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Almost nine years after the first U.S. tanks crossed the Iraqi border, and approximately eight years and seven months after President George W. Bush declared "Mission Accomplished," the Pentagon declared an official end to the Iraq War today.



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Disgraced politician John Edwards has asked his mistress Rielle Hunter to move into his North Carolina home, The National Enquirer has hilariously reported.

“Rielle is considering the move,” a source close to her allegedly claims.

John, whose wife Elizabeth Edwards died nearly a year ago, lives with his children Emma Claire, 13, and Jack, 11. Rielle welcomed his love child in late 2007.

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  • Rielle Hunter and Daughter

“She wants what’s best for their daughter Quinn and John’s other young children. If all of them under one roof will help the kids, it’s something Rielle will do.”

How altruistic. Rielle Hunter is nothing if not selfless.

His legal woes may also influence her: “Rielle knows the trial will be tough and doesn’t want the kids to suffer, so she’s genuinely considering his offer.”

The former U.S. Senator, twice a serious presidential candidate and once the Democratic VP nominee, conducted an illicit affair with her during his second bid for the White House, and has been indicted for his alleged use of campaign funds to cover up the scandal.

Rielle dumped John Edwards just a few days before he was indicted, even as he begged her to marry him, according to a probably bogus Enquirer report.

They got the love child part right, though ...

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Even the leader of the free world needs his DVR.

He just got it installed, according to People Magazine, and on it are a pair of premium cable dramas. President Obama loves Showtime's critically acclaimed new spy thriller Homeland, starring Claire Danes, and HBO's Boardwalk Empire.

As for what he watches with the kids?

Obama Family

With its multi-cultural, 21st Century appropriate casting, Modern Family is the pick. Not just because it's a good answer, either - the show is pretty darn funny.

"For the girls and me, Modern Family, that's our favorite show," the Prez says.

Asked if they lets daughters Malia, 13, and Sasha, 10, use Facebook, Barack and Michelle Obama say they do not, but that it is not a hard decision to enforce.

Their theory is, "Why would we want to have a whole bunch of people who we don't know knowing our business? That doesn't make much sense," she says.

But when the First Lady points out the relatively young ages of their daughters, the President laughs and adds, "We'll see how they feel in four years."

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Due to all the candidates bailing competing interests, professional blowhard Donald Trump will no longer moderate a GOP presidential debate in Iowa later this month.

Trump explained he is pulling out of the event for two made-up reasons:

  1. He's not convinced there's a strong enough Republican challenger in the field.
  2. He wants the option to run himself (which he won't, but often threatens to).
Donald Trump Image

In reality, several leading candidates had already made it clear they wouldn't participate in a debate moderated by Trump. Ron Paul basically called it circus-like and beneath the presidency. Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and Michele Bachmann also declined to attend.

Trump called them all cowards, saying it is "very important to me that the right candidate be chosen to defeat the destructive Obama Administration, but if that Republican, in my opinion, is not the right [one], I am not giving up my right to run as an Independent."

"Therefore, so that there is no conflict of interest within the Republican Party, I have decided not to be the moderator of the Newsmax debate."

Now that is 100 percent BS. Still, do you think he should run?


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Newt Gingrich, the newly-anointed frontrunner in the fluid Republican presidential race, is promising he will not cheat on his wife Calista if elected to the White House.

Seriously, this came up.

The former Speaker of the House of Representatives issued a statement to The Family Leader, an evangelical Iowa organization, pledging to sign its Marriage Vow.

The key points of Newt's remarks on marriage - he's on #3, having cheated on wife #2 with wife #3 in the 1990s, while he was pushing to impeach Bill Clinton - include:

Newt Gingrich Pic
  • He pledges to uphold the institution of marriage through fidelity to his spouse.
  • Gingrich will enforce the DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), and will support a federal marriage amendment defining marriage as one man, one woman.
  • Gingrich believes life begins at conception, will reinstate Reagan’s Mexico City policy, repeal Obamacare and cut funding for Planned Parenthood.
  • He promotes the right of conscience for health care workers so they aren't compelled to participate in abortions or procedures against their beliefs.

Newt has catapulted himself to the front of the GOP pack despite more baggage than the American Airlines flight Alec Baldwin was kicked off of last week.

His messy divorces are seen as a liability by some, but voters seem to care most about the economy, so it remains to be seen if it'd actually hurt Gingrich.

