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The Real Housewives sat down to dish about the season and poor Andy was exhausted before it was over. Get ready to relive it with our +/- review!

The name calling didn't stop as the ladies rehashed our favorite fights. It seemed to be blondes versus brunettes ... and Alex against everyone.

In fact, Alex seemed to try and insert herself into everyone else's drama, even when it had nothing to do with her. I know all of these woman are in it for the attention but Minus 7 to Alex for being so obvious about it.


Sonja blamed someone else for the Marriage Equality debacle. Of course Bravo didn't air the person's name but some anonymous person wouldn't let Simon speak, not Sonja. And Alex was looking to make nice and brush it all under the rug. 

Plus 5 to Kelly for calling them on their bullshit and revisionist history. Speaking of Kelly, Cosmopolitan just rated her one of their nicest celebrities and she seemed to believe her own press. Minus 3 because that's always dangerous.

Viewer question: Why did Kelly call Alex weird? Well, all of these women are weird and Alex does always turn red when she speaks. Yeah. It's a little weird. Plus 2.

We had a look back at Kelly dissing Sonja's house, cleanliness, and finances. Are those the type of comments that get you on Cosmo's nice list? Minus 5.

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Rob Marshall and Lady GaGa joined the So You Think You Can Judge panel this week, as the dancers put in 12 performances. Makes me tired just thinking about it...

Sasha & Pasha - Quickstep (Jonathan Roberts) - Their dancing was over exaggerated in the beginning. It looked like Pasha was holding Sasha upright and, if he wasn't there, she'd fall right over. The dance was done well, but will probably be forgotten. There was something tribal about Sasha's dancing, but it could have been because of the headpiece. My Grade: B+.

Pasha Kovalev and Sasha Mallory

Caitlynn & Ivan - Hip-Hop (Marty Kudelka) - Just like the song, the performance felt very 2004/2005 as if Ivan was a contestant instead of an all-star. Caitlynn fit perfectly during the routine, but the routine felt safe and cliché. My Grade: C.

Jordan & Ade - Jazz (Tyce Diorio) - Tyce proved again his Jazz routines are better than his Broadway. Tyce implemented all of Jordan's flexibility and sex kitten attitude to her full potential. The assisted lifts and jumps looked easy with Ade easily lifting and throwing her around. My Grade: B+.

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Let's ignore the Smurf crossovers from last night's America's Got Talent results show and just focus on who moved on, okay?


Eliminations Part 1 - Ian Johnson, Summerwind Skippers, Purrfect Angelz - Johnson had a messy performance; he needs more time to mature. The Summerwind Skippers were good, but suffered from the fact that they went first in a show packed with several standout acts. They got lost in the shuffle of really good performances. There was nothing spectacular for the Purrfect Angelz; they fit perfectly for a NASCAR or even a wrestling match and maybe this exposure could book them a few extra gigs. I was happy to hear that none of them moved on. I wouldn't even want to see them during the wildcard acts.

Musical Guest - Stevie Nicks "For What It's Worth" - One day when I grow old, I hope I'm rocking like Stevie Nicks when I get old, still writing original music and booking gigs on America's Got Talent and Dancing with the Stars. Extra credit for her including Michael Grimm on her tour.

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What Wednesday's Big Brother lacked in intensity, cat-fighting and drama, it made up for with the first real signs of complex, strategic battle this season.

The veteran alliance seemed ready to crack once again last night, until it coalesced around a common foe. How will this change the game going forward?

Who ended up on the block after all was said and done? THG breaks down last night's episode of the CBS guilty pleasure in its +/- recap below ...

Dominic and Adam on Big Brother

There is no real reason Brendon and Rachel have to be in an alliance with Jordan and Jeff. Both pairs know it, and both pairs dislike the other, but they're all patient and forward thinking. No hasty moves = good strategy. Plus 29.

Danielle subtly and casually tries to get Jeff back-doored without mentioning him by name. Smart move ... if she had left it at that. Minus 5.

The Dom-Dani quasi-showmance is becoming kinda cute, right? Plus 7.

Brenchel in the tub. While I'm eating dinner? Not so much. Minus 83.

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They're all coming back.

Following months of casting rumors regarding The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Will Camille Grammer leave due to her ongoing custody battle? Will Kim Richards' drinking cause her to take a step back? - Bravo has confirmed that all six cast members have signed on for season two, as evidenced by this new promotional photo:

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 2 Promo Pic

Moreover, the show is introducing two new spoiled stars, both billed as friends of the cast: welcome, Brandi Glanville and Dana Wilkey!

Both appear in the following season two promo, which also highlights the main storylines coming our way in September: Taylor Armstrong's divorce, Camille's battle with Kelsey Grammer, Kim and Kyle working on their relationship... and many other developments that are in no way, shape or form scripted.

