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Let's face it: there are some crazy people out there.

And, no, we're not just referring to anyone who plans on tuning in for Kendra on Top or those who believe they are seeing real life actually play out when they watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online. (NOTE: it's scripted.)

But Sophia Bush unfortunately reminded us this week that some nut cases are indeed out there, as she blasted a perverse monster who has been writing unimaginable things to her and her fans on Twitter.

Perhaps she can at least take solace in the fact that she isn't alone.

Taylor Swift has been stalked. So has Rihanna and Madonna. Some creep even proposed to Bristol Palin and someone harassed Kate Gosselin for some reason.

We have no idea why. But, then again, we suppose we should be happy that we can't get inside the minds of these mentally unstable individuals...

Taylor Swift
In March 2014, Taylor Swift obtained a restraining order against Timothy Sweat. He had been harassing her in a number of ways since 2011.

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Say hello to Joplin.

This donkey was sick as a baby and, therefore, was raised indoors by Missouri natives Dawn and Chris Wegener.

Joplin grew very accustomed to the arrangement and has lived as a regular member of the family ever since, watching television at times, helping with chores and other times and, based on the adorable photos below, often irritating the dog as well.

Joplin can open doors all by himself; enjoys eating apples as a snack in the kitchen; and has learned enough by now to ignore Dr. Phil.

Don't believe us? Check out these pictures for proof!

Admiring Other Animals
What's the big deal? Nothing to see here! It's just a donkey living inside and watching some television.

Pretty amazing, huh?

In other recent donkey news:

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Some used to be married... with children.

Others formerly taught us the facts of life.

And still others came together to comprise a special sisterhood, one that was centered on some traveling pants.

Laguna Beach
The boys of Laguna Beach got together recently at a wedding and recreated an image from their glory days of MTV Reality programming.

Indeed, over the past few weeks, a number of memorable television and movie casts have come back together, much to the excitement of fans who thought they could only see these folks if they decided to watch TV online or watch movies online.

That remains true, but it's also now true that you can be taken back in time by clicking through the following photo gallery.

We've compiled these reunion in one place. Flip through the slides below and enjoy!

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When it comes to the world of online dating, some people just...well...

They just shouldn't do it. They're creepy, weird, or overly forward.

Or just plain disgusting. Or all of the above.

It's just not for everyone is our point.

Mirror Mirror
On the wall...this guy is terrible. The most terrible of them all.

Maybe they're punking everyone else on Tinder and OKCupid, but something tells us these 25 people who totally fail at online dating are actually serious.

Seriously screwed up, no doubt. But there's no doubting their sincerity.

Amazingly enough, sometimes these insanely absurd messages don't make their recipients run for the nearest convent! Sometimes, they WORK!

Check out a gallery of some of the more unlikely successes below:

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Here's something you need to know about working in Hollywood: If Judd Apatow likes you, he'll apparently keep casting on you in his projects.

That's been pretty true for several members of the now-famous director's short-lived cult hit Freaks and Geeks​, which debuted 15 years ago.

So where ARE the Freaks and Geeks cast members now? Take a look:

Freaks and Geeks Cast
Jason Segel. James Franco. Busy Phillips. Linda Cardellini. THESE were the faces of Freaks and Geeks! Who, besides the show's superfans, knew!?!

In case you aren't familiar with the genius that was this project, and I was not until about half an hour ago, the first thing you'll notice is that the cast was comprised of famous faces.

Seth Rogen. Busy Phillips. Linda Cardellini. Jason Segel. James Franco. John Francis Daley. They're all stars.

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George Clooney is set to marry Amal Alamuddin, most likely tomorrow in Venice.

How did this beautiful and intelligent British lawyer land the world's most sought after bachelor? That's what many of the following women want to know!

They all dated Clooney at one time or another and they all probably wish they could be a permanent guest in his famous Lake Cuomo mansion.

Some were cocktail waitresses. Some were actresses. One actually appeared on an episode of Fear Factor. But they all went where every warm-blooded female has fantasized about going: to bed with a handsome, magnanimous, funny, talented Oscar winner. One more than one occasion, no less!

