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Just when you thought reality TV couldn't get any more ridiculous, Lifetime gave the green light to a second season of True Tori, premiering October 21.

The first promo for Tori Spelling's big return has just dropped, and in this probably 100 percent contrived TV spot are a pair of interesting takeaways:

  1. Tori asks to see a picture of Emily Goodhand, Dean McDermott's alleged mistress who may or may not exist, and appears to react in abject terror.
  2. She may be pregnant for the FIFTH time.

Tori and Dean, who reportedly took major pay cuts for True Tori Season 2, discuss the state of their union, which is still not great, spoiler alert.

That's before the pregnancy "reveal," too.

We would imagine there's zero chance Tori is really knocked up, as she already has four kids and a cheating husband who thinks she sucks at sex.

She will also do anything for ratings.

Anything. The request to "see" her man's mistress, we're guessing, is a direct response to criticism that she has no digital footprint and might be a fabrication.

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With Nadiya voted off the island in last week's premiere, Survivor Season 29 Episode 2 promised plenty of fallout, along with alliances, twists and turns.

First off, Josh explained why he put Baylor’s name down, in an attempt to hide their alliance and knowing she would be safe. She isn't certain she buys it.

Meanwhile, Jon lost the flint, and pleas for forgiveness fell upon deaf ears early in Survivor Season 29 Episode 2. Soon, though, it was challenge time.

Fishing equipment was at stake, and the tribes again had to select someone to compete against their loves in a puzzle course slash balancing act.

John Rocker was selected for Coyopa to compete against girlfriend Julie, who won going away and sent Jeremy off to Exile Island along with her boyfriend.

The tribe tried to engineer a deal with Jeff Probst to trade their beans for another flint, but the best he would offer was a flint instead of the fishing gear.

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Kailyn was emotionally reunited with Isaac, while that derelict of society Adam went to jail for the umpteenth time on Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 25.

Meanwhile, tension is still high between Leah Messer and Corey Simms, while Jenelle Evans tries convincing Barbara Evans to finally let Jace go.

Barbara Evans GIF
A classic Barbara Evans GIF from Teen Mom 2. She lays into Jenelle a lot.

As mature as we've ever seen her, Jenelle sits down for a discussion with her mom and her son's guardian about Barbara giving Jenelle custody.

Nathan Griffith comes along for support, and while he fears Babs will come at him again, she responds well to Jenelle's calm, measured speech.

Of course, when the topic turns to Nathan's drinking, Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 25 takes a turn for the dramatic and he storms out of the room.

Fortunately, this didn't derail anything, as Barbara tearfully agrees to give Jace back to Jenelle after his next school year ends. So next summer.

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With The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 trailer hitting the web just moments ago, we're hearing even more casting shakeup rumors than usual.

Which is saying something, because it's always something with the RHOA.

Yesterday, we learned that NeNe Leakes might be quitting the show, for real this time, from a cryptic tweet the veteran Housewife posted.

Now, Real Housewives of Atlanta fans on Twitter were abuzz again, as Porsha Williams seemed to announce her departure from the popular Bravo series:

Porsha Williams X Photo

Porsha tweeted the photo above with a caption reading, "No more peach for me, but I still love checking in with my girls #Blessed #SomethingMajor #TeamPorsha"

The "peach" obviously refers to the fruit that the women all hold in the show's opening credits. But what about that "something major?" 

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You’re not afraid of a little pussy, are you?

Oh, yes, that line is uttered at the outset of the first trailer for The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7, which Bravo just released and which introduces some new faces to the franchise.

Fearsome fivesome NeNe Leakes, Kenya Moore, Phaedra Parks, Cynthia Bailey and Kandi Burruss are all returning on a full-time basis to the series.

Meanwhile, Porsha Williams (whose Season 6 reunion show brawl with Moore will live in series infamy) has been downgraded to recurring player.

Claudia Jordan (a model and former Celebrity Apprentice contestant) is now on board as a cast member, while actress/singer Demetria McKinney will also pop up frequently.