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This is the first week this season that America's Got Talent emphasized told us not to tru things at home. Got that, everyone who is about to break out the pole dancing, motocross, and juggling acts in your living room?

Come along as I play the role of judge and grade each performance...

AGT Judges

Summerwind Skippers - The routine started off pretty standard with some solo work, but the circular handoffs needed precision. The group jump was a cute transition. There were some good Double Dutch moments, but the lights were distracting and a smart way to cover up any mistakes. I'm sure that Piers would have buzzed them if he caught any mistake. My Grade: A-.

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Sunday night's Big Brother episode featured Rachel - shocker - bawling again after a perceived slight, as well as a shameless, ridiculous celebrity plug by the Hoff.

Meanwhile, the veteran alliance continued to crack, or at least we were led to believe so by Big Brother editors, and this week's nominees were unveiled.

Who ended up on the block after all of Rachel's waffling? THG breaks down Sunday's episode of the CBS guilty pleasure in its +/- recap below ...

David Hasselhoff on Big Brother

Dom and Adam know they're in trouble once again. Plus 4, because at least it took them approximately 30 seconds to kiss up and try to deal.

Plus 2 for D's open acknowledgment that the Regulators were "the worst alliance of all-time Big Brother history." At least someone's honest.

Minus 5 for the snoring, though. Not a way to curry favor.

Lawon is, as deemed by Rachel, a "super floater" ... who wears orange Crocs and argyle socks. No idea how to even score that combo. Wash.

"Who wants to see my HoH roooooom?!" - Rachel. Again. Minus 6.

"Who's house? Rachel's house! Whew!" - Lawon. Plus 3.

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Christmas got out of control in Jersey Sunday night, but was anyone really surprised? Let's run down all the festivities in THG's +/- review.

We picked up where we left off last week at the Gorgas. Melissa and Joe took pictures of the toys that were brought for the children's hospital.

They're proud but honestly, considering the crowd, that wasn't a lot of toys. Certainly not fifty grand worth. Minus 7 for making it out to be more than it was. 

Teresa and Melissa

I really wonder if the charity aspect was just a creative way to try and write off their excessive party on their taxes.

The party quickly turned into the Kim G show because no one knew how to ignore the woman. 

First off, Kim let her friend Monica get escorted from the party but remained behind. Talk about rude. She brought Monica to the party. She should have left with her. Obviously being seen in front of the cameras was more important than being a good friend. Minus 8.

Kim brought her own bodyguards to the party. Well, if you're looking to cause trouble, it's best to bring your own backup, even if you have to hire them. Plus 6 for thinking ahead.

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There was little doubt who was headed home on Big Brother last night.

Dominic's surprising veto win left the door open to back-door Cassi, who Rachel had been lobbying to vote off all along. Jordan, stuck between a rock and a hard place, ultimately decided to placate Rachel and play it safe.

It all made this week's Big Brother live eviction a foregone conclusion, but there was plenty of drama just the same. We relive it in our +/- recap below ...

Cassi Colvin Pic

Dom, Jordan and Shelly seemed legitimately sad that Cassi was leaving, and only Jordan had any say in it. Ultimately, she probably made the right call if her goal is to win, but she could've rid us of Rachel, so Minus 9.

Jeff sweetly tells Jordan she's a good person. Aww. Plus 7.

The unquestioned highlight of the night was Cassi calling Rachel going after her for no reason. Rachel's explanation? Cassi's comment about Porsche, and being bad at BB, made her a target. What a load of crap. Minus 18.

Then Cassi straight up owned her, saying, "You're a catty, catty girl" and "an ugly person inside." Then, twisting the knife even further, Cassi said she now realizes America was right last season - she does suck big time. Plus 40.

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I was expecting that the voting process would shift from the judges to America, but this season Nigel, Mary, and Neil Patrick Harris continued the eliminations.

This is definitely giving a buffer zone to the talented dancers that have fewer fans on So You Think You Can Dance. So who survived to dance another week?

Here's a rundown of last night's results show ...


Two of the top 10 were sent packing last night ...

Group Routine: Broadway (Josh Vergas) - We got another routine that was a bit too Fosse that really didn't work. The girls weren't synchronized and the guys had Jess in the front mugging for the camera. The coupling section was poor and the tricks looked more like time wasters then any form of cool intricate choreography

Results Part 1: Mitchell, Tadd, and Melanie - Mitchell had a lackluster Broadway routine and was obviously part of the bottom four. Mitchell marks his fourth appearance in the bottom, though the first was because of injuries. Melanie managed to overcome some of the stigmas of a slow Viennese Waltz and losing Marko. According to Nigel, Tadd out danced Comfort, this is enough to argue that we need a new hip-hop female. Both Tadd and Melanie were safe.

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