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Kirk Cameron appeared on The Today Show Tuesday and discussed the recent controversy surrounding his anti-gay views ... as well as his new movie.

The former Growing Pains star says he's surprised at the reaction to his interview on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, while insisting he meant no harm.

Asked if he’s guilty of hate speech, Cameron reiterated his past defense of his comments, saying, “Absolutely not. I love all people. I hate no one.”

Cameron said that he, too, was being bullied by destructive speech in this case, and debate over social issues shouldn't be reduced to sound bites.

"I was surprised, frankly, that people were surprised by the things that I've said," he explained. "I have been consistent for 15 years as a Christian."

"I'm a Bible-believing Christian. What I would have thought was more newsworthy is if I had said something that contradicted my own faith."

"When you take a subject and reduce it to something like a four-second sound bite or a check mark on a ballot, I think that that's inappropriate."

"To edit it down to that, it certainly didn't reflect my full heart on the matter."

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In a visit to The Late Show with David Letterman Monday, First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama discussed her relationship with her own parents.

An emotional Michelle, who considers herself the mother of Sasha and Malia above everything else, said her parents instilled in her the values she passes on.

They provided "absolute, complete, unconditional love ... the notion that kids really don't need anything but to know that their parents adore them."

She said she and the president have passed that trait onto their children: "Don't make me cry: This isn't Oprah!” she said. “It's supposed to be Letterman!"

Michelle Obama also discussed her recent incognito trip to Target, which was figured out when a woman asked her to help reach something on a high shelf.

The 48-year-old, who stands 5'10", said after she obliged, the grateful woman joked with her, "You didn't have to make it look so easy!"

"That was my interaction, and it felt so good!" she said.

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Mitt Romney scored a win in Puerto Rico's Republican primary this weekend, pocketing all of the territory's 20 GOP delegates (because he finished with more than 50 percent of the vote) in the bruising race for the GOP presidential nomination.

With about 83 percent of total ballots accounted for early Monday in Puerto Rico, the Republican presidential candidate had garnered more than 98,000 votes.

That's 83 percent of the total, with Rick Santorum a distant second at 8 percent.

Mitt Romney Picture

The other two candidates, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul, each won approximately 2 percent of the votes cast, according to CNN's Puerto Rico results.

Even as the vote was being counted in Puerto Rico, Romney, Santorum and the others were already back on the mainland vying for delegates.

Illinois holds its primary on Tuesday and Louisiana on Saturday.

CNN's latest delegate estimates show Romney with 518 delegates to Santorum's 239. Gingrich has 139 delegates, and libertarian champion Paul has 69.

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Rick Santorum sees sex in purely utilitarian terms.

If it's not done with fertilizing an egg in mind, dude's got no love for it. Any such act (or product, or film, or contraceptive) is JUST PLAIN WRONG, PEOPLE!!

The Republican presidential candidate and staunch social conservative wants to ban hard core adult films, calling them toxic to marriage and relationships.

The former Pennsylvania senator writes on his website:

A Rick Santorum Image

"America is suffering from a pandemic of pornography. It contributes to misogyny and violence against women. It is a contributing factor to prostitution and sex trafficking."

He demands a crackdown on the distribution of Internet porn, in addition to material on cable/satellite TV, hotel/motel TV, retail shops and through the mail.

What qualifies as "hardcore" remains unclear.

Santorum says a "wealth of research" showing how pornography causes "profound brain changes in children and adults," and says President Obama doesn't do enough:

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From the positive tone he struck during an impromptu farewell speech, you'd never guess that former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich were headed to prison.

Yesterday marked the beginning of Rod serving 14 years - the longest sentence ever given to an Illinois politician convicted of corruption - behind bars.

Earlier Thursday, the former governor bounded down the stairs of his home as a throng of cameramen, photographers and reporters crushed around him.

There, he delivered this emotional goodbye speech ... belying the fact that this man once tried to sell President Obama's U.S. Senate seat for cash:

The man who once was Illinois’ highest-ranking politician then checked in to Englewood Federal Correctional Institution, reporting in at about 12:45 p.m. CST.

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Meghan McCain, daughter of U.S. Senator and 2008 Republican presidential nominee John McCain, poses for Playboy this month. Innocently, of course.

Her mere presence in the men's mag (and some of the quotes she gave in an interview with it) are sure to raise eyebrows, but this one pic is it. Sorry.

Meghan revealed to Playboy that she “almost overdosed on Xanax” the day before the 2008 election, and dismissed any rumors that she is gay.

