After the holidays, Kris Jenner disappeared for a few weeks. The reality star/momager claimed she had come down with a crippling bout of the flu, but several fans noticed a considerable change in her appearance when she re-emerged.

Yes, it's looking like Kris has gone under the knife. Months ago, it was reported that Kris was planning a "top-to-bottom" plastic surgery in order to please her much-younger new boyfriend Corey Gamble. 

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There are a lot of things we're expecting out of 2015: hoverboards, flying cars, a youthful Michael J. Fox attempting to foil Biff Tannen's evil plans...

But one thing we definitely did not see coming was the return of Paris Hilton. 

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The Internet loves to muse about Kylie Jenner morphing into Kim Kardashian more with every eye-popping selfie, but a new report says it's another sibling she idolizes.

Is the 17-year-old out of control because she's trying to emulate big sister Khloe Kardashian, an outsized influence in her life, to a dangerous degree?

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