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On Sunday night's The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6 Episode 11, a tropical storm tore through Florida and left few survivors in its wake.

In a manner of speaking, of course.

It's not only when you watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online. Every Real Housewives vacation anywhere is meant to stir up two things:

  1. Funny fish-out-of-water imagery
  2. Epic fights

This time, the scenery of Boca Raton, Florida, wasn't exotic enough for the humor of the O.C. ladies' trip to Bali, but Jim Marchese sure delivered on #2.

Relieved and cancer-free, Amber Marchese decided she and her hubby would come to Florida on The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6 Episode 11.

They came, and with a vengeance.

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Friday evening's premiere of The Amazing Race Season 25 Episode 1 showed us that the long-running reality competition still hasn't lost much of a step.

Kicking things off in Times Square, the Race is off and literally running!

Sure, Friday night TV is sort of a graveyard for reality shows, but still.

Sure, it could have benefited from an extra half hour like CBS gave Survivor Season 29 Episode 1 for us to better get to know the cast, but still.

Sure, Bethany Hamilton didn't get enough screen time, but still.

Okay, all complaining aside? It was a solid premiere for a still-solid show, and we briefly break down the contestants in order of how they finished below:

1. Misti & Jim, the dentists, don't lack for confidence, but were also willing to help out others and proved to be the most competent. First place? Well earned.

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Breaking Amish Season 3 Episode 2 saw the TLC show's new cast members head to New York City, where needless to say there was a lot to take in.

Before that, though, there was the leaving part. The simple saying goodbye to the home they grew up in and telling their parents about this plan.

That, for this new crop of men and women, proved most difficult of all.

For the most part, these conversations were left out of Breaking Amish Season 3 Episode 2. You can only imagine why they would tell TLC to take a hike.

Bates, though, was seen by his grandparents with cameras around.

Fortunately for him, he was able to leave town without having another talk with his parents, which paled in comparison to Mariam, who's leaving a little boy.

If you watch Breaking Amish online, you know the premise. This show is not meant to be a permanent exit, necessarily, but still, the stakes are high for her.

Miriam is a single mom and her son depends on her, so whether she's going to N.Y. to explore a better life is a long-game strategy he won't grasp.

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Goodbye, Cristina Yang.

Hello, Maggie Pierce.

Changes were very much afoot on Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 1, as Meredith had to do without her "Person," while viewers got to watch her half-sister in action.

They also go to see the siblings acting like, well, siblings, fighting like crazy and constantly clashing at work, much to Richard's chagrin. The combination of Pierce wanting to impress Meredith and Meredith being bitter of her replacing Cristina led to a battle between characters that will clearly continue into Grey's Anatomy Season 11.

(Oh, and Amelia learned of the family secret during an AA meeting. There's something to keey an eye on.)

Elsewhere, two teenagers have sex in a car were slammed on the head when a gurney fell from the roof of the hospital. One of the teenagers was a cancer patient on his way to chemotherapy.

No. Really.

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Thursday on The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 3, the show's "Wall of Glory" offered a sense of pride for the athletes coming together as a community.

A sense of pride for what they had accomplished, and one day might again.

The past is the past, of course, and we've got work to do. A LOT of work.

In the first workout of The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 3, it hurts. Bad.

The mental and physical toll is starting to be taken on some of the stars looking to relive their Glory Days, making you wonder if they'll ever get there.

By the end, though, the gang is firing on all cylinders for the most part.

The first challenge involved a crash course in nutrition and calories, teaching the athletes about portion sizes and food choices and how vital they are.

The winning team gets a two pound advantage at the scale, while the losing team's trainers had to eat the unhealthy food in question during the quiz.

Talk about an incentive to Google some nutrition facts ... or just watch The Biggest Loser online, because they've done a lot of the work for you now.

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It's been a long, hot summer on the CBS Studio Lot, but as seasons change and Taylor Swift odes to fall begin, Big Brother has come to an end at last.

