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Remember the First Kiss video that featured strangers smooching and went viral and was all kinds of weird and creepy?

This is the exact opposite of that.

In Indiana earlier this month, Helping Paws and Ball State University teamed up at the State Fair to bring attendees a puppy kissing booth.

This is exactly what it sounds like: residents stopping by and having their faces licked by a young dog. But it's even better on video... because every single kiss below is set in slow motion!

Seriously, it may not get cuter than watching excited kids having their mugs kissed by adorable puppies. In slow motion. See what we mean here:

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We already know dogs can do amazing things.

They can serve as alarm clocks. They can garner a crazy number of Instagram followers. They can dress as Game of Thrones characters.

But can they reach across the aisle, work with the opposing side and pass important legislation?

Such is the challenge that now faces Duke, a canine in Cormorant, Minnesota who just got elected mayor of that tiny town. We’re not joking.

Dog as Mayor

According resident Tammy Odegarrd, Duke won the election last Thursday to be honorary mayor for the year of this miniscule hamlet, which has 12 total citizens.

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Remember this video of an abandoned dog undergoing an incredible makeover?

Well... we hope you're in the mood to see many abandoned dogs that have undergone amazing makeovers.

The “Top Shelter Dog in America” contest recently concluded, as organizations The Wahl Foundation and teamed up to encourage shelters around the country to transform their residents.

These facilities were given supplies and asked to submit before-and-after photos, with $5,000 going to the shelter who did the best job making over one of its canines.

The goal, according to a manager at Wahl, was to promote adoption of these animals and "change public perceptions about dogs that might just need a little extra grooming and TLC."

And the results, as you can see here, were astounding:

What a Transformation!
Hard to believe this is the same dog, isn't it?

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Jenelle Evans is back in the news again, this time regarding her mistreatment of dogs on Teen Mom 2 and her response to critics of said animal abuse.

Seriously. Girl cannot go a week without some new controversy.

Jenelle Evans, Tongue

Concerned viewers saw her dogs - specifically Nathan Griffith's dog Moogan - basically living in their own filth on a recent Teen Mom 2 episode.

Seeing Jenelle drag Nathan's dog by the collar and lock him in a crate with her own dog, cramming them in so tight that they could barely move?

It was hard to stomach. Some people even stole her dog recently, claiming they were protecting the animal; they were arrested and face criminal charges.

Thievery aside, fans took to Twitter to express concern. Even PETA got involved, writing an open letter encouraging Jenelle to find a new home for the dogs.

"Please understand that dogs are not toys or amusements or possessions just to have around," the group wrote. "They are full of feelings and needs, just as you are."

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It's already been established: cats make terrible alarm clocks.

But dogs? Big, fluffy, playful, excited dogs? They make the very best alarm clocks.

Maybe. We think. It's not easy to tell based on the following video.

It features one owner opening the door to a bedroom that features another owner fast asleep... and then an enthusiastic canine bounding on to the bed and jumping all around the latter owner until she's wide awake.

Are those cries of joy or screams of anger coming from the covered woman? We choose to believe the former...

It's easy to read the dog's adorable mind here, isn't it?

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We've seen many emotional reactions over the gift of a puppy.

There was the family that presented this animal to its parents Lion King style and the girl who received a pet on her birthday and totally lost it.

But it will be difficult to any reaction to ever top the one featured in the video below.

It centers on a man who lost his wife of 63 years in July, just weeks after also losing his dog. In response, his family surprised their father/grandfather with an adorable canine, telling their loved one that he no longer has to be alone.

Watch now as the man cries tears of shock and joy and feel your heart grow a little bigger as he does so:

Pretty awesome and beautiful, huh?

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We've all been there, haven't we?

Heck, check the time and the date. Many of us are likely there right now.

We either partied too hard over the weekend. Or we didn't relax enough. Or we just really don't wanna go to work.

But no matter what the reason, we've been afflicted: we have a case of the Mondays. And we're not alone!

Pets clearly experience this same unfortunate illness, as made clear in the following gallery of GIFs, all of which feature pets with one question in common: Is it Tuesday yet?!?

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Move over, Hero Cat.

And make room for Hero Rottweiler!

In an amazing piece of footage that was filmed in 2010, yet only just went viral over the weekend, a Rottweiler named Happy comes flying to the rescue of a Chihuahua named Trixxie.

The latter canine was reportedly tied up outside around 7 a.m. when a coyote came sprinting out of the woods and snatched the small pup up in its mouth. Just as he turned around to make off with Trixxie, however, in swooped Happy.

Watch the amazing rescue now:

Pretty incredible, huh?

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Miley Cyrus has posted a new photo to Instagram.

Don't worry, however, the singer isn't popping a squat this time around.

Instead, Miley has unveiled a picture of her latest pet to her 11 million-plus followers, writing as a caption to the following image:

"Newest member to the fam #bubbasue. Happiest mommy ever."

Miley Cyrus and Her Pig

Bubba Sue is actually the second pig in this artist’s life, though he’s the first she’s ever truly owned.

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As previously documented on THG, many celebrities love their pets. This is true across various industries, from movies to television to music.

But it may be possible that no star is as in love with her pet as Lady Gaga, the superstar singer who adopted a French Bulldog named Asia in April.

Affectionately nicknamed BATPIG by Gaga's fans, this really little Monster spends nearly every waking (and sleeping) hour with the artist.

They take baths together. They eat breakfast together. They go on tour together. They wear weird outfits together. And, as one of the following photos appears to depict, they even party together. (Who knew dogs liked Jameson?!?)

So, in honor of a pet who even poses alongside her owner on the cover of national magazines, we've compiled the following picture gallery. Consider yourself warned, however: It's totally adorable!!!!!!

Good Morning, Asia!
Lady Gaga may still be asleep, but her dog is ready to begin the day in this Instagram photo.

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