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Over the past several days, we've posted a number of stories that emphasize the adorable bond between dogs and children.

There was this precious video of a puppy snuggling up to a baby, for instance, along with this glimpse at a guilty canine bringing its young owner every toy he can find.

But the following footage is cute and memorable for an unusually special reason.

It features a six-year old named Jack who is recovery from having a brain tumor removed.

As a result of the procedure, Jack has limited mobility on the left side of his body, a problem his family is trying to rectify via physical therapy that involves Jack lifting up his arm in order to feed his uncle’s dog.

If he can feed the pet four treats, Jack will earn a new bike from his mom. Watch the little patient try his hardest and take note of how he giggles each time the dog gobbles up a treat from his hand:

Talk about a creative way to help someone recover, huh?

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Over the past few weeks, we've given readers multiple looks at dogs getting REALLY excited to greet returning soldier owners who have been fighting overseas for months or even years.

There was the canine who cried on the lap of his best friend and the Pit Bull who waited so patiently for his mater to come home.

So, yes, we're now back with another example of this same act... but, come on. Does it ever get old?!?

Combine the cuteness of an excited pet with the happiness of a veteran coming back to his family and it may not get any better anywhere in life. Watch these Huskies prove why in the following video:

We love it!

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Remember the story of Eisleigh and Clyde, a baby and a puppy who nap together and who may just be the cutest friends to ever appear photographs?

They're back, and they're somehow even more adorable, thanks to a video taken by Eisleigh's mom in which Clyde sees his pal in her rocker thing... jumps right up... and snuggles up along the child's side.

The capper? Watch all the way through as the camera pans over the Eisleigh's face the child smiles in total and complete contentment.

Internet, prepare to melt completely:

Now in the mood for more pets and kids being best friends?

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Kate Upton gave Justin Verlander puppy dog eyes in a recent pic, but even that wasn't enough to convince him to adopt the puppy seen with her in it.

On Tuesday, the supermodel Instagrammed a photo of herself with an adorable dog and tagged her athlete boyfriend, writing, "Pleaseeeee @justinverlander."

Kate Upton, Doggy Style!

The Detroit Tigers' pitching ace responded by Instagramming a picture of his current mutt, writing: "@kateupton If anyone objects raise your hand!"

"#RileyObjects #jealous #RileyWins."

Riley was indeed raising a paw.

The 31-year-old baseball star and his ex-girlfriend Emily Yuen adopted "the coolest dog ever" when they were in college. He recalled a few years later:

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We already know that some dogs believe they're human.

And we've met a few who love to go on road trips.

So, what happens when you combine these aspects of Man's Best Friend? Easy: you get canines who relish the chance to actually drive!

Not really (we hope), but the following photos at least depict these dogs in the driver's seat, anxious to hit the road and end up in a park, a fire hydrant store or perhaps a bacon factory.

Wherever they're headed, one thing is certain: this is gonna be a ruff ride!

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For the record, Miley Cyrus is a feminist.

So is Courtney Stodden.

But the following felines are decidedly NOT part of this movement. Not at all. Not even a little bit.

In what appears to be a strange response to the even stranger hashtag #WomenAgainstFeminism, someone has created a Tumblr titled “Confused Cats Against Feminism."

Really, it's unclear why it exists, but it's even more unclear why anyone should care... because it's totally hilarious!!!

Why, you're likely wondering, are cats against feminism? For reasons that range from food to vacuums to work to, well, food again. Flip through and learn more:

DON'T Work It, Girl!
Seriously, women. Lie down and relax with us.

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We wouldn't exactly say the cat featured in the following video is naughty and should be publicly shamed.

But you can tell he kinda sorta wants to be.

Confused and combative, this kitten is totally freaked out by a ceramic version of himself... flipping, spinning, rolling around and trying to attack the statue like some kind of ninja.

Why? Who knows. Should you watch this hilarity right this very instant? Heck yes!

If only this thing had been a deer, the cat would have snuggled right up to it.

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Darn it. Just when we thought the decades-long feud between dogs and mailmen was over...

The following footage depicts a mailman on his typical route, preparing viewers for what he knows is on the way: an angry dog running as fast as he can to attack his mortal enemy... oblivious to the chain-link fence surrounding his yard.

SPLAT! Yes, the dog runs directly into the fence and, no, it's impossible not to laugh.

But the sad aspect of this video is that the mailman took it, clearly planning to release it online and embarrass the canine. So much for the end to their feud, huh?

This isn't the first time dogs have had trouble with fences.

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In February, we shared the story of Beau and Theo, a baby and a puppy who take naps together every single day.

Now, it's time to meet Eisleigh and Clyde, an eight-week old girl and 10-week old pit bull who are giving Beau and Theo a run for their adorable money.

These North Carolina residents belong to a 25-year old named Brandi Hodges and her fiancé, Madison Hatton, who have been sharing photos of the cute young pals on Instagram.

And melting the Internet into tiny little pieces with each and every one. Keep quiet to let these two nap and check out their precious pictures now:

Baby and Puppy Nap Time
Does it get any cuter than a baby and a puppy taking a nap together?

This isn't the only example of babies and puppies getting along, of course.

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