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A little over three weeks since being hospitalized in Texas, country star Randy Travis has been discharged and relocated to a physical therapy facility.

"Thanks to all the fans and friends for your continued prayers and support as Randy continues on the road to recovery," the star's fiancee, Mary Davis, said.

Randy Travis, Fiancee

The Grammy winner, 54, was admitted for presumptive cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure, but his condition worsened further soon after.

Though he had been improving initially, Randy Travis suffered a stroke and underwent surgery on July 10 to relieve mounting pressure on his brain.

During his stay at Heart Hospital Baylor Plano in Texas, those close to him rushed to his side and plenty of famous friends passed along their well wishes.

He was in critical condition for some time but appears to have turned the corner, though the prognosis and timetable for his recovery is not yet known.

We wish him all the best.

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Slowly but surely, Randy Travis is on a path to recovery.

That was the hopeful message passed along yesterday by the singer's doctor, as Travis is now in stable condition following a stroke on July 7.

He is "awake and alert, interacting with his family and friends and beginning to start doing some early physical therapy," according to physician Gary Erwin.

Randy Travis Sings

Travis will likely remain in the hospital for another couple weeks to stabilize his heart (he was initially put under doctor's care for presumptive cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure), but will be weaned off his ventilator in the near future.

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With Randy Travis in the hospital - following complications from a heart ailment and then a stroke - country singers around the country have taken to Twitter and sent their best wishes to this legend.

According to publicist Kirt Webster, Travis remains in critical condition following surgery to relieve pressure on his brain - and THG joins the following cascade of thoughts and prayers being sent his way...

Randy Travis in 2008

Keith Urban: Sending healing strength and love to you this morning @randytravis

Carrie Underwood: Thinking about my friend, @randytravis, tonight. Hope he gets better soon...

Brad Paisley: Sending prayers and well wishes to Randy Travis.

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Ailing country star Randy Travis suffered a stroke and underwent emergency surgery to relieve pressure from his brain yesterday, according to reports.

Randy Travis Photograph

Travis' publicist says the 54-year-old was in a Texas hospital Wednesday evening getting treatment for his ongoing heart issues when the stroke hit.

Sunday, he was airlifted to a hospital after a viral illness led to congestive heart failure; doctors had to insert a tiny pump to help stabilize his heart.

Travis had been showing signs of improvement at that point, but is listed in critical condition again now following the stroke and subsequent surgery.

Here's hoping he can pull out of this ...

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We have an update on Randy Travis, following his hospitalization on Sunday for a heart ailment known as viral cardiomyopathy.

According to the country singer's sister-in-law, Teresa Traywick, Travis underwent surgery yesterday.

"Our prayers are going out to him because my husband just had a heart attack last year, so it is in their family," Traywick tells People. "Their mother passed away at an early age with her heart, so it is like these boys are following right in their footsteps."

Randy Travis on Walk of Fame

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Randy Travis is currently resting in a Texas hospital and is listed in critical condition after his admission Sunday due to a heart condition known as viral cardiomyopathy.

The ailment weakens and enlarges the heart, making it unable to work as well as it should.

Randy Travis in Nashville

It's unclear what caused the infection and the singer's rep has not provided any further details at this time, though it's unlikely Travis will perform as scheduled in South Dakota on Wednesday.

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What in the world is going on with Randy Travis?

Over the past two weeks, the country singer has been arrested on suspicion of naked DUI and also been hospitalized following a late-night fight in a church parking lot.

And now a mystery has sprung up regarding the artist's pickup truck.

Randy Travis Sings

The vehicle was discovered by police on Saturday in a Texas field near Lebanon Road and Legacy Drive. According to WFAA, which has posted a photo of the truck, it was found totaled, on its side and all smashed up.

Law enforcement officials have yet to speak to Travis, but his attorney claims his client was not responsible for the scene. He says the singer hasn't even been inside that car for months.

We'll update this story as more details come in, but the truck was discovered just one day after Travis was cited for assault outside a Plano church. Hmmm....


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Randy Travis reportedly got himself into a lot more trouble this morning with alcohol.

Just two weeks after the country singer was arrested for DUI - following a car accident in which he appeared to be driving naked - and six months after he was popped for public drunkenness, Travis was hospitalized due to injuries suffered in a church parking lot brawl around 1 a.m.

Randy Travis on the Mic

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that they responded to the incident after receiving a tip about two men fighting and, upon arriving at the scene, escorted both to the hospital.

One onlooker says Travis appeared to be "extremely intoxicated," while another insider claims the fisticuffs took place over a female.

No word yet from the artist or anyone in his camp. Dude clearly is in need of some serious help.


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Details of Randy Travis' arrest are starting to leak out, and they don't paint the country singer in a very positive light.

Following confirmation that the artist was booked on Tuesday night on suspicion of DWI and for allegedly threatening to shoot and kill a cop, the 911 call placed by a pedestrian near the scene of Travis' single-car accident has been released.

Describing a "white male" with "light brown hair," the called tells the operator: "I just found a guy laying in the road. I want to say he had no shirt on."

Turns out, he had nothing else on either. Listen for yourself:

According to TMZ, a local lawyer randomly appeared at the prison and offered Travis his professional assistance, along with a hat to shield the crooner's face from reporters.

A fan also paid Travis' $21,500 cash bond and he is now a free man.

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Randy Travis may wanna lay off the booze for awhile.

The country music legend was arrested for the second time this year in an alcohol-related incident. See his mug shots from last night, and February, below:

  • Randy Travis Mug Shot
  • Randy Travis Mugshot

Following a booking in February for public intoxication outside a Baptist church, Travis was taken into custody last night in Texas following a single-car accident.

Authorities tells TMZ the singer was arrested right before midnight on suspicion of DWI. He had minor cuts and bruises on his body and was also charged with "retaliation and obstruction" after verbally threatening to "shoot and kill" a cop.

The silver lining for the star? At least this arrest wasn't captured on video.

UPDATE: Sources now say Travis was completely naked when cops arrived at the crash scene. He also refused a breathalyzer.


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