You may not know it from recent press coverage, but there are other people running for president besides Donald Trump.

In fact, there are currently 2 prominent Democrats and roughly 47,000 Republicans in the race for the White House, and unlike Trump, some of them actually have a chance of winning the general election.

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Mention the initials JFK to anyone with even a cursory knowledge of American history, and the images that spring to mind will likely have little to do with his political achievements.

Instead, the modern imagination springs right to John Fitzgerald Kennedy's grisly assassination in 1963 and the many infidelities that he reportedly engaged in throughout his marriage to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

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Donald Trump slammed John McCain while speaking Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa today. The controversial presidential candidate declared that he does not believe McCain is a war hero.
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Donald Trump may be battling Scott Walker and Jeb Bush in the polls, but try telling that to The Huffington Post.

The highly-trafficked website has taken a stand against the Republican hopeful, writing online today that it will no longer categories any of his speeches or action as falling with the ream of "Politics."

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Donald Trump is not backing down to El Chapo Guzman, the escaped Mexican drug lord who threatened the presidential candidate this week.

(Yes, that really happened in real life.)

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