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Be it in Morocco or New York, the Real Housewives can't stay out of trouble or each other's business. Let's recap their ups and downs with our +/- review!

On her return from Morocco, Ramona sets up a serious date night. Negligee, rose petals, the works but Mario leaves her waiting which gets a Minus 5

Ramona tells him about the fortune teller. Wow, that took some guts. Of course he denies that there's anyone else and hey, we have no proof that there is but Mario just comes off sleazy to me. Then Ramona gives him a foot massage. Did anyone else feel like she was trying too hard?

Real Housewives Romance

Simon gets a Plus 8 for being the only husband to pick his wife up at the airport. That is always romantic but the basket full of panties and Simon's comments while Alex models the lingerie made me cringe. What really killed it for me was having to listen to Simon's cheesy lines. I suppose Alex must find it a turn on but Minus 5 for me.

Cindy's slideshow was making me dizzy and I can't believe Sonja cut her out of all of the photos. Petty but very funny and I'll give Sonja a Plus 5 for admitting it.

Sonja takes a trampoline class? For adults and coed? OK, I'm out of the loop. What the heck goes on in a trampoline class?

Sonja keeps the tags on all of her clothes. Minus 7 for being incredibly tacky. And yet she's declaring bankruptcy for $19 million. Whatever happened must have been a very bad business deal. Damn. There's obviously details we're not getting. I'm wondering if Sonja even understands them all herself.

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From the boring Keri Hilson performance to the bland opening of Lady Gaga's music video, much of this episode felt like a waste of time.

The big question, of course, is which could would be eliminated after the previous night's performances on So You Think You Can Dance?

Here's our recap from beginning to end ...

Cat Deeley Picture

Group Dance - Jazz: The dance reminded me of a 90s routine; the throwback factor was actually nice. Then again, I like anything Sonya Tayeh produces.

Pre-Elimination Drama: The first three couples were up and Melanie & Marko, Missy & Wadi, and Iveta & Nick were easily safe. Ashley & Chris and Caitlynn were safe, while Jordan & Tadd and Clarice & Jess were the first two of the bottom three. Finally, Ryan & Ricky and Sasha & Alexander were safe, leaving Miranda & Robert in the bottom three. I wasn't surprised much, save for Jess not having the fan base I expected.

Musical Guest - Keri Hilson, "Lose Control": If this routine didn't scream pre-recorded and lip-synced, I don't know what would. I think the highlight was when her feather earrings got stuck in her mouth. It's not like Keri was even dancing so intensely that she'd be out of breath.

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Megan Mullally is more than just Karen Walker. That was one lesson learned last night on So You Think You Can Dance.

This actress sat in with the judges, overseeing the season's first injury (to Mitchell), along with a slew of solid performances. We grade them all below...

Contemporary Dancers

Jordan & Tadd - African Jazz (Sean Cheeseman): Jordan's definition of Afro Jazz would be an amazing routine (Afro-sporting 80's jazzercise) but Sean explained that they were supposed to be a volcano. As the first competitive dance of the show, the performance had the fire, but there were moments of sloppiness like the lifts and holds. The two never seemed fully synchronized. I knew that Jordan would have picked up the choreography, but Tadd did a good job keeping up with Jordan. Nigel thought Jordan exploded all over the stage; I proceeded to vomit a little in my mouth. My Grade: B

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Really, NBC? You call this the "Summer of Talent?"

Then why did America's Got Talent waste the first 25 minutes of last night's show on bad acts and laughable contestants? Did anyone wanna see a montage of bad drummers, harpists, and lounge singers? Why did we need two nights of Seattle auditions?

As I rip my hair out in anticipation of Vegas, let's take a look at who stood out...

Original, But Rejected
Marylee - The Funeral Writer/Musician was a hoot. She "sang silently" for decades. Her singing was decent and her lyrics were okay, but I think the in memoriam montage was what made the whole performance. She kept getting the focus on commercials so I expected her to make it through and I was floored when she wasn't.

Alaska (above) - I wasn't sure if the freestyle dancer was supposed to be intentionally or unintentionally funny.  I liked how both Nick and Howie learned the dance immediately. How did double dream hands get buzzed within seconds of his performance and Alaska get through the whole song? I couldn't get that track out of my head because of the constant Dailies Contacts commercials that played.

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Jessica Simpson's got a new fiance (Eric Johnson) and now a new job - as a celebrity mentor on NBC's Fashion Star. Yep, that's a real show.

The 30-year-old's singing career has petered out and her acting career never really took off, but her fashion line is remarkably successful.

With a brand worth an estimated $750 million in 35 countries, Simpson will join Elle MacPherson in a search for the next big fashion brand.

