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On TLC's 19 Kids and Counting Season 14 Episode 12 Tuesday night, Duggar family fans saw the countdown to Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard's wedding in full swing.

We know how THAT turned out, if you know what we're saying!

NOTE: We're saying they got married and she's pregnant.

Just because we all know the happy ending doesn't make 19 Kids and Counting Season 14 Episode 12 any less fun to watch, of course, as we go behind the scenes.

With the wedding right around the corner, Jill's parents Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are hosting weekly counseling sessions with the soon to be newlyweds.

Not that they need them. These kids have good heads on their shoulders and are clearly all in when it comes to the Duggar family dating rules and such.

Meanwhile, Jill’s siblings, from the lovely Jana Duggar all the way down to the littlest ones, are starting to realize that she's leaving the nest, and it's bittersweet.

In this week's counseling session, the pair talks finances, and Derick - a hard worker who knows how to save, and be frugal - is cut from the same cloth.

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Nail'd It Season 1 Episode 2 marked the second episode of this sophomore series hosted by former Cheetah Girl and Rob Kardashian girlfriend Adrienne Bailon.

The premiere of this intriguing new show introduced us to the aspiring nail artists looking for a career boost and the six-figure prize to help make that happen.

On Nail'd It Season 1 Episode 2, the hopefuls who survived the premiere had to balance class with funk for clients consisting of music managers and other professionals.

To make matters worse (or better, depending on how successful they were), there was a challenge involving both sugar and spice. Literally, and otherwise.

It had a candy theme.

This week's competitors are Temeka, 30, Thao, 24, and China, 27, who calls herself “Bling Queen” in the third person, but backs up that talk with her work.

So who prevailed?

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On New Girl Season 4 Episode 5, the gang decides they need a landline phone after years of frustration at the crappy reception their cells all get in the loft.

Yes, this is one of the primary plot lines of an episode.

Also, Jess discovers on New Girl Season 4 Episode 5 that Coach has been sleeping with a teacher at school. And another teacher at school. Oh yes.

Much of the media buildup to this installment centered around Julian Morris as Jess' new love interest, but this was practically an afterthought last night.

Not because of anything he did wrong - he Goes In Ya just fine - but because the rest of the gang's antics were that much funnier from beginning to end.

When you watch New Girl online today, it's hard to even guess what line you'll be quoting afterward. There are so many options from each of the characters.

The phone that could've been a lame gimmick turned out to be anything but. After some initial trepidation it really struck a cord (pun intended) with Nick.

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The Voice Season 7 Episode 8 saw the Battle Rounds continue as the judges pit their treasure trove of talent against each other with only room for one to advance.

Well, unless the coaches' steal comes into play, that is.

On the previous installment, three defeated singers profiled on The Voice Season 7 Episode 7 ended up being snapped up, which does make some sense.

The show has an incentive to air the best of the battles, which feature two singers with the skills to move on. Yet it takes away from a little bit of the finality.

Would Episode 8 be the same? Let's find out ...

The Voice Season Seven Coaches

Jordy Searcy vs. Taylor Phelan (Team Pharrell): Williams, along with Alicia Keys, focused on coaxing emotional performances in "Breakeven (Falling to Pieces)."

It worked. The only problem was the big decision.

Looking agonized, Pharrell ultimately chose Phelan for "the ambition he sings with, [which was] communicated very well to the audience and the world."

Alessandra Castronovo vs Joe Kirk (Team Adam): Speaking of emoting, Levine asked the two young singers to battle it out on "Stay" by Rihanna.

They delivered when it counted and then some.

In a difficult decision, Levine ultimately chose Castronovo, which left the ousted Kirk, who was nervous and who Blake and Pharrell had praised, crying.

Williams graciously walked him out and shared an exchange that tugged at the heartstrings. "Keep going," Williams said. "If you stop now, then 'no' was right."

Menlik Zergabachew vs. Troy Ritchie (The Voice Battle Round)
Gwen Stefani matches Menlik Zergabachew and Troy Ritchie in a battle on Hall and Oates' "Maneater."

Menlik Zergabachew vs. Tony Ritchie (Team Gwen): With husband Gavin Rossdale on board her advisor, Gwen had the two do a reggae version of "Maneater."

Blake declared the result "the best battle of the day as far as I'm concerned," while Stefani said "I wish I could put you guys in a blender and make one person."

The show will keep both. Gwen ultimately chose Ritchie, which prompted both Levine and Williams to quickly hit their buttons to try and steal Zergabachew.

Williams said he loves working with singers who look different than they sound, and ended up with the services of Menlik when the Knockout Round begins.

What did you think of The Voice Season 7 Episode 8? Which singers were the best, and who deserved (or did not deserve) a steal? Discuss in the comments!

