Aaron Schock, a rising star in the Republican Party who loved to pose shirtless on Instagram and mingle with celebrities, has resigned from Congress.

The 33-year old Representative from Illinois recently came under fire for remodeling his office to resemble the set of Downton Abbey, a move Schock claimed was done by an interior designer for free.

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The Internet is fueled primarily by porn, cats and outrage, so it's never surprising when a heated debate erupts over what seems to be a non-issue.

But even knowing that the mentality of the average comment board troll is that of a cranky toddler, this morning's Controversy of the Day is particularly baffling.

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Back in January, Sheryl McFerrin - a former friend of Michelle Duggar's -  protested the Duggar's anti-gay views by snapping a photo of her sister and her sister's girflriend kissing outside of the family's compound in Arkansas.

The photo was posted online in response to the Michelle's fight against an anti-discrimination bill that was intended to protect housing and employment rights for members of the LGBT community living in Arkansas.

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Well, this is unexpected.

In case you're somehow unaware, the new Clint Eastwood-Bradley Cooper film American Sniper is a massive hit with audiences, but its also drawn a good deal of criticism, in part because large portions of Chris Kyle's memoirs - on which the film was based - are believed to be fabricated.

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