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As previously documented, it takes very little to make a dog happy.

Just give one of these creatures a fountain, some freedom and a bit of water and watch them go.

It's a lesson most human beings would do well to heed: appreciate the small things in life. Take time to just enjoy yourself. Be happy with whatever is in front of you.

Along those lines of life lessons and small things, we now present... PUPPIES!!! Or, to be more adorable and specific: PUPPIES PLAYING IN THE GRASS!

Watch this video and just try not to smile, folks:

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Earlier this week, we profiled 13 dogs who may actually be something or someone else, such as one canine who looks EXACTLY like Harrison Ford.

And now we're here to talk about 13 more dogs who would readily admit that they are, in fact, dogs. But they'd also argue that they are total and complete thugs.

Look at them pounce. Watch them stalk. See them come across as all cute and warm and fuzzy until you put your finger too close to their mouth or dare to go near their property and then... BAM! BITE! ATTACK!

Or at least put on an adorable cute face.

You think you're living the thug life, Chris Brown? Okay, you are. But make room for this totally tough pets as well:

Thug life!
Thug life? More like pug life, are we right?!?

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Sometimes, dog could learn a lesson or two from their human owners, such as how to take responsibility when you create a major mess.

Other times, however, there's little doubt that people could learn a lesson or two from their pets.

Case in precious point: an Internet user was strolling past Central Saint Martins College in London when she saw this canine frolicking in the water fountain outside, writing along with her video upload to YouTube:

“It is amazing how animals have the ability to teach humans to enjoy the simple pleasures in life."

We strongly agree.

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Yesterday, we posted the GIF of Corgi puppies simultaneously tripping and tumbling to the ground, side by side, step for step.

The following video also involves a creature falling to the ground and, although it's not nearly as precious as the photo linked to above, it's a lot more funny.

The footage simply features a woman filming her feline eating because, hey, why not? Cats are very cute.

But in trying to get the best angle and in attempting to capture the ambiance of the moment, the owner doesn't see where she's going and... CRASH! SPLAT! OUCH! 

She falls over a chair, flat on her butt, feet kicked high into the air.

Watch the mishap take place now and take note of the cat's adorable reaction:

Really, this is the purr-fect reminder NOT to film pets unless your feet are planted fur-mly on the ground. We’re very sorry. But it had to be written.

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After watching this cat walk away from a collapsed building, we're a bit scared to ever mess with these animals again.

Yes, they look cute and cuddly and calm. But did you click on the link above? Did you see this feline escape certain death with barely a scratch on him? Sort of freaky stuff.

But try telling that to the donkey featured in the following cute footage.

Via a video filmed in Kenya, an alert cameraman captured two unlikely friends just hanging out, cuddling up, making nice and winning over anyone who watches them interact.

We recently watched a cat try to play with an owl, but mostly get shot down. So it's nice in this case to see one of these creatures had made a new pal:

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We've heard of synchronized swimming before.

But synchronized Corgi rolling? This is a new one. And an awesome one!

In case you needed another reason to be AWWW-inspired by this breed of animal - in case Corgi going down a slide and a Corgi receiving a message weren't enough - we've tracked down the following GIF.

It's short. It's simple. And, without a doubt, it's the cutest thing you'll see all day year on the Internet.

Watch now as two puppies emerge from underneath a coffee table at the same time, trip on the same sport and tumble over in the same exact way:

Corgi Puppies Trip and Fall

We could watch this again and again and again and again.

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As we all know, cats have nine lives.

But, as the following footage depicts, they don't really need to use eight of them. BECAUSE CATS ARE IMMORTAL.

Filmed last Thursday in Dauphin, Manitoba, this video features a black-and-white kitten that was trapped as a building was all set to collapse.

The poor feline appears to be on a ledge way above the ground, yet before it can jump down to safety, the structure falls apart and the cat disappears into the rubble. RIP, kitty? Not to fast!

You can hear the bystanders feeling terrible for the cat, only for them to then watch in amazement as he comes strolling away, relatively unscathed. Check it out for yourself:

CTV News in Winnipeg reports that the cat is named Sylvester and that the little guy suffer a bit of smoke inhalation.

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To some, Saint Bernards may look big and scary.

In reality, though, there's only one thing big and scary about this dog breed: how badly it wants to be loved!

Over the past several weeks, we've documented multiple examples of how these canines feel about affection, from one Saint Bernard trying to befriend a kitten to another who cuddles up with a bunch cats on the farm every night.

Now, we’re excited to present footage of Sully the Saint Bernard, who adores his owner SO VERY MUCH that he simply lies on top of this poor man and pretty much takes his master hostage.

In the most precious, well meaning way possible, of course.

Watch at the 0:33 mark especially, when the dog's owner makes a strong attempt at getting up, only for Sully to put his foot paw down... literally.

It would be worse for Sully's owner, of course.

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The dogs featured in the following photo gallery are taking a lesson from Shaggy.

When confronted by a total mess at the feet, these canines take one adorable look at their owner and say it clearly with their eyes: It wasn't me!

I didn't destroy your couch! I didn't make it impossible for you to see your kitchen tile! And, no, I have no idea how your bathtub ended up this way. Just blame the cat!

Indeed, while some dogs are talented enough to open and close the front door before and after a walk, others are still learning to master the concept of NOT tearing apart pieces of furniture. It's a learning process.

And, let's face: the looks on the faces of these pets after they eff up is almost worth the mess they actually make. Right? Almost, at least?

The cat did it!
Really. I saw it with my own eyes. He's around here somewhere...

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We've really must stop underestimating dogs.

Over the past several months, these animals have proved themselves capable of nearly any act.

For example, did you catch the dog who helped change his baby's diaper? Or what about the canine who assists his owner with her grocery bags? Very impressive all around.

And now a four-legged friend named Charlie can enter the discussion for Most Amazing Dog in the History of the Universe, as this video depicts the puppy opening and closing the front door all by himself.

It's an unexpected skill, to be sure, but it can also be a dangerous one: keep your eye on Charlie at all times or else he'll be a goner!

And we know what you're thinking:

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