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Jimmy Kimmel Live is continuing the best annual Halloween tradition in all the land.

No, not women dressing as skanks on October 31 every year.

Instead, for the third year in a row, the talk show has asked parents around the country to tell their children that they consumed all of their Halloween candy... and then to film the subsequent reaction.

The segment is aptly titled "Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy" and it's a must-watch.

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Ummm... gotcha?

In the following video, parents in Las Vegas have a bit of fun with their child by taking his temperature and then telling him he has contracted Ebola.

And how does the boy react to the news? See for yourself:

The footage was uploaded to the Instagram account of the boy's uncle, who responded to critics that came down harshly on the prank by explaining its origin thusly... and angrily:

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You never know how a child will react when giving him or her a present.

Sometimes, she'll break into uncontrollable tears of happiness when faced with a new puppy.

Other times, she'll shock you with her adorable gratitude... even when receiving a large pair of men's underwear.

Such was the case when Jessi Eaton tried to prank her daughter with some tighty whities, writing on Reddit that the joke may have backfired - but in the most precious way imaginable.

"She has always been so happy with anything," Jessi says of her child. "This is the reaction she has for every gift she has ever received. She is an amazing little girl. I love her dearly and just wanted to share her pure and innocent heart with the world."

What a terrific video. And what a great message we all should take with us: appreciate everything you have, people.

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Well played, Burger King.

Adding to a growing list of totally amazing pranks, the fast food restaurant offered patrons in San Francisco a special menu item on Gay Pride Parade day last week: a Proud Whopper.

The burger was placed in a rainbow wrapper that read, "We are all the same inside” and unveiled to customers in a way that made it seem like something brand new (even though the only difference was the packaging).

The chain then filmed various reactions to the Proud Whopper, from those in disdain ("I just don't really believe in the homosexual lifestyle”) to those in confusion (“Do gay people even eat fast food?”) to those who believe it’s “about time" such an alternative was made available.

Watch the fun/interesting/revealing footage now:

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Nope. Turns out this killer clown prank is NOT the scariest thing in the history of ever.

Not according to some dude named Yousef at least.

In a video uploaded online Sunday, some of Yousef’s friends forever win a prank war against their buddy, setting him up to return to a dark apartment and be confronted by the girl from The Ring, essentially.

But the subject's response is what ends up being scary, as Yousef’s faints at the sight of this spirit and then starts to cry uncontrollably.

Watch now and try to determine: is the reaction real? Or is it meant to actually serve as the prank, fooling all who view this footage?

Yousef insists his tears are legitimate.

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Nick Cannon went white face again on America's Got Talent last night.

But this time the outfit didn't stir up any controversy.

Indeed, Cannon faced criticism for donning white face in promotion of his upcoming album, the host dressed up like a mime on Tuesday's premiere of this NBC competition.

He was an especially bad and aggressive mime, approaching the judges' table at one point and causing Howie Mandell to call for security.

But Cannon then yanked off his disguise, as seen here, and Howard Stern dubbed the prank as "maybe the greatest thing I’ve ever seen on America’s Got Talent."

Bravo, Nick.

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Another scary circus performer is on the loose.

Last fall, a clown terrorized a town in England, with no one ever explaining why he randomly appeared on street corners in the hamlet of Northampton.

But at least that clown didn't violently murder anyone.

The same can't be said for the costumed figure below, who bloodies bodies and scares the living crap out of those who stroll by.

Yes, this is merely a prank from DmPranksProductions - but try telling yourself that as you watch the frightening action below:

Scary, crazy stuff, no?

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Well played, Robinson Cano.

The former New York Yankees second baseman will return to The Bronx tonight for the first time since signing a $240 million contract with the Seattle Mariners in the off-season.

Fans are expected to boo the living heck out of the All-Star, and Jimmy Fallon gave them the opportunity to practice on Monday:

The Tonight Show host constructed a giant poster of Cano on the sidewalk and asked fans to give it their worst. Many obliged... but quickly changed their negative tune when Cano himself emerged from behind the photo.

Pretty hilarious stuff, no?

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Poor Emma Stone.

The actress has been brought to tears on more than one occasion over the past couple weeks, as she's been promoting The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and has ended up talking more about her Spice Girls obsession than the movie.

In one case, Stone actually cried when Melanie Brown created a video message specifically for the awesome star.

With this in mind, Stone appeared alongside Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx this week on The Graham Norton Show, where the British host grilled Emma on her passion for the 1990s pop music group.

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Think the Mimi sex tape is scary?

Imagine being the girlfriend of Aristotle Georgeson.

This comedian has compiled a video of all the times he's scared his girlfriend over the past several months, 22 times in all.

Granted, Georgeson simply yells at his unnamed blonde over and over and over. But it's still pretty hilarious to watch her reaction. Do so here:

Sadly, Aristotle had to stop his antics, lest his relationship come to an end.

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