Hello... anyone? Any D-lister out there? VH1 is calling.

With Season 4 of this popular series in full swing, producers are taking the reality show to Los Angeles for a spinoff, but are facing an unexpected problem there: No one wants to star in it!

He's Juan-derful. He's Juan of a kind. And he's coming to a television screen near you.

Yes, Juan Pablo Galavis is the new Bachelor and ABC aired a special pre-season premiere special last night that gave us an inside look at this aspiring husband.

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Fresh off a Sister Wives return episode that introduced the world to Kody's many mother-in-laws, this TLC hit turned the focus back on to the men this week.

Specifically, it gave us a look at Kody rekindling his friendship with Brett, someone who had turned away from Mormon Fundamentalism back in the day.

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