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It's been just over three weeks since Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald got married in front of 1,000 (!) of their closest friends and family.

But while Ben and Jessa only recently returned from their honeymoon, the newlyweds may have already begun the next stage in their relationship:


Sources close to the Duggars say Jessa may already be pregnant with her first child. 

Jessa's older sister Jill Duggar announced her pregnancy less than two months after her wedding, and those closest to Jana say she always intended to follow in Jill's footsteps.

"They look at sex as a present from God and they couldn't wait to 'open it,'" says one insider. "I wouldn't be surprised if Jessa is already pregnant."

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We're guessing that by now you've seen Kim Kardashian's nude Paper magazine photos, because you have eyes and you live on Planet Earth.

Kim wasn't paid for the pictorial and some believe her goal was to show the world what great shape she's in just 18 months after giving birth.

Kim Kardashian Paper Photo

Others speculated that Kim wanted to pose nude once more before getting pregnant with baby number two.

If that's the case, Kim must have looked at the photos and been like, "Damn I wanna keep that body for a while," because insiders claim Mrs. West is in search of a surrogate to pop out North's little sibling.

"There's no way she's having another kid anytime soon," a source tells Radar Online. "It took so long to get her body back that she's even told friends she might have someone else carry the baby the next time around."

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As you've probably heard by now, Kim Kardashian got butt naked for Paper magazine recently in hopes that her latest nude photos would "break the Internet."

Kim Kardashian Paper Magazine Butt Photo

It may not have been quite that popular, but the pic certainly went viral, and stars such as Naya Rivera criticized Kim for posing nude even though she's a mom.

Now it seem that Kim may have have reached the decision to strip down specifically because she has a kid...and because she'll soon be expecting another one.

TMZ reports that Kim has informed her friends and family that she's trying to get pregnant for a second time.

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As you've likely heard, Kate Middleton is suffering from severe morning sickness as the result of a condition known as Hyperemisis Gravidarum.

The illness has forced Kate to cancel some public appearances, often at the last minute. Fortunately, she's said to be feeling better these days, and she's been able to attend royal functions such as yesterday's Remembrance Sunday event.

However, some royal sources have suggested that while Kate's condition seems to be improving, there remains a strong likelihood that she'll have to pull out of any of the events that have been scheduled between now and the end of her pregnancy.

If that should be the case, Prince William may find himself in the position of doing the royal smile-and-wave on his own, whether he likes it or not.

Kate Middleton and Prince William Greet Subjects

He's already filled in for Kate at some events she had planned to attend on her own, and some insiders say he was less than thrilled about it:

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As you've likely heard by now, reptilian heartthrob Benedict Cumberbatch got engaged to Sophie Hunter this week and he made the announcement in a British newspaper, because Benny is old-school like that.

Now that we know a little bit about who Sophie Hunter is, the new question is: Why are these two rushing to the altar?

After all, Benedict and Sophie have only been dating for five months, and the actor dated his previous girlfriend - fellow actress Olivia Poulet - for 12 years without ever putting a ring on it.

Some have suggested that Cumberbatch is in a rush to get hitched because he believes it will improve his chances of winning an Oscar for The Imitation Game. (As though an Oscar campaign is like running for office.)

Others, however, have suggested a far more traditional motivation for the quickie engagement:

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Back in August, Chris Brown tweeted about his desire to have a baby by Karrueche Tran. Today, it seems that he may have made that dream a reality.

Karrueche Tran: Baby Bump Photo

A mutual friend of Karrueche and Chris' posted the above photo with a caption reading, "Congratulations I hope is a boy!"

Obviously, he might have been joking, but the rumor is officially out there now, and both Chris and Karrueche have yet to respond.

Though it's been pretty tame compared to Chris' other relationships, the 5-year on-off romance between Brown and Tran has been tumultuous by pretty much any other standard.

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As with her first pregnancy, Kate Middleton is suffering from extreme morning sickness as the result of a condition known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

Kate has canceled several public appearances as a result of her illness and only just recently returned to public life.

Kate Middleton Returns to Public Life
Kate Middleton made her first public appearance in over two months today. The Duchess helped welcome the president of Singapore to Buckingham Palace.

Her recent appearance at an event to honor the President of Singapore was taken by many royal watchers as a sign that Kate's health is on the upswing.

Now it seems, however, that Kate may have simply caved in to pressure from the Queen to cease her bellyaching and get back to work.

Life & Style reports this week that Queen Elizabeth II "bullied" Kate into resuming her royal duties:

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19 Kids and Counting's Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard will welcome their first child early next year, and if all goes according to plan, they will do so at home.

Derick, Jill

The cute newlyweds, who you can watch 19 Kids and Counting online to see tie the knot on this week's episode, are looking forward to meeting their son.

They have until March, which means a lot of preparation time, and they're making the most of it, setting up registries and getting their ducks in a row.

On Friday, the pregnant star and her hubby dropped by Giggle in N.Y.C. to get an idea of what they'd like to have on hand when they welcome #BabyDilly.

In addition to Jill Duggar's baby registry, the couple, who are reportedly bound by a Covenant marriage, also revealed their labor and delivery plans.

"We're taking Bradley [Method] birth classes right now," said Derick.

What does that entail, exactly? Allow his lovely wife to explain ...

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Kim Kardashian has said so many ridiculous things in the past couple of days that an accidental revelation that she's pregnant may have slipped through the cracks.

Yesterday, Kim claimed that she works hard, so that thunderous sound you heard this morning may have been the entire world laughing at once.

Kim didn't stop there, however. She later claimed that Kylie Jenner has not had lip injections.

Then - because why stop when you're on a roll? - Kim said she's cutting back on selfies.

It's a lot of BS for one 48 hour period, so it's not hard to see why no one even noticed that Kim pretty much slipped up and said she's pregnant during an interview in the UK:

Asked about her maternity style around the 2:30 mark, Kim says:

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It's been over two years since Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake got married, and according to friends, family, and some eagle-eyed fans at LAX, it looks as though Jess and JT are ready to take the next step in starting a family.

Yes, Jessica was reportedly spotted rocking a sizable baby bump while making her way through the airport over the weekend, and sources close to the actress report that she seems to be hiding something lately.

Aside from a photo of Jessica and Justin on Instagram, the actress has been lying low recently, but here she is on the set of New Girl back in August, covering what appears to be a slight bulge.

Jessica Biel: Pregnant Photo?

Of course, Jessica could've just had a large meal in that shot, but insiders say that nearly three months later, her bump is much more noticeable.

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