On The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 2, Chris Soules culled his field of aspiring trophy wives as his reality TV journey for Mrs. Prince Farming continued.

Which contenders are starting to stand out amongst a sea of pretenders? Who lived to woo the Iowa native another day, and who's on a plane home?

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More hopefuls take their place in front of the judges on American Idol Season 14 Episode 2. Nashville and Kansas City are the hot spots tonight as Keith, J.Lo, and Harry search for a star.

But given the...uh...success? of the past few winners, whether or not there's a star to be found remains to be seen. We can all rest assured, however, that each contestant who sings for a golden ticket believes their names will one day be in lights.

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Mob Wives Season 5 Episode 4 featured the return of the hit show from its holiday hiatus, and it came back in vintage, dramatic Mob Wives style.

What are we meaning to imply by that statement, exactly?

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It's the reality singing competition to outlast all other reality singing competitions and IT'S BACK! American Idol Season 14 kicks off with auditions in Nashville, Tennessee. 

In an attempt to keep make itself relevant (again?) American Idol is changing up the format for its 14th season. Borrowing a page from Dancing With The Stars' book, we'll eventually axe the hour-long snoozefest known as the results show. But first, there are a few more curve balls to be thrown.

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