So, in honor of Clooney ditching his bachelor status once and for all (hopefully, for Alamuddin's sake!), let's take a few  minutes to look back at this star's love life and remember the women who tragically let him get away: 

DeDee Pfeiffer
DeDee Pfeiffer dated Clooney in the early 1980s. He would then go on to star with her sister, Michelle Pfeiffer, in the 1996 movie One Fine Day.

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Earlier this week, we profiled 13 dogs who may actually be something or someone else, such as one canine who looks EXACTLY like Harrison Ford.

And now we're here to talk about 13 more dogs who would readily admit that they are, in fact, dogs. But they'd also argue that they are total and complete thugs.

Look at them pounce. Watch them stalk. See them come across as all cute and warm and fuzzy until you put your finger too close to their mouth or dare to go near their property and then... BAM! BITE! ATTACK!

Or at least put on an adorable cute face.

You think you're living the thug life, Chris Brown? Okay, you are. But make room for this totally tough pets as well:

Thug life!
Pug life? More like pug life, are we right?!?

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No Damon. No Stefan. No Elena. No Bonnie.

The CW has released a handful of photos from The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 1 (titled "I'll Remember"), but they don't feature any of the main characters.

Instead, we hone in below on a returning Alaric, fresh off time spent on The Other Side (and a failed CW series, but let's move past that) and on a very angry Tyler, who looks to be going after Luke for some reason.

Where are Bonnie and Damon? That question will hang over The Vampire Diaries Season 6 for a few weeks.

As for Elena? We hear she'll be studying medicine... and taking some witchy drugs to make her hallucinate her presumed dead boyfriend. Stefan, meanwhile, will have left Mystic Falls to mourn Damon in his own way.

So none of them are included in this gallery. But click through it now to get some idea of what's on tap.

Tyler Attacks!
Whoa there! Rage much, Tyler! This character is back in full force on The Vampire Diaries season premiere. Good luck with that, Luke.

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Except for The Amazing Race, which wins Emmys for a reason (because it's a great show), reality TV is a lot of mindless entertainment that we watch for very few discernible reasons.

Aside from living in exotic locales and the likelihood of making out with hot guys and girls, what other reason do people have for starring on reality TV shows? 

Well, most of these shameless individuals see their time on reality TV as a starting ground for bigger and better things! Fame! Fortune! A #1 hit or a box office smash! 

Except that doesn't usually happen, though. See below:

Farrah Abraham
Oooooh, lord. Teen Mom star Farrah Abaham wanted to be a singer, and released some absolutely horrible songs to no avail (but great amusement). She's also a terrible actress, as evidenced by her attempts to convince us her sex tape was released by mistake. Screaming is a different story, as she proved with James Deen ...

The 15 reality stars in this gallery, none of whom can act or sing but all of whom have tried, prove this point and then some. Often with hilarious results.

They hoped their reality TV shows would launch them into superstardom. They were wrong ... mostly. In the case of Farrah Abraham and Kim Kardashian?

Millions of dollars have been made, and celebrity status has been achieved. Not how they might have drawn it up when they started out, but still.

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Two high profile couples are headed for divorce.

Earlier this week, Kris Jenner filed to legally split from Bruce Jenner; while, earlier today, Amber Rose ended her marriage to Wiz Khalifa.

Can you guess which official break up too us more by surprise? Hint: It's not the one with two people who have had separate bank accounts and separates residences for years and months now, respectively.

But Amber and Wiz?!?

Rose just referred to Khalifa as her "sweetheart" in a Happy Birthday message on September 9! She Twerked up a storm in celebration of his recent album success! She wished for many more years to come on their one-year anniversary in August!

And now, just like that... it's over. 

Where did the relationship go wrong? We may never know. But where does it rank on a rundown of all-time shocking celebrity divorces? That we can debate and ponder. Click through a handful of candidates below:

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have twins together and also had a great life together. But then it all fell apart.

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