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American journalist Steven Sotloff has been executed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the group claims in a purported video released Tuesday.

Sotloff, who freelanced for Time and Foreign Policy magazines, had last been seen near Turkey-Syria border in August 2013, when he vanished without a trace.

He then appeared a video released online last month by the Islamic State group that showed the beheading of fellow American journalist James Foley.

Dressed in an orange jumpsuit against the backdrop of an arid Syrian landscape, Sotloff was threatened in that video by the masked man who killed Foley.

The executioner called out U.S. President Barack Obama personally that unless the U.S. stopped air strikes on ISIS, Sotloff and more Americans would die.

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Yup, we're saying it: Very well played, Sarah Palin!

The former Vice Presidential candidate is the latest celebrity to accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, although she initially says in the following footage that she’s “too old” for this “ice bucket water dump thing” and will instead write a check to the cause while sipping from some Diet Dr. Pepper.

Fair enough, right?

But then, just as Palin kicks back and relaxes, someone off camera douses her with a bucket of very cold water.

Her screams may haunt our nightmares forever, but props must be given to Palin in this case. And you'll never believe who she then challenged next!

Watch all the way through the find out:

In other creative Ice Bucket Challenge videos, Olivia Wilde used breast milk and Chris Pratt drank vodka.

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Former Hercules star Kevin Sorbo unleashed a Herculean rant on Facebook about the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, following the death of Michael Brown.

"Ferguson riots have very little to do with the shooting of the young man," Kevin begins, positing, "It is an excuse to be the losers these animals truly are."

Certainly cuts to the chase.

Kevin Sorbo Photo

The 55-year-old actor and oustpoken conservative, said the Ferguson unrest signifies "a tipping point to frustration built up over years of not trying."

Instead of working to improve their lot in life, Sorbo believes, the people protesting in the city are "blaming everyone else, The Man, for their failures."

Then he adds this barb:

"Hopefully this is a reminder to African Americans (I always thought we just Americans. Oh, well.) that the President [they] voted in has only made things worse for them, not better."

Sorbo then shared on his Facebook page an article from the Jewish World Review about Ferguson, entitled, "Media Clueless About the Inner City."

This piece also opines that the death of Michael Brown is just the tip of the iceberg here, but lays the blame at the feet of the media as well as protestors.

"Want the riots to end in Ferguson?" asks the author. "Ban the media who are nothing more than agitators promoting the circus environment and inciting outsiders to join in the frenzy."

"Don´t forget the media putting out the cop's name, photo and home information. I hear he is forced to leave the community by this - victimized a second time!"

"The media promotes chaos to boost pathetic ratings. We should shut them all off and watch clips on the internet only when republished under fair use by a conservative media watchdog."

What do you think of Sorbo's comments - and those of the article whose views he clearly shares - on the events playing out in Ferguson? Tell us below:

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Who knew John McCain could get on the dance floor and bust a move?

Or at least that the man can do the robot like it's going out of style?

Now you do, and it's everything you thought it could be ...

He took the stage at the Apollo in the Hamptons party at Ron Perelman's East Hampton estate Saturday for his impressive robot alongside Jamie Foxx.

"It's always the ones you don't expect," Foxx said of the 77-year-old McCain to the N.Y. Post after the event. "Republicans love to dance in the Hamptons!"

The Republican U.S. Senator from Arizona and two-time presidential candidate followed New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in showing off his killer moves.

McCain tweeted a photo of his performance with the caption, "Had a good time this weekend with @iamjamiefoxx, supporting a worthy cause @apollotheater."

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Texas Gov. Rick Perry was defiant Tuesday as he was booked on abuse of power charges, showing no sign of worry, angst or despair in his mug shot.

In fact, the man looks downright dashing in his booking photo:

Rick Perry Mug Shot

Rick Perry was indicted Friday. Other than him threatening to "fight this injustice with every fiber of my being," you would never know such a thing occurred.

