a scary detail while editing:

He was Patient Zero, the man who started it all.

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On last night's Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 5, we got to see how the rest of the cast reacted to the reveal of Evel Dick Donato's HIV positive diagnosis.

Having told this secretly to Dr. Jenn last week, the Big Brother great struggled with whether to also tell the others on Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 5.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jenn enlisted the services of interrogation and body language expert Janine Driver to figure out who was there for the right reasons.

If that sounds like a plot from The Bachelorette, it's not far off. Remember on Andi Dorfman's season, how the guys had to take a polygraph test as well?

Driver, the human lie detector, made this uncomfortable for sure. But nothing like when Stephanie and Evel Dick agreed that he had to come clean.

In a group session, he shared his secret about having HIV with the group, and everyone was pretty shaken up, perhaps most notably Juan Pablo Galavis.

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