A mysterious new photo appearing to show U.S. President Barack Obama's eldest daughter, Malia Obama, wearing a hip-hop group's T-shirt is going viral.

Posted on social media Sunday, the picture features the 16-year-old in a white shirt emblazoned with the logo of Brooklyn-based collective Pro Era:

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Sarah Palin is probably very happy to say goodbye to 2014.

The now-famous Palin family brawl that took place in September seemed to make headlines every few weeks, as new details emerged about the drunken throwdown that cemented Sarah's place as the most Jerry Springer-ready former governor in US history.

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Mario Cuomo, a three-term governor of New York and a leading voice of the Democratic party for several decades, passed away Thursday at the age of 82.

His death came as his son, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, delivered inaugural addresses in Manhattan and Buffalo, N.Y., having being sworn in for his own second term.

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