Megyn Kelly referred to Donald Trump as an animal with a very big nose to open the Republican debate on Fox News last night, asking a panel of Presidential hopefuls about the "elephant not in the room."

But it's a different word Kelly reportedly used to describe Trump that has the Internet in an uproar this morning.

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Some actual good news out of the world of politics today as Chelsea Clinton - the daughter of former president Bill Clinton and current presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton - has announced that she and husband MarcĀ Mezvinsky are expecting their second child.

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In his new movie, Concussion, Will Smith portrays a doctor who takes on the National Football League.

In a new interview, however, the actor says he has considered an even more monumental task: Taking on all political contenders... as a nominee for President of the United States!

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The New York Daily News' cover in the wake of yesterday's San Bernardino, Calif., massacre is both provocative and highly political. By design.

The publication calls out those it feels could do something to end the plague of gun violence, but instead revert to useless platitudes, time after time.

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