Look for Cynthia and NeNe to try and rebuild their friendship after having a falling out this fall; and also for Phaedra to struggle with raising her two sons after husband Apollo Nida was sent to prison.

Based on the above footage, it looks like Parks may be dating a new man.

And that Nida is anything but happy about it, to put it mildly.

Also: the words "whore" and "slut" are said a lot. Enjoy!

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Last night on Face Off Season 7 Episode 10, the artists were tasked with creating fun mythical fantasy characters based on classic high school stereotypes.

Those characters being ...

  • Cheerleader faun (Rachael)
  • Nerd minotaur (Cig)
  • Nerd goblin (Dina)
  • Emo minotaur (Stella)
  • Cheerleader cyclops (Sasha)
  • Faun emo (Drew)
  • Jock goblin (George)

This show rules.

Face Off Season 7 Episode 10 also showed us everyone’s high school pictures as a result of this task, making it an automatic winner from the start.

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Dance Moms: Abby's Studio Rescue Season 1 Episode 5 saw Abby travel to this week, and proved to viewers why you should never mix business and family.

Eclipse studio owner Michelle lacks the business acumen to keep her operation afloat. Basically she's running a charity, and it is headed downhill.

One day, she plans on giving her business to all three of her daughters, though one of them, the youngest, Kennedy, seems to be the priorities here.

Of course, Kennedy's own priorities are different, and much of Abby's Studio Rescue Season 1 Episode 5 is devoted to highlighting the duo's differences.

What the daughter would like is to break into ballet, but she feels she can't tell her mom this because Michelle still has that Dance Moms mentality.

No wonder this business is struggling just to tread water lately.

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On 19 Kids and Counting Season 14 Episode 9, the second installment of TLC show Tuesday night, the family geared up for Jill's wedding in a number of ways.

When you've got 19 kids, you have a lot of tasks, but also a lot of warm bodies to help with them. Of course, that assumes they can offer actual help.

After Jill Duggar and company shopped for a vintage wedding dress and bridesmaids' dresses, 19 Kids and Counting Season 14 Episode 9 kept at it.

This time, they needed shoes to complete their modest, but beautiful ensembles.

“Jill’s been a really good bride,” Jill’s sister Jana Duggar, who was selected as the Maid of Honor for her wedding to Derick Dillard, said of the non-Bridezilla.

“Yeah, she has like what she wants, and she just kind of does it, and it works out,” added another one of Jill's sisters and bridesmaids, Joy-Anna Duggar.

Jinger Duggar (that's just cheating when you start using hyphens and misspelling words, BTW) lends a hand with photography, taking snaps of Derick and Jill.

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In a surprising casting development, alleged celebrity and former Bravo reality star Bethenny Frankel is returning to The Real Housewives of New York City!

Bethenny Frankel on The Real Housewives of New York City GIF

Four years after she quit the show that launched her career, Bethenny is returning to her roots and rejoining the long-running Bravo series next year.

The former natural foods chef and talk show host, whose self-titled program was canceled in February, will be on the show's upcoming Season 7.

Producers hope her return will help boost ratings for the maligned program, which fell to 1 million viewers (from a record 2.6 million) during Season 6.

"Bringing her back is a last-ditch effort," one source says.

Frankel will benefit, too, from promoting her Skinnygirl empire, which includes a cocktail line, shapewear, and several books, including a new children's book.

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Tuesday evening's Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 31 marked the beginning of Nationals, and things were predictably intense for Abby Lee & Co. on Lifetime.

The Abby Lee Dance Company and the Candy Apples Dance Studio both faced competition - and stalkers - that made the trip to the West Coast challenging.

The upside of heading to La-La Land for Abby? A possible ALDC expansion.

The downside? Former Dance Moms troublemaker Jeanette showed up!

Vowing revenge on the ALDC as she stalked the team 2,500 miles from its Pennsylvania home base, this felt like a classic ruse to bring in ratings for Lifetime.

If you watch TV online - specifically reality TV - you know you need a good villain and an unpredictable source of conflict to really invest people in the plot.

Often, it must be manufactured.

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