Donald Trump's presidential campaign is basically the ultimate act of trolling.

The human throbbing forehead vein of American politics has clearly set out to see what how much he can get away with without losing the support of his cultishly loyal base, and the answer is: just about everything.

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Every so often, Lindsay Lohan decides to wade into the weird world of politics.

It's not like she's the first washed-up, orange, delusional relic from the early 2000s to do so, so you'd think she'd fit right in. Sadly Lindsay's idiocy is such that she stands out in even the dumbest of crowds:

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Happy Presidents Day 2016! True American heroes don't come any truer than these two ... who we decided to pit against each other.

Why? To determine, once and for all, the greatest of all time. OF ALL TIME! In an epic Fashion Face-Off for the ages - sort of literally!

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