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This. Is. Adorable.

In a video that first surfaced in March, but which has gone viral again this week and amassed over 3.2 million views, a young boy helps a 20-day old Siberian Husky learn how to howl.

The dog's name is Belka ("squirrel" in Russian) and the footage is guaranteed to put a smile on your face:

Want another cute canine fix?

Check out these videos of people getting puppies for Christmas. Yes, PUPPIES!!! How can you resist?!?

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Move over, North West. You are no longer the cutest member of the Kardashian family.

Kourtney Kardashian posted two photos to Instagram yesterday of what appears to be a baby bengal, but who will clearly go through life dealing with a never-ending stream of Kardashian Kitty Kat jokes/references.

"Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas! Our newest member of the family," Kourtney captioned the pictures.

  • Kardashian Cat
  • A New Kardashian

The Kardashian Christmas consisted of a photo booth-based party on December 24, along with a very expensive Christmas card.

We'd say we feel bad for this poor feline and all he'll suffer through inside that house... but have you seen the designer gifts bestowed upon Nori for the holidays?!?

This pet will have it very well.

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What's the worst Christmas gift one can receive?

That's easy: Justin Bieber announcing his retirement.

What's the best Christmas gift one can receive? That's even easier: A PUPPY!!!

And they aren't just for children, either, as the following videos prove. Watch now as an elderly lady and a middle-aged mother are overjoyed to receive an adorable surprise for the holidays:

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Earlier this year, a mother cat called Lurlene "adopted" a pit bull puppy called Noland and nursed the little canine back to health after he was abandoned.

A humane officer stumbled upon the day-old pit bull covered in fleas in a Cleveland garage, and took the dog to the Cleveland Animal Protective League.

There, the group decided to place Noland with Lurlene, who had also just been taken off the streets and had recently given birth to four baby kittens.

Cat and Puppy

Molly, Noland's mother, was discovered later that day looking anxious and famished. She was unable to care for Noland herself, so he stayed with Lurlene.

He made it through those difficult first few weeks. Eventually, he was placed in a foster home with puppies his age where he learned how to be a dog.

He still visits his "mother" and "siblings" on occasion, however.

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Cats. They aren't enormous fans of Christmas apparently.

At least not according to this great mashup of holiday bloopers, in which our warm, fuzzy feline friends show their true colors. And hearts of stone.

We've seen jerk cats stealing beds from dogs, and throwing shade on humans. But this takes the cake. It's like they're declaring a silly, cute war on Christmas.

Or so you'd think if you just watched this compilation.

Check out a bunch of innocent-looking kitties who, despite their adorable appearances, are bent on the destruction of their families' holiday celebrations:

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It doesn't take much to make most pets happy.

Stick them on a Roomba and watch them glide around. Present them with 210 water bottles and take a step back.

Or drop a monkey into the deep end of a bathtub and smile as he swims around and around, truly blissful.

That's the case in the following video, at least, as a monkey named Cosmo finally gains the confidence to go into water beyond his feet's reach, realizing he can stay afloat and then basking in the discovery by diving after treats.

It's adorable stuff. Enjoy it now:

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Here's hoping the old saying about cats always landing on their feet is true ... or the other adage about them having nine lives. This one may be down to eight.

With two-thirds of the country covered in snow in this unusually chilly December, cats are up against it in the great outdoors. It's pretty slippery out there!

Still, we expect better than this epic fail.

Watch what happens as one orange feline attempts to make the leap from the roof of a snow-covered car to the roof of the garage, only to lose its footing:

Cat Jump Fail

"Ready, aim, jump, oh s--t!"

While cats are known for their ninja-like agility and dexterity (they'll choke-slam you if you kick snow in their faces), ice knocks us all down a peg.

In this case, tumbling down onto the hood of the car and into the abyss below, outside the camera's range and never to be heard from again.

We kid. He was probably fine. At least we hope so. In any case, analysis shows the gentle slope of the car's roof was likely the poor fella's undoing.

Stuck in no man's hand, he couldn't get enough traction to really push off and reach the top of the garage, nor could he backtrack before it was too late.

Old Man Winter 1, All Living Things 0.

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Dogs. They're the greatest, aren't they?

They rescue blind men from speeding trains... they re-enact scenes from Home Alone... and they are just so darn cute!

So, what do you get Man's Best Friend for Christmas? The owners of a beagle named Maymo came up with a terrific idea this week, presenting their beloved canine with 210 plastic water bottles.

They start out in pyramid formation, but then quickly tumble to the ground once Maymo gets his paws on them. Watch the pup go totally bonkers for this gift now:

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Forget being Man's Best Friend. One canine in New York City proved that last Wednesday that he's also Man's Most Amazing Savior.

While waiting on a Harlem subway platform, a blind 61-year old named Cecil Williams passed out and fell on to the tracks.

As verified by multiple witnesses to The New York Post, his guide dog Orlando immediately initially tried to grab his owner's leg and then jumped in to save Williams after he tumbled all the way down.

"He went down, and the dog jumped down," an onlooker tells the newspaper. "He wasn't pulled. [Orlando] was kissing him, trying to get him to move."

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A Detroit woman allegedly trying to "protect" her pet dog from a stray cat ended up paying a painful price in an amazing viral video making the rounds today.

Short story: Even if you dislike cats, do not attempt to shoo them away by kicking snow in one's face. Cats possess agile, ninja-like skills and precision.

Don't make one retaliate. Not worth the risk. If you do, this might happen:

After the cat responds by pouncing on her and mauling her grill, it choke-slams her to the ground like a WWE wrestler before she beats a hasty retreat.

That's a Top 10 Internet Cat Fight right there ... albeit a one-sided one.

Holding her injured head, she leaves the dog she was allegedly "protecting" behind as the cat approaches the unattended fence. WAY TO GO LADY!

Hopefully the dog decided to take heed and let the visitor do its thing. Usually they just wanna prowl and be left alone anyway. No need to start $h!t.

While the woman clearly didn't expect the cat to attach itself to her face in response to her actions, you can't blame the critter for reacting like that.

No one likes snow.

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