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It doesn't take much for a baby and a dog to melt our hearts.

Sure, it helps when the dog is showing the baby how to crawl.

And it's a boon when the baby is laughing at the dog eating bubbles.

But sometimes it just takes a baby sitting alongside its furry friend to win over the Internet, as evidenced by the following photo - which, we can only presume, depicts a staring contest between a pair of adorable little creatures.

Baby vs. Dog!

Who blinked first? What were the stakes? For how long did this go on?

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We humans can't do everything ourselves.

Fortunately, Man's Best Friend is well aware of this fact and is only too happy to offer a hand paw at times. 

Like when we need help changing a baby's diaper... or when we return home after a massive shopping spree.

The following video features a bullmastiff named Millie (who belongs to Gail Mackie of Kincardine, Scotland), who has somehow learned to pick up grocery bags in his mouth and bring them into his house.

Watch him grab an especially large one toward the end of this footage and see how excited he gets to make his master happy. So very cute.

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It's been well documented by now that deer and dogs get along surprisingly well.

Have you seen this video of the former playing hide and seek with a Pit Bull? It's totes adorbs.

But the relationship between deer and cats is a bit more ambiguous. As illustrated in the following video, neither side really knows what to do with the other when they meet on the street.

At one point, the cat runs and hides under a car. When he emerges, however, the deer get totally freaked out by this strange creature.

It's pretty darn cute all around.

Word of advice to cats who went to get in well with deer: Just rub their stomach. You'll be best friends for life.

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Welcome to opposite day, folks.

No, pigs aren't flying (yet). Nor are cows coming home (that we know of). But dogs are petting owners! Seriously!

At least this dog is petting this owner in one of the cutest videos we've seen in weeks, as a Yorkie puppy caresses its master's cheek and makes sure the man is having pleasant dreams.

SO SO SO adorable!

This is actually the second recent example of a dog helping a human fall asleep.

Did you catch how this canine rocked this baby in its crib? We can't get enough of that footage.

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Ever wondered what your favorite band would look like and sound like if comprised entirely of dogs?

Same here!

Fortunately, the good folks over on the Internet have started the hashtag #DogBands, making puns out of iconic group names and coming up with gems such as Earth, Wind and Fido… 3 Dog Doors Down… and Linkin Bark.

Pretty creative and hilarious, no?

We've compiled a list of some of the best #DogBands entries and - with apologies to Paul, John, Ringo and George - we can't get enough of The Beagles walking down Abbey Road.

The Beagles
We doubt they'd have the same success as The Beatles, but they'd do pretty well.

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Sometimes, it's the simple things in life that put the biggest smile on your face.

Like a giraffe trying to ride a motorcycle. Or a baby pig prancing through the grass, oinking the entire time and making you wish he'd just through the camera, straight into your arms.

Check out the following Vine video to see this little guy in action, yet be warned: the footage may prompt you to go out and buy yourself a pet pig.

See, these animals really are good for a lot more than just bacon! (Mmmm... bacon...)

As this GIF of a piglet trying to befriend a Pit Bull also proves.

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As previously documented, dogs love bubbles.

Some love to eat bubbles, others love to play with bubbles and a baby.

Then there’s Diesel, a Golden Retriever who waits patiently alongside his owner in the following video and then proceeds to blow bubbles underwater on command.

How did the lady possibly train her canine to do this trick? Ponder that question as you view this impressive feat:

This footage arrives on THG just a few hours after the conclusion of National Dog Day.

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Happy National Dog Day, readers and pet lovers around the world!

We know, we know: in countless households, everyday is National Dog Day.

But today is actually deemed the official occasion around the Internet, and we're not about to argue.

Instead, in honor of the holiday, we're about to break some sad news: you're going to be turned into a huge liar.

It won't be your fault. You'll likely have noble intentions. But you're also gonna make a number of promises to yourself and/or your loved one about owning a dog and caring for a dog and, God forbid, owning TWO dogs and we're just her to tell you...

... you'll lose each and every one of these arguments.

Why? Because dogs are just that cute and lovable!!!!!

So celebrate National Dog Day by learning ahead of time what vows you'll soon be going back on:

I'm not getting a dog.
Good luck keeping that vow after actually seeing a puppy in person.

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You never know what will happen when you introduce a baby to a pet.

Sometimes, the animal is afraid or jealous of the child. Other times, the animal spins around and around in excitement over its new tiny owner.

And still other times, the animal will help change the baby's diaper or help teach it how to crawl.

Below, meanwhile, we present the latest example of a dog reacting in the best possible way to a baby, this time by rocking it to sleep in its crib. We wonder how much this canine would charge per hour to babysit...

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What is it about dogs and bubbles? We have no idea.

But why question it? Just sit back and enjoy it!

In October, we watched giddily as a canine and a baby played with these soapy water concoctions. Then, we laughed along with another baby as its pet ate some bubbles.

Now, we're excited to present a dog who truly may love chasing bubbles more than we love anything in the world.

His name is Diesel. And his reaction in this video is priceless.

Aren't dogs the best?

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