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Wedding planning can be stressful, and we know you may not welcome tips from complete strangers (although one Facebook user has a great idea for how to explain invites), but allow THG to offer up one piece of advice:

Perhaps your dog should not serve as your ring-bearer.

We say this after watching Jethro do anything except lie still and face the camera while his owner tried to pose for her wedding pictures. Even though, as she tells him, master and canine talked about his behavior prior to the shoot.

It didn't appear to have much of an effect, however:

Still, the bride-to-be can hopefully can some solace.

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Are Bulldogs the cutest breed of dog out there?

Anyone who makes this statement may receive a lot of pushback, the evidence to support the claim definitely exists... at least on The Hollywood Gossip.

There was this puppy Bulldog who refused to go to sleep. There was this Bulldog who went nuts over a carrot.

And now there's the following Bulldog, a canine named Gus who didn't feel like playing in a filled pool outside this summer. Nope, he wanted to mess around with an empty pool inside.

So, much to his owner's chagrin/humor, Gus went about fulfilling this impressive mission. Watch the pet succeed at his hilarious goal now:

Need more proof that Bulldogs are awesome?

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Sorry, Miley Cyrus.

You no longer have the most impressive tongue on the Internet.

The following video introduces us to a dog that somehow remains asleep and totally unfazed by the fact that its owner is pulling on its tongue... and pulling on its tongue... and, wow, he's still pulling on its tongue!

The body part somehow keeps going and going, causing us to wonder if this is a tongue or an Air Head. Seriously, see for yourself: 

Dogs typically don't like being bothered when they sleep, even when it's just a cute kitten trying to be friends.

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Think the dog who helps change a baby's diaper is impressive?

Okay. He is.

But the same can be said about this Shiba Inu in Japan, who helps his owner run her owner's tiny cigarette shop.

The dog opens the window (by herself!) and greets patrons with a friendly, helpful smile, spending her days taking orders, napping and munching on some cucumbers during down time.

Don't believe us? Check out the following photo gallery?

May I Help You?
I have two extra hands with which I can fetch items for customers!

Still don't believe us?!?

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Hey there. What are you doing? Trying to sleep? How's that going for you? Wanna hang out instead?

That pretty much sums up the following video, which features an adorable kitten trying very hard to befriend a very sleepy dog. But it's safe to