On Dance Moms Season 5 Episode 9, the team returned to its native Pittsburgh, but the tension from L.A. lingered within the maligned ranks of the ALDC.

In fact, Abby used the poor showing in Tinseltown as fuel to make a tough decision that sent shock waves reverberating through the entire operation ...

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The family of Bobby Brown is in the process of filming a reality show, which would not typically be news in any way.

Except for the following fact: this reality show will reportedly chronicle Bobbi Kristina Brown's dire medical condition.

Later this month, the hilariously-titled Teen Mom OG will debut on MTV, and we couldn't be more excited for the return of baby-makin' trainwrecks like Farrah Abraham and, of course...Amber Portwood. 

Amber has cleaned up her act since her last reality TV venture (Serving 17 months in prison may have helped her calm down a bit.), but she still has an awe-inspiring talent for making bad decisions.

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