The 64-year-old flashed a thin, confident grin beneath his always-perfect hair, then headed to a local Austin eatery for ice cream, which he Tweeted about.

The Republican, who is mulling a second presidential run in 2016, was indicted for carrying out a threat to veto funding for state public corruption prosecutors.

The longest-serving governor in Texas history is accused of coercion and official oppression for publicly promising to veto $7.5 million for the public integrity unit.

Perry threatened the veto if the county's Democratic district attorney, Rosemary Lehmberg, stayed in office after a DUI conviction, then made good on it.

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Michelle Duggar has never been shy about expressing her conservative political beliefs, but her recent opposition to an Arkansas law might surprise even her most far-right fans.

The TLC reality star recorded a robocall message for the citizens of Fayetteville, Ark., encouraging them to vote against an anti-discrimination law.

The legislation is designed to outlaw prejudice against transgender individuals with regard to employment, housing, and use of public facilities.

Michelle Duggar Smiling Photo

Duggar not only wants to keep current segregation policies in place, she reveals in her call that she refuses to recognize transgender people by their proper gender.

In fact, she informs callers that the new law would allow "men - yes I said men to use women's and girls' restrooms, locker rooms, [and] showers."

You can read the full text of Duggar's message below:

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A grand jury indicted Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Friday for abusing the powers of his office, but the longest-serving governor in state history denies any wrongdoing.

Rick Perry Glasses

Perry allegedly abused the powers of the governor's office by carrying out a threat to veto funding for state prosecutors investigating public corruption.

He promised publicly to nix $7.5 million in funding over two years for the public integrity unit run by the office of Travis County D.A. Rosemary Lehmberg.

This threat took place after Lehmberg, a Democrat, was convicted of drunken driving last year, but refused Perry's calls to resign from her position.

No one disputes that Perry is allowed to veto measures approved by the Legislature, as he did in following through on his promise to axe the funds.

By using public pressure to boast that he would do so as a means of trying to Lehmberg to quit, however, the grand jury felt he broke the law.

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We already know dogs can do amazing things.

They can serve as alarm clocks. They can garner a crazy number of Instagram followers. They can dress as Game of Thrones characters.

But can they reach across the aisle, work with the opposing side and pass important legislation?

Such is the challenge that now faces Duke, a canine in Cormorant, Minnesota who just got elected mayor of that tiny town. We’re not joking.

Dog as Mayor

According resident Tammy Odegarrd, Duke won the election last Thursday to be honorary mayor for the year of this miniscule hamlet, which has 12 total citizens.

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Gene Simmons has some advice for immigrants, and it's not exactly politically correct. But as an immigrant himself, he feels direct is the way to go here.

During an interview with the Huffington Post, the rocker who moved to the country with his family at the age of 8 says people doing this need to assimilate.

"The politically correct climate is bulls--t," the 64-year-old Simmons said. "You don't want to upset anybody by saying, 'Learn to speak goddamn English.'"

"But, as an immigrant, I'm telling you: Learn to speak goddamn English."

"It is the key that will unlock the keys to the kingdom," the KISS rocker went on. "If you make the effort, all the possibilities of this culture will open up for you."

That effort, he says, "will give you all the rewards that I've gotten."

"I wasn't born here and America enabled me to become a team owner ... to have reality shows, to be in a rock band and to have licensing and merchandise and a restaurant chain."

Simmons says it's "too bad" if people are offended by his quote, but "learn to speak a language correctly! It's not easy. By the way, you don't have to."

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Code Adorable! I repeat, we have a Code Adorable! Hide the Wii and the juice boxes!

The Secret Service dealt with the world's cutest threat last night when a toddler squeezed through the White House security gates and on to the North Lawn, triggering an automatic lockdown.

As a result of this breach, President Obama’s residence went into high alert and Pennsylvania Avenue was closed (per protocol) until the pint-size interloper was apprehended.

White House Image

Edwin Donovan, a spokesman for the U.S. Secret Service, told the media that the unidentified child would not face any serious charges.

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