Fellow GOP contenders Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry and Rick Santorum already signed the pledge. Mitt Romney is currently focus grouping it to see if he should sign this week, then change his mind two hours after the Iowa caucuses. Just kidding. Sorta. Not really.

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Donald Trump will moderate a debate between Republican Presidential hopefuls on December 27. There's just one problem:

Only Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are currently scheduled to show up.

With Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman having already turned down the invitation, Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry added their negative RSVPs this week, prompting The Donald to say these candidates are "scared" and that he may need to run against them after all.

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"The Republicans are afraid of me running as an Independent," Trump tells TMZ. They’re all afraid. The only person NOT afraid is Newt... There are two reasons that these candidates are backing out of my debate. One, some just aren’t courageous people. Two, some are concerned that I may run as an Independent. They want me to give up ... and I’m NOT giving up."

We're not so sure, Don. Have you seen this Rick Perry ad?!? Say what you want about the man, but he isn't afraid to look like a moronic homophobe.

Trump for President?


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Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was sentenced to 14 years in prison yesterday for what prosecutors called a criminal corruption crime spree three years ago.

Blagojevich was convicted of corruption charges including trying to trade President Barack Obama's vacated U.S. Senate seat in exchange for money or favors.

Don't expect any Lindsay Lohan loopholes either. He'll have to serve a minimum of nearly 12 years under federal rules that require 85% of sentences be served.

As he left the Chicago courthouse, Blagojevich told reporters that "we're going to keep fighting on through this adversity ... This is a time to be strong."

The judge announced the sentence after a somber Blagojevich, his voice cracking with emotion, pleaded for leniency with a round of apologies to ... everyone.

"I'm here convicted of crimes. The jury decided I was guilty. I am accepting of it. I acknowledge it, and I of course am unbelievably sorry for it," Blagojevich said.

"I want to apologize to the people of Illinois, to the court, for the mistakes I have made.... I never set out to break the law. I never set out to cross lines."

The judge was unmoved. He must report to prison by February 16.

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Republican Presidential candidate Rick Perry has rolled out a new campaign ad, one unlike any you've seen before. And quite possibly for good reason.

Like the infamous Herman Cain smoking ad, you see it once and think "No, this has to be a parody." Then you watch it again, and nope, it's sure not.

The Cliff Notes: Perry is strong. Obama loves gays and hates Christmas. Nice.

Give the Texas Governor credit for melding every wedge issue - homosexuals serving in the military, Barack Obama, the secularization of America, and people who don't celebrate Christmas - into an ad less than 30 seconds long. Skillfull!

While Perry is clearly gearing the ad toward a segment of the Iowa electorate and it may well prove to be effective, it has 3,213 likes and 138,473 dislikes on YouTube.

Sort of like how Perry polls a lot of places.

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As if the Republican presidential race didn't already feel like a a reality show, Donald Trump is pairing up with conservative magazine and website Newsmax to moderate a presidential debate in Des Moines, Iowa, on December 27.

“Our readers and the grassroots really love Trump,” said Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy.

That they do, hilariously. From an entertainment standpoint, can you not?

Donald and Melania Trump Picture

Greatest. Presidential. Debate. Ever.

Trump’s role in the debate, which will be broadcast on the cable network Ion Television, marks another memorable moment in a primary season that has been an unpredictable, publicity-driven, circus-like spectacle for months now.

The Donald toyed with running for president earlier this year and ran his mouth about Barack Obama's birth certificate until he was blue in the face. He ultimately declined against getting into the race and has not endorsed a candidate.

The debate, which will not be limited to a specific topic like national security or the economy, is set to happen just a week before the Iowa caucuses, and will be called the Newsmax Ion Television 2012 Presidential Debate.

Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman have already declined invitations to participate, with the former bashing the event as beneath the office of the presidency. Herman Cain dropped out of the race yesterday, so he won't be there either.

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In the wake of both sexual harassment and infidelity allegations, Republication Presidential nominee Herman Cain suspended his campaign this afternoon, effectively ending his bid for the White House in 2012.

Herman Cain Pic

"As of today, with a lot of prayer and soul searching, I am suspending my presidential campaign," Cain said at an Atlanta rally, vowing that "I am not going to be silenced and I am not going away."

Cain cited the "continued distraction" of chatter over Ginger White's claim that she carried on a 13-year affair - during which Cain supposedly showered her with gifts and financial help - with the former CEO of Godfather's Pizza as the basis for his decision.

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