Air Head

"NBC is delighted to work with singer, designer, actress and pop culture icon Jessica Simpson," the network said in a statement.

"With an almost billion dollar lifestyle brand under her belt she is sure to be an excellent mentor to our up-and-coming designers."

"I'm in the workroom in [L.A.'s] Westwood a few times a week from 11 to 7 at night," says Simpson of her chic but affordable line.

"Nothing goes out without me seeing it or my mom [Tina Simpson, Jess' co-creative director] seeing it," says the former Nick Lachey spouse.

Fashion Star's premiere date is TBA.


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There's some bad blood on VH1's Basketball Wives. Shocking, we know.

This runs a little deeper than your run-of-the-mill cat fight, however. Cast members Meeka Claxton and Tami Roman decided to settle their differences at a nightclub the old-fashioned way: With fists of fury!

The slugfest went down in Rome, Italy.

  • Meeka Claxton Picture
  • Tami Roman Picture

Meeka Claxton (left) and Tami Roman (right) have been on frigid terms for months now, with Meeka accused of creating animosity among the cast.

Meeka denies the accusations ... but during a recent taping at some nightclub in Rome, Tami decided to confront her rival with a knuckle sandwich.

Who even writes that? We do, apparently. Stupid word choice aside, a full on brawl broke out and ended with Meeka Claxton drilled in the mouth.

No one was seriously injured, but between this and Ronnie pounding The Situation, Italy is gaining a reputation as THE D-list reality star fight locale.

[Photos: VH1]

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So You Think You Can Dance is down to its final 20. How did it arrive at that number? Read on for a review of last night's two-hour episode...

The Contemporary Dancers - Ricky, Miranda, and Melanie ended up as finalists. Of the three I loved Miranda's face when Nigel said "bad news" and how quickly she changed when she found out she was in. The fourth space was filled by one of the Mallory sisters. Sasha (the skinny one) was in, but Natalia (the diabetic) was cut, yet remained supportive.

Cat Deeley and Contestants

Stacey Tookey Contemporary Routine - I'm usually upset when they use dry ice in performances, but there were enough leaps and the smoke moved around well with the dancers' turns. I'm not sure what the story was, but the performance covered some good area. I assume that all four dancers were supposed to be as lost as the song exclaimed, but it was mostly flowing ripped clothing looking pretty.

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So You Think You Can Dance became So You Think You Can Survive last night.

The excitement of the contestants called back to Las Vegas for seven grueling rounds of auditions was quickly replaced by a montage of blood, ambulances, tears and an angry Laurie Ann Gibson trying to rip weak dancers in half.

Robin Antin, Adam Shankman, Debbie Allen, Tyce Diorio, Mary Murphy and Nigel Lithgoe were all on hand to whittle the hopefuls down to 30...

Hip to the Hop

The Main Storylines
The Mallory Sisters - We saw a lot of Sasha and Natalia, the siblings we met last week that often hit each other. The two performed the first solo as a group and made it through. While Sasha easily advances (who needs technique doing the Jive anymore?), Natalia suffered from a physically weak partner in the Jive and was forced to perform with Professor Lot, who was physically stronger and succeeded with lifts.

Things started to get cloudy for Natalia as she found out that she had diabetes and, while she survived the group round, she was given a free pass to the final solo. I'd be shocked if the two were the last to find out their fate in the green mile.

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America's Got Talent visited Houston and Minneapolis last night, resulting in some of the oddest auditions we've witnessed yet.

Did anyone else find the beginning of the Minneapolis auditions more interesting without Piers around? He just acts like a little bitch, getting up and storming off. I found that really unprofessional.

So, who stood out and who deserved to be sent home? If I can get all those Lady GaGa songs the show played out of my head, I can offer my thoughts on the episode below...


STANDOUTS: The Rhinestone Ropers delivered the best danger factor in a very long time. I liked the Sandou Trio Russian Bar’s concept, but the act is one of those where I don’t see where it would go from there. She goes up, flips, and comes down hoping she doesn’t die.

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It's come to this for Paris Hilton, the woman who set the stage for Kim Kardashian, Heidi Montag and other professional celebrities who are far more famous for social networking than for any kind of talent:

She's less popular than Aubrey O'Day.

Paris Hilton Reality Show Still

The Wednesday night premiere of The World According to Paris, in which Hilton sunk to new, hypocritical depths, drew a mere 409,000 viewers.

Even by the standard of Oxygen, that's abysmal. By comparison, O'Day's reality show, All About Aubrey, garnered 724,000 viewers for its debut on that network.

It's time for Paris to realize: she's been out Paris Hilton-ed by Kardashian and company. And, maybe more importantly, she is REALLY unlikable.


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