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We've seen stars photobomb people before, but one's up there with the best.

Robert Downey, Jr., realizing that a fan recognized him and was about to take a photo on the sly, turned the tables on her in one seriously Iron Man photobomb effort:

Robert Downey Jr. Photobomb

The girl was totally doing the whole, "Oh, I'll pretend to take a selfie so I can really get a photo of him with the reverse camera and half of my face cut off" move.

This is Iron Man, though. He is aware of your secret plan. Very well aware of it.

Just as she was about to put her scheme into action, the 49-year-old star, briefcase in hand, graced her selfie with a fist pump and a very cheesy expression.

She posted it online, and Downey clearly got a kick out of his antics as well.

The actor decided to post the image on his Facebook account, along with the caption: "You're never too old, busy, or famous for a good photobomb."

Words to live by, and ones these celebrity photobomb pros also heed:

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Modern Family may have been a big winner at the 2014 Emmy Awards last night.

But Kerry Washington came out on top of the photobombing game.

The actress, currently filming Scandal Season 4, jumped into the background of a Modern Family cast picture during the ceremony, smiling broadly for the camera and making us love her even more than we already do.

If that's even possible.

Kerry Washington Photobomb

This may not quite top the iconic Ellen DeGeneres-led selfie from the Oscars in March. But it’s still fun and intimate and goofy and... come on. How awesome is Kerry Washington?!?

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George R.R. Martin is something of a god in the nerd world, so it stands to reason that he's in attendance at at Comic Con 2014, currently being held in San Diego.

Martin clearly has no problem pissing off fans when it comes to things like killing off characters, or taking freakin' forever to wrap up a story, but when a young Game of Thrones devotee approaches him with a hilarious request, GRRM is apparently happy to oblige.

George R.R. Martin Khaleesi Photo

The dude in the foreground is a Reddit user who crossed paths with Martin at the convention and asked him to stick his head through a Daenerys Targaryen cut-out. Judging by the photo the author promptly, and awesomely did so.

Sure, Emilia Clarke might be the hottest woman alive, but we think George makes a pretty convincing Khaleesi. If she ever has to bow out for any reason, we say just have Martin fill the role. No one will even notice.

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Kim Kardashian may long for the skinny days, but Jennifer Lopez is proof positive that women look beautiful at any age and with no makeup at all.

Case in point: This photo!

Sans flashy wardrobe and glam squad, but with a surprise appearance by her son Max, J. Lo looks as pretty as we've ever seen her on Instagram:

Jennifer Lopez with No Makeup

Hey mom, did you wake up like this?

In her case, she probably did. And that's okay. "Photobomb by my favorite boy!! #mamalove #foreverlove #breakfastoutside #perfectday," Lopez wrote.

Adorable Max and his twin Emme are now six years old. Six! How time flies, right? Mother Jennifer, now 44, could easily pass for much younger.

Not just because of her looks, but because she's still killin' it in every aspect of her career and appearing to show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Other stars without makeup below!

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Wedding crashers are often the worst nightmare for the bride and groom, but when the uninvited guest is a giant sea turtle, well ... what's not to love about that?!

A Reddit user posted the following picture Sunday after tying the knot in St. Croix, where a very unexpected wedding guest showed up for a photobomb:

Sea Turtle Crashes Wedding

Who's the uninvited one, really? If you think about it, the wedding party was crashing the ancient creature's eons-old ritual of returning to the sand to lay eggs.

It is the only time the animals ever come ashore.

The turtle is actually a leatherback, the largest breed of turtle on earth, and it treated the bride and groom to what its species has done for millennia.

As the photographer explained, "It came ashore, circled around digging a hole, laid its eggs on the beach, covered them up, and rolled back out into the ocean."

And that is how you make an appearance, ladies and gentlemen, and depart before you've worn out your welcome. Always leave them wanting more!

Check out more classic animal photobombs after the jump ...

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By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you Husband and Wife. You may kiss the bride... PSYCH!

So we imagine the pastor in the following image saying before he totally ruins this couple's magical wedding moment.

Pastor Photobomb

Seriously... WTH, Father?!?

At least when this dude in a Speedo walked through the background of a man and woman's wedding portrait, he did so by accident.

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Move over, photobombing squirrel.

And make room for not one, not two - but 23 photobombing canines!

In the following picture gallery, dogs big and small take over various group shots, selfies and other types of images, either hiding in the corner... humping in the background... or relieving themselves on the beach.

Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go!

And you gotta go check out these hilarious photobombs now:

Group Photobomb
Don't forget about me! This canine really wants to be included in this group photo.

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These days, the Internet belongs to Jimmy Fallon. We're just hanging out in it.

The Tonight Show host goes more and more viral with each show, as he blew up the Web just this week along with a terrific Robinson Cano prank and an AMAZING Emma Stone lip-sync battle.

On Wednesday, meanwhile, Fallon and Cameron Diaz ventured to the top of 30 Rockefeller Plaza to photobomb unsuspecting tourists.

Props and poses included a giant sandwich, Pharrell-inspired headwear and more.

Watch now to see the host and the actress have a ton of fun, and also to view the great reactions of subjects once they learn who has been bombing their photo...

In somewhat related news, Cameron Diaz has been with a woman. Yes, like that!

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Most epic photobomb of all-time?

Last Saturday, videographer Quincy Perkins was doing snapping shots of bride Brittany and husband Barry in Key West, Florida when the former got her heel stuck in the dock, her man reached down to steady her ...

... and this dude in a Speedo strolled on by!

Wedding Portrait Photobomb

"He totally knew he was in front of three cameras," Perkins tells The Huffington Post. "I don't know, maybe he likes being an exhibitionist? I'd rather not think about what was going through his mind!"

Sorry, squirrel photobomb. But we may have a new winner.

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We all know human beings are capable of some pretty amazing photobombs.

Recent cases in point: Aaron Paul and Kellan Lutz at Coachella; Jimmy Fallon and Jonn Hamm on The Empire State Building for an amazing Tonight Show sketch.

But what about our furry friends?

Did you know that cats were were photobomb masters? And dogs? And hippos? And one seriously amazing squirrel?

The latter leads this galler of animal photobombing examples that all need to be seen to be believed. Pretty awesome stuff...

Squirrel Photobomb
What a ham! This squirrel jumps up and turns a basic vacation photo into a legendary snapshot.

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