Using an obscene rhyme, Meghan, a same-sex marriage advocate, said was “strictly d!ckly” (straight), adding: “I can’t help it. I love sex and I love men.”

Meghan McCain Playboy Pic

Shifting her focus elsewhere, Meghan McCain told Playboy that a memoir written by Bristol Palin, Sarah’s daughter known for her teen pregnancy, was a “total lie.”

At the WHCA dinner, Bristol “totally took off” when she saw Meghan across the room, lest Bristol be confronted about the book's remarks on the McCain family.

In Not Afraid of Life, Bristol dings Meghan and mom Cindy McCain for having “so much Louis Vuitton luggage, so many cell phones, so many helpers," etc.

Bristol Palin also writes of Meghan McCain that after their first meeting in 2008, she had the “sneaking suspicion that I might need to watch my back.”

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Welcome to the latest edition of Barack-etology!

For the fourth consecutive year, President Barack Obama has taken a few minutes to fill out an NCAA Tournament bracket alongside ESPN's Andy Katz, hoping to choose his second National Champion in that time.

In 2009, Obama correctly predicted that North Carolina would be cutting down the nets and this year he's going back to the Tar Heel well. Who will UNC defeat in the title game? Which 12 seed does the President think will knock off a five seed? Find out now:

As for THG's staff picks? We're so glad you asked!

Hilton Hater: Baylor, Michigan State, Florida State, UNC
Free Britney: Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, Ohio State

Best of luck in your pool, readers!

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M.I.A. recently made headlines for flipping her middle finger at the Super Bowl.

Now she's pointing the finger at CNN anchor Anderson Cooper of all people.

Why, you ask? The apparent lack of news coverage about an issue close to her heart - the slaughter of Tamil civilians in her native Sri Lanka - led to a heated exchange with Cooper and allegations that he branded her a "terrorist."


Disappointed in AC's perceived failure to report the atrocities, M.I.A. lashed out.

"@AndersonCooper called me a terrorist for speaking out, and expressed support for the SLgov," she wrote, adding that "respected journos" don't "get it wrong."

That statement prompted a sharp rejoinder from Cooper:

"What are you talking about?... you are mistaken. I never called you a terrorist. I don't even know who you are other than the lady who sang at superbowl."

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Kony 2012, a film created by the organization Invisible Children, Inc., seeks to expose and ultimately bring to justice indicted Ugandan war criminal Joseph Kony.

The film's stated purpose is to promote the charity group's "Stop Kony" movement, so the despot becomes internationally known in order to arrest him in 2012.

The film has spread virally, with over 78 million views on YouTube and more than 16.6 million views on Vimeo in less than one week. We've embedded it here:

The film itself documents the Invisible Children Inc's plans and efforts to arrest Kony, whose alleged guerrilla warfare tactics devastated the region.

It advocates curtailing compelled, coerced youth military service - Kony led the abduction of children to become child-sex slaves and child soldiers.

Kony2012, and Invisible Children, have gotten plugs from stars such as Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Christina Milian, Nicki Minaj, Bill Gates and Kim Kardashian.

The efforts won't end with this half-hour movie. On April 20, as part of the campaign, supporters will put up posters promoting Kony 2012 in their home towns.

Invisible Children offers posters from an online shop in an effort to gain wide recognition on the issue. They have also created action kits that include campaign buttons, posters, bracelets, and stickers to help spread awareness.

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Rick Santorum scored another two wins in the race for the Republican presidential nomination Tuesday night, indicating a potentially protracted race ahead.

The former U.S. Senator won the Alabama and Mississippi primaries, overcoming the financial advantages of Mitt Romney and Southern allegiances to Newt Gingrich.

Santorum strengthened his candidacy as the GOP campaign rolls into a state-by-state delegates battle in the weeks, and very possibly months, ahead.

An aggressive push by Romney to try and capitalize on the still-divided conservative electorate failed to take hold, and he finished third in both states.

Santorum Wins Again

“We did it again,” Santorum said, addressing jubilant supporters in Louisiana, which votes next week. “The time is now for conservatives to pull together.”

The outcome of the Alabama and Mississippi primaries bolstered Santorum’s argument that he should emerge as the final GOP competitor to Romney.

But Gingrich, who finished a close second in both states, noted that he earned about as many delegates as his rivals, and pledged to continue on.

“The elite media’s efforts to convince the nation that Mitt Romney is inevitable just collapsed,” Gingrich said, addressing a subdued crowd here in Birmingham.

“If you’re the front-runner and you come in third, you’re not much of a front-runner.”

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