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Mitt Romney appeared on the Late Show With David Letterman last night and read a Top 10 list of things he'd like to say to America. Some of them were pretty funny.

Making fun of his game-show-host good looks, his hair, his demeanor and his own name, the M-I-Double-Tizzle held his own, and got in a shot at rival Newt Gingrich.

Watch the former Governor of Massachusetts and White House hopeful present the "Top 10 Things Mitt Romney Would Like to Say to the American People" below ...

The presidential candidate also delivered the Top 10 List on the program  in February, revealing 10 lesser-known facts about himself. Check those out here:

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Kim Jong Il may have eschewed free markets, civil rights, and even FOOD for the citizens of North Korean, but the man pulled out all the stops when it came to acting classes!

How else do you explain this video?

Supposedly taken just after Kim Jong Il died, the footage - released by the isolationist, communist cesspool's state-run media - shows millions mourning the "Dear Leader."

A couple of theories here: 1. They actually just saw a screening of The Notebook, and the government passed it off as a response to Kim's death, or 2. Armed military personnel promised to let them eat this week if they put on a good show.

Either way, these people look sad!


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Will Sarah Palin still run for U.S. President?

In our opinion, there's no way that's happening, but it won't stop her from continuing to tease the masses to make sure we remember she's still around.

Asked by Fox Business Network about the likelihood that she'd become a candidate for the White House in 2012, the former Alaska governor and 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee said it's not too late for "folks" to jump in ... including herself.

"Who knows what will happen in the future," she added.

Sarah Palin Speaking

Palin told Fox News she felt no enthusiasm for anyone in the current GOP field and that she needed to feel something before she would offer an endorsement.

She said in October that she wouldn't seek the GOP nomination, since she could be more effective helping the party by assisting others' bids to be elected.

The first votes are cast in the Republican primary season January 3 in Iowa. Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul are currently leading polls in the state.

Should Sarah Palin run for President?


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Kim Jong Il, the leader of North Korea since 1994 and a dangerous man known for a number of eccentricities, reportedly passed away yesterday morning on a train.

The tyrannical despot was 69.

According to CNN, the broadcaster who broke the news on state television said Kim died due to "overwork" after "dedicating his life to the people."

"It is the biggest loss for the party...  and it is our people and nation's biggest sadness," said an anchorwoman on air in North Korea, adding that the despondent country must "change our sadness to strength and overcome our difficulties."

Good luck with that.

Earlier this year, reports indicated that Kim was sick with cancer and making the necessary moves to transfer power to his son, Kim Jong Un. That rumor was never verified, however, and the state of North Korea - one of the most secretive nations on Earth - is unclear.

The North kept news of the death of its leader secret for about two days, perhaps a sign that the leadership was struggling to position itself for an unstable transition.

A few hours after the announcement, the powerful Workers' Party and officials implied Kim's chosen successor, his youngest son, Kim Jong-un, was in fact in charge.

In response to Kim's alleged death, South Korea's military declared an "emergency alert."

The dictator was known for ego and his control over the media, as many in the press, for example, reported that he "routinely" shot three or four holes-in-one per round of golf, among other absolute absurdities, as part of his personality cult.

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  • Kim Jong Il Dead at 69


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Did Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin get plastic surgery?

Look at the photos below and decide for yourself, but rumors have been swirling about the supposed transformation of the 59-year-old's face. He's looking a lot, uh, less stressed these days, as these before and after pictures show ...


Notice on the right, his forehead is smoother, his cheeks glowing, the deep lines that once characterized his hardened (albeit still handsome) face all but forgotten.

Britain's Guardian newspaper speculates that Botox did the trick and also suggests that Vladimir Putin has also undergone some plastic surgery - small nip/tucks.

Quoted by the Guardian, four plastic surgeons analyzed Putin's new look and concluded he had the work done in advance of his upcoming election bid in March.

To that end, CBS News reports on Friday that a brand new poll shows that he is slipping in his approval rating, to 51 percent, down from 61 percent last month.

Desperate political times call for the occasional cosmetic procedure? Who's to say.

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Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney lead the polls, and Rick Perry may generate the best sound bites ("best" as in most entertaining, if not intelligent), but Ron Paul proved at last night's Republican debate that he's still a force to be reckoned with.

Never one to bend to party orthodoxy, Paul took issue with rival Michele Bachmann's stance toward Iran and its nuclear program, advocating anti-engagement policies that make the Texas Congressman an anathema to many in the GOP, yet wildly popular with others. 

Watch the heated exchange below:

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At last night's Republican presidential debate, Rick Perry sought to reignite his maligned candidacy by likening himself to a beloved, American underdog figure.

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.

Asked point blank about his awful debating skills and whether he could take on President Obama, Perry likened himself to the former University of Florida standout, who was told repeatedly he could never succeed in the NFL due to his unorthodox style.

Touting himself as the "national champion of job creation," Perry said that when Iowa votes in the first-in-the-nation caucuses January 3, he hopes to make like Tebow:

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Almost nine years after the first U.S. tanks crossed the Iraqi border, and approximately eight years and seven months after President George W. Bush declared "Mission Accomplished," the Pentagon declared an official end to the Iraq War today.



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Disgraced politician John Edwards has asked his mistress Rielle Hunter to move into his North Carolina home, The National Enquirer has hilariously reported.

“Rielle is considering the move,” a source close to her allegedly claims.

John, whose wife Elizabeth Edwards died nearly a year ago, lives with his children Emma Claire, 13, and Jack, 11. Rielle welcomed his love child in late 2007.

  • You Idiot!
  • Rielle Hunter and Daughter

“She wants what’s best for their daughter Quinn and John’s other young children. If all of them under one roof will help the kids, it’s something Rielle will do.”

How altruistic. Rielle Hunter is nothing if not selfless.

His legal woes may also influence her: “Rielle knows the trial will be tough and doesn’t want the kids to suffer, so she’s genuinely considering his offer.”

The former U.S. Senator, twice a serious presidential candidate and once the Democratic VP nominee, conducted an illicit affair with her during his second bid for the White House, and has been indicted for his alleged use of campaign funds to cover up the scandal.

Rielle dumped John Edwards just a few days before he was indicted, even as he begged her to marry him, according to a probably bogus Enquirer report.

They got the love child part right, though ...

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Even the leader of the free world needs his DVR.

He just got it installed, according to People Magazine, and on it are a pair of premium cable dramas. President Obama loves Showtime's critically acclaimed new spy thriller Homeland, starring Claire Danes, and HBO's Boardwalk Empire.

As for what he watches with the kids?

Obama Family

With its multi-cultural, 21st Century appropriate casting, Modern Family is the pick. Not just because it's a good answer, either - the show is pretty darn funny.

"For the girls and me, Modern Family, that's our favorite show," the Prez says.

Asked if they lets daughters Malia, 13, and Sasha, 10, use Facebook, Barack and Michelle Obama say they do not, but that it is not a hard decision to enforce.

Their theory is, "Why would we want to have a whole bunch of people who we don't know knowing our business? That doesn't make much sense," she says.

But when the First Lady points out the relatively young ages of their daughters, the President laughs and adds, "We'll see how they feel in four years."

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