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When she was 12, Zara Hartshorn of South Yorkshire, England, started feeling like a little girl trapped in an old woman's body. And for good reason.

Hartshorn, 16, suffers from a rare genetic disease called cutis laxa, which causes the fatty and connective tissues and bones under the skin to deteriorate.

As such, it can lead to the appearance of extreme premature aging.

Zara Pics

The symptoms first appeared when she was a young child, and by the time she was 8, she was being bullied mercilessly at school for her appearance.

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Amanda Bynes has survived her nose job surgery with flying colors.

This weekend, she finally had the procedure she's been talking about for months, and not only did it go well, you'll be able to see just how well soon.

Amanda Bynes Shaves Head

"I made it out of the surgery alive!" Bynes Tweeted excitedly. Haha! I'll post the video soon! I need one more procedure to thin out the bridge of my nose!"

"I'm going to post a video of some of the procedure on my twitter!"

If that doesn't blow your hair back, we don't know what will.

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We're very sorry, readers. A Courtney Stodden sex tape exists but will apparently never be released by the 18-year old Z-lister.

Still, Stodden has gone ahead and given fans a different kind of all-access look into her private parts... breast enhancement surgery style!

Yes, Courtney recently upgraded from a C to a DD and she filmed the entire process for some reason. Sit back and enjoy (?) the procedure now:

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Amanda Bynes feels that Amanda Bynes is nothing short of heroic.

Why, you might ask? She'll tell you on Twitter in an EPIC rant!

Amanda Bynes Pout

The erratic starlet took to Twitter to offer LOADS of details no one asked for regarding her plastic surgeries (apparently) and alleged "birth defect."

That's what she's terming the "webbing" between her eyes, natch.

"I was born with webbing in between my eyes," Amanda Bynes began. "It was a birth defect I had surgically removed! I've never been more excited!"


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Farrah Abraham is reinvesting her dividends, so to speak. The reality star just got a boob job ... upgrade. They were fake. Now they're bigger and fake!

The 22-year-old went back under the knife May 31, swapping out her saline C-cups for silicone D-cups. Ironically, "I look more natural now," she claims.

You be the judge:

Farrah Boobs

"I want to look my best. And I'm looking amazing," she adds, modestly.

Prior Farrah Abraham boob job, chin implant and nose job surgeries set her back more than $10,000. She paid another $7,145 for her latest surgery.

Sofa change after the seven-figure deal she recently inked.

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At least one good thing has come from the Amanda Bynes arrest. For Amanda Bynes, anyway.

The actress confirmed to TMZ today that she has undergone a nose job, something she Tweeted her desire for nearly as soon as her mug shot went viral.

Amanda Bynes, Post Arrest

"I have no bandage on," Bynes told the site the day after the procedure, which took place Saturday in Manhattan. It's healing on it's own like my doctor asked."

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Stop the presses! Kim Kardashian is featured on the cover of a new tabloid... and the attached story does not mock the pregnant star's weight gain!

It does, of course, touch on the impending Kim Kardashian baby, though, alleging that mother is putting child in serious danger because she cannot lay off Botox.

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Cover

Kim is "still getting injections even though she’s seven months pregnant," an insider tells the magazine.

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In a truly startling turn of events, a member of Bravo's Real Housewives franchise has admitted to going under the knife.

Jacqueline Laurita made the admission last night on Watch What Happens Live, using the interview to discuss her tummy tuck and neck lift and hype the services of Dr. Brent Moelleken.

Jacqueline Laurita Red Carpet Pic

"When workouts and diets fail to put your body back in order after three kids, is there anything wrong with having a Dr. Brent put you back together again?" she asked on Twitter earlier this year.

"I honestly think it's beautiful when people grow old gracefully. I have no idea why I choose not to. I'll fight gravity with a laser like Luke Skywalker."

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Amanda Bynes is coming clean ... about the plastic surgery she apparently had.

The 27-year-old Tweeted Sunday that she had a nose job several years ago.

Bynes Twit Pic

This is why, she says, she hates when sites post old Amanda Bynes photos.

"I look so much prettier in my new photos," the self-obsessed star gushes.

"In Touch used a photo from years ago on their cover and I hate it!" she adds of the mag's most recent issue, which featured her along with Kim Kardashian.

"I had a nose job to remove skin that was like a webbing in between my eyes."

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First Elmo. Now Charlie Brown?

Peter Robbins, who voiced the latter in a string of beloved TV specials and movies, pleaded guilty in a San Diego court Wednesday to a series of charges.

P Robbins

Robbins, 56, was accused of stalking and threatening his ex-girlfriend and a plastic surgeon who performed a boob job on her, and could face three years in prison.

Good grief. Sorry.

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