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Not only does Kim Kardashian long for the #SkinnyDays, she's reinventing those days of yore, a bygone era when she was oh so thin, many eons ago.

Photoshop style.

Yes ... as if image-obsessed Kim yearning for the skinny days of old weren't setting a poor enough example, now she may have retroactively made 2010 Kim thinner ...

Kim Kardashian Photoshopped Pics

If you missed it, Kim recently shared a shot of herself rocking a white Balmain skirt and a tight ponytail from an event in Los Angeles a few years back.

Apparently wishing that she looked like that right now, the reality star captioned the sexy pic, “Throwback to a few years ago #SkinnyDays #OnTheTreadmillRightNOW.”

Upon kloser examination, several major differences between the way this Kardashian picture looked Tuesday and four years ago have become apparent:

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Prince William and Kate Middleton cover Vanity Fair this month along with their adorable one-year-old son, George.

Lately, most of the media coverage surrounding the royal couple has been focused on rumors that Kate is pregnant with baby number two.

That news has yet to be confirmed or officially denied, but today the British tabloids took a break from the Royal Bump Watch to examine Will's chrome dome on the VF cover.

Many eagle-eyed royal obsessives have noted that Will's hair seems significantly fuller in the cover shot than it does in real life.

  • Kate Middleton, Prince George Vanity Fair Cover
  • Prince William After the Match

The accusations of Photoshopping gained so much traction that Vanity Fair issued a public statement on the matter today:

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Sometimes, the use of Photoshop removes arms and takes away nipples.

Other times, it restores your faith in humanity.

Such was the case for Nathen Steffel, whose daughter Sophia passed away in Cincinnati's Children's Hospital after suffering a hepatic hemangioma in her liver at just six weeks old.

Not long afterward, Steffel told his sad story on Reddit and made a request of other users:

"Since she was in the hospital her whole life we never were able to get a photo without all her tubes," he wrote. "Can someone remove the tubes from this photo?"

Sick Daughter

And complete strangers took it from there.

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We've all seen Chrissy Teigen nude before, so we know everything is where it should be, which just makes this oddly nip-less GQ Mexico cover that much more upsetting.

Chrissy Teigen Topless, Photoshopped

Given how much of her left boob is exposed there should at least be a hint of areola there, instead John Legend's wife has been made to look as anatomically incorrect as a human Barbie.

Other than that, the cover - like pretty much every photo of Chrissy - looks gorgeous, so we're guessing the editors were just too in love with this particular shot to pass it up and decided to work their way around the nip slip issue by whatever means necessary.

Unfortunately, they picked the dumbest method available. 

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Kim Kardashian is positively owning Instagram this week.

Earlier today, a Kim Kardashian nip slip earned the reality star plenty of attention on the social network, and not because of the blonde wig she sports in the photo.

Shortly thereafter, an eagle-eyed follower noticed something odd about the photo below:

Kim Kardashian Photoshop Fail

Good God what happened to her arm?! 

Yes, either Kim's an amputee now and no one noticed because we were all too busy staring at her exposed boob, or that is one epic Photoshop fail.

This whole Kim missing her right arm thing adds a whole new layer to the earlier Nipplegate controversy:

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Karrueche Tran is raising eyebrows with a new Instagram shot, touting her body's alleged flaws that we can't even see because we are too busy ogling that ...

  • Karrueche Tran Ass
  • Karrueche Tran: Smoking Hot!

The point the model and girlfriend of Chris Brown is trying to make is to love yourself, stand up for women’s bodies and reject retouching and the like.

She posted this picture of her enviable backside Wednesday, writing:

“This is me ... I’ve got a tiny little booty w stretch marks."

"There’s nothing wrong with the way God made us ❤️.”

Karrueche is nothing if not inspirational, THGers.

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Kate Upton is absolutely, undeniably stunning. This photoshop effort by Harper's Bazaar, which features the model in its new issue? Not so much.

For reasons unknown, the renowned fashion publication felt the need to slice off one of the 21-year-old's armpits during the airbrushing phase ...

Kate Upton Photoshop Fail

Did they try to remove armpit sweat but go too crazy? Did they really want us to see the palm trees in the background to show off the serene setting?

Does Kate actually have part of her right armpit missing?

We may never know. But considering it's part of an article where her trainer reveals the stunner's fitness secrets, the goof is that much more ... Bazaar.

Oooh, see what we did there?! We are here. All. Day.

Look, editors. We're not saying that all photoshop is inherently evil, but Kate Upton is so sublimely perfect in every way, this just feels wrong. Wrong.

Also, check your work. This is getting embarrassing.

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A handful of female students at Wasatch High School in Heber City, Utah would like to amend their yearbook quote.

To something really mean about their district administrators.

Sophomores such as Shelby Baum and Rachel Russel are angry because higher-ups decided to Photoshop pieces of clothing into the their original photos, thereby hiding certain patches of skin and making the images more age-appropriate.

But the girls say there was no consistency in selecting which shots to edit, while Baum tells a local Fox affiliate the school didn’t give her “an option to fix” the picture, resulting in a “funny” looking final product. 

Baum is the first girl pictured below:

Photoshopped Yearbook Photo
Students in Utah aren't happy with their high school, not after yearbook photos such as this one were the victim of Photoshop.

Educators counter, meanwhile, that students were well aware of the school’s dress code - and that they posted a sign warning them about potential changes to their submitted images.

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Stick to business and snazzy casual attire, Ann Taylor LOFT. Leave the swimsuit photoshop fail fodder to Target.

OH WAIT! Too late. 

This Ann Taylor LOFT Photoshop fail is a pretty egregious misuse of the photo editing software used to make everyone look like Barbie. See?

Ann Taylor LOFT Photoshop Fail

WHAT HAPPENED TO HER WAIST? Was the photoshop "artist" a third grader? Did they do this in MS Paint?

Her waist is so nipped in that it's a generous several inches smaller than her hips on the left side. That is NOT NORMAL!

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The June 2014 issue of GQ is especially beautiful and duplicitous.

That's because it features the cast of Pretty Little Liars, as Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale and Shay Mitchell are all featured in the magazine, striking a handful of fun poses in bikinis.

But after a few pictures from the spread were posted to Instagram, critics came down hard on the magazine for Photoshopping the girls, with Hayey Hoover from The Gloss referring to the stars as "shiny, poreless Barbies."

Pretty Little Liars for GQ

What does Bellisario have to say about such an accusation?


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