Last night's Season 16 finale saw a winner crowned. That being ...

Cody Calafiore, Victoria Rafaeli, Derrick Levasseur

Derrick Levasseur! He bested the remaining house guests to claim the $500,000 prize and the bragging rights that go with winning Big Brother.

What that amounts to, we're not really sure, but well played, Derrick!

In a rare feat, Levasseur managed to survive the summer without ever being nominated for eviction, and seemed to control each and every nomination.

Even if he didn't make them, he seemed to be in command, and when it came down to the end, two people felt he made a "final two" pact with them.

If you watch TV online and saw the Big Brother feeds, it's unclear if you picked up on this puppet mastery any more than those who lived with him.

Guy was that good. Quietly, one of the very best in franchise history.

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Modern Family Season 6 Episode 1 meant the end of the honeymoon phase, and not just for Cameron and Mitchell, who returned from their actual honeymoon.

Two to three months ago.

Through five Emmy wins in as many seasons, Modern Family has gone from must-see TV to everything that is wrong with TV in some viewers' minds.

It's not that the show isn't good - it always has been, and still is - but the critical acclaim is seen as so over the top that it makes you want to dislike it.

There is truth to the oft-quoted refrain that it's not as consistent as it once was, and that the characters continue to play off the same one-note jokes.

Modern Family Season 6 Episode 1 was still funny, though. At times very much so. Is this a worthy showcase of an Emmy winning comedy?

Probably not, but it would still warrant discussion in that arena, because the show still does what it does very well, as Wednesday's show proved.

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Suck It Up and Survive.

The title of Survivor Season 29 Episode 1 could basically apply to any installment in this or 28 prior seasons, but darned if we aren't excited all over again.

The setting is San Juan del Sur, with loved ones pitted against each other - Blood vs. Water style - and a solid cast of characters. Chief among them?

John Rocker.

The former, possibly racist Major League Baseball player had a hard time staying anonymous, even though it's been years since he pitched.

Wes Nale, a big Braves fan from Louisiana, figured him out pretty quickly, as did his father Keith, on the other team and later on Exile Island.

Amusingly, Rocker is going by the name of John Wetteland, another relief pitcher from his time in the MLB, and a name even less recognizable.

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The stakes were high, the tension was rising and the pressure cooker was cranked up for the Dancing Dolls this week on Bring It Season 1 Episode 21.

The reason for this? More like two reasons, because on this particular installment, the Dancing Dolls were forced to square off against a pair of major rivals:

As if taking on The Prancing Tigerettes wasn't a Herculean endeavor in and of itself, they also did battle with The Divas of Olive Branch on Wednesday night.

It's enough to give you the pre-competition jitters.

There was plenty at stake, too. These were no friendly matchups. The Dancing Dolls are in the hunt for the Top Majorette Dance Team in the South.

In their way? Tigerettes and Divas. Bring. It. On.

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On Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 3, The Bachelor "winner" Nikki Ferrell squared off with the staff in epic fashion and things started to get a little awkward.

More than a little awkward, which says a lot for a show about group counseling, which can be uncomfortable by default. But this took it to a new level ...

Juan Pablo Galavis' reputation proceeds him. He is the epitome of a douchebag. This was established well long before his stint on the VH1 program.

Nikki Ferrell was always the steady one, though. What she eversaw in him, we had no freaking clue, but she seemed genuine and (mostly) nice enough.

Then came Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 3, which exposed for the first time that Ferrell may be just as much of a nightmare in this relationship.

According to therapist Sarah Michael Novia, Nikki felt uncomfortable in front of cameras, a great comment for someone who went on The Bachelor.

Someone who WON The Bachelor, no less, and the great prize that came with it. Of course, she lambasted the show after it ended, and repeatedly.

Why go on another show then if you hate it so much? We have several theories, but whatever the reason, she was off the rails last night. Wow.

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