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Natalie was the center of Bad Girls Club Season 13 Episode 2 drama, doing her best to wear out her welcome and win support from Nunn of her fellow cast members.

Specifically, people were upset at how she's been judging Judi.

Her treatment of one of the other co-stars seeking Redemption this season on Bad Girls Club Season 13 Episode 2 was what really turned the house against her.

A house that divided against itself, cannot stand. Or something.

Life Coach Laura has her work cut out for her, that's for sure.

Of course, she also has the deck stacked against her hardcore. You wouldn't have a Bad Girls Club: Redemption if these weren't very bad, bad girls.

Let's face it, you don't watch Bad Girls Club online hoping for a turnaround, for the ladies to become model citizens who are always on their best behavior.

You watch it for the train wrecks to behave as such.

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On Tiny & Shekinah's Weave Trip Season 1 Episode 1, rapper T.I.'s wife and her bestie took their mobile bus weave business nationwide. Road trip style.

The rapport between Tiny (Tameka Cottle) and Shekinah is one of the top reasons to watch T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle online, so a spinoff has potential.

Did it live up to it, or did it disappoint?

Tameka 'Tiny' Cottle Pic

In theory, a Tiny and Shekinah spinoff should be a hit, but as is often the case with promising reality shows, all the best scenes take place in the trailers.

Still, if you enjoy all things T.I., you'll probably be entertained as Mrs. T.I. says, "we're always coming up with a new business idea ... it never goes smooth."

Tiny and Shekinah have to meet with mediators, it turns out, when their bus purchase hits a snag (the bus being the central component of the business, natch).

Ever the savvy businesswoman, Tiny wants Shekinah to put half of her money into this, but a 70/30 split in her favor when it comes to future profits.


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Love & Hip Hop cast member Yung Joc wants to make sure his baby mama keeps his children off of Baby Mamas Atlanta, Virginia, Denver & Los Angeles.

Yes, that is actually the name of an upcoming reality show.

Yes, it really is. We are hilariously not making that up.

If you watch Love & Hip Hop online, you know Yung Joc has had issues with his baby mama, issues that are coming to the forefront with her new venture.

He is going ALL Out to keep his dirty laundry off of this show (which we still can't believe is an actual show), most importantly by keeping his kids off of it.

Joc's ex, Hasina White, has signed on for the upcoming Baby Mamas Atlanta, Virginia, Denver & Los Angeles (repping Atlanta) without his consent, obviously.

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If you thought the fact that they've both been sentenced to prison would inspire Teresa and Joe Giudice to focus on family to get their  acts together, don't know the Giudices.

Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice Perp Walk

If you watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online then you know the pattern - Joe does something awful; Teresa whines but doesn't do anything about it; Joe gets hammered.

Sources close to the family say that that's pretty much what's happening now that the family's facing it's biggest chellenges to date. Except now that Teresa's been sentenced to 15 months in prison, she might finally take action and send Joe a message.

Yes, sources say Teresa and Joe are headed for divorce. It's a rumor we've heard before, so we're not sure if it's to be believed or not. 

We do, however, believe that there's nothing but truth to the rumors of why the Giudices are having problems:

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It seems like everybody's a comedian in the Harris house these days, but T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle Season 4 Episode 19 took this to a new level.

Comedy may not be a lost art these days, but it is lost on many people.

Domani appears to be one of them, yet is determined to pursue this potential career path, no matter how difficult. Enter T.I., ever the supportive patriarch.

Domani's dad is actually pretty darn funny himself, as head of a show that could well be a sitcom (seriously, watch T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle online).

Still, he knows he's a bit out of his league here. So what does he do?

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Monday, on VH1's Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 1 Episode 5, the truth finally came out for some of the key players in the game. Emphasis on players.

Appropriately titled "Truth Be Told," Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 1 Episode 5 saw Mally Mall promises Nikki that he and Masika are done. Done.

Are they, though? Can anyone really trust this upstanding man?

Mall, Mally

Apparently not. Nikki says both of them need to meet with Masika so he can tell her to her face that he's Nikki's and that it's over. This is going to be fun.

Teairra Mari, meanwhile, is teaming up with Yung Berg on a new collaboration that is surely not going to go over well with Hazel, not that he cares apparently.

Masika and Hazel get together and talk about how much Teairra sucks, and vow to ignore their men and play hard to get, 'cause who needs 'em. Sure.

Teairra tells Nikki she’s working with Berg, which Nikki says she supports if it's not messy. Teairra's issues with Morgan may be a different story, though.

Omarion and Apryl meet with a midwife to talk about the childbirth, which they want to be natural and at the house ... but there's the small issue of his mom.

Specifically, she's very negative, stressful and painful.

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