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Farrah Abraham has been shot down by Playboy magazine, according to reports, despite making a second push to strip down for the men's publication.

  • Farrah Bikini Photograph
  • Farrah Abraham From the Back

Apparently looking to feed off the notoriety she gained from the Farrah Abraham sex tape slash porno, she had her team reach out to Playboy this month.

Calling it "one of her lifelong dreams" to pose in the magazine (sad on so many levels), she offered to go fully nude for them, but was told to go kick rocks.

She had previously been turned down by Hugh Hefner's flagship, but refused to take no for an answer. Her persistence didn't pay off, however, as she got it again.

No word if she thinks the third time will be the charm.

In other Farrah news, she was recently kicked out of rehab for being a disruptive influence ... and we don't just mean because of her upgraded fake boobs.

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Is Playboy about to feature a naked Kate Moss on its cover?

That's the rumor going around. It'd look a lot like this ...

Kate Moss Nude

Celebrity hairstylist Oribe Canales essentially confirmed the buzz when he mentioned that he had styled the supermodel's hair just for the Playboy shoot.

As if anyone's gonna look at her hair. Sheesh.

The Kate Moss nude spread will arrive in January - Playboy's 60th anniversary and Moss' 40th birthday month - and you can bet it will be a milestone.

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Playboy made an offer to Amanda Bynes this week.

No, not THAT kind of offer. Thank goodness.

But the company did reach out to the nut job this week and Tweeted that it "seriously" wants her to co-host its afternoon radio show for a day.

Bynes Twitpics

A chance for Bynes to speak her mind in public? And likely get paid for it? And maybe have a place to keep warm considering she's reportedly been evicted?

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Raquel Pomplun is your Playboy Playmate of the Year for 2013.

She earned it, too. Not just because she's hot, but with effort!

  • Raquel Pomplun Photo
  • Raquel Pomplun Image

"Honestly, I'm thinking I'm so grateful they look OK because I had a fever in these pictures," the 25-year-old said of the photo shoot that landed her the cover.

Pomplun, a biochemistry major and classically trained ballerina, revealed that she battled a 103-degree fever for the chance to model for Playboy.

"I rocked it," the first-ever Mexican-American POY proudly said.

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Gorgeous British socialite, TV personality and model Tamara Ecclestone takes it all off in the May issue of Playboy, on newsstands tomorrow.

You'll have to pick up the issue to see her assets in all their glory - and they're serious assets, she's worth billions - but we've got an exclusive sneak preview.

Check out this very hot (yet SFW) Tamara Ecclestone Playboy photo:

Tamara Ecclestone Playboy Photo

Tamara, 28, sounds as excited about the photo spread as you are.

"I am so proud of this beautiful shoot," she said in a statement. "As a woman, I believe you have to embrace your body, and feel beautiful both inside and out!"

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Diamonds may be a girl's best friend.

But considering the latest issue of Playboy, they may soon become a guy's arch enemy.

British model Tamara Ecclestone covers the magazine... but these expensive gems cover her naughtiest bits, meaning you'll need to actually purchase the publication in order to get the goods. Sorry, fellas.

Tamara Ecclestone Playboy Cover

"I am so proud of this beautiful shoot," the 28-year old said in a statement, adding:

"As a woman, I believe you have to embrace your body, and feel beautiful both inside and out! Playboy is so iconic, and for nearly 60 years, the magazine has featured some of the world's most beautiful women in its pages. I am extremely honored to be part of this legacy as the magazine's May cover girl!"

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Sorry, fellas. You won't be seeing Pia Rizza nude in Playboy any time soon.

As previously reported, the Mob Wives star attempted to be proactive when she learned naked pictures of herself were set to hit the market.

She released the birthday suit shots herself and even contacted the world's most well-known men's magazine to see if they were interested in a spread of her... well, spreading.

Pia Rizza Picture

But sources close to Rizza say Playboy rejected the photos she submitted, making it clear it is not interested in her bare body at this time.

Is that the right call? Would you want to see Pia Rizza in Playboy?


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Paz de la Huerta is naked in this month's Playboy.

In related news, the sky is blue and Brooke Mueller just left rehab again.

We kid (sort of), viewers of HBO's Boardwalk Empire are well aware that the actress has no problem at all with nudity. She says as much in an interview with the iconic magazine.

Paz de la Huerta Playboy Cover

"I celebrate nudity every day," de la Huerta says. "It’s our first wardrobe... We did the photos with no makeup, and we both wanted them to have a very natural feeling."

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Padma Lakshmi poses for Playboy this December. Yes, really.

Some readers might wish she were a little more ... what's the word ... nude. But still, it's Padma Lakshmi posing for Playboy. Cause for celebration.

Padma Lakshmi Playboy

The Top Chef host shares that she's "a truck driver trapped in this body" and that she might just be "one of the last women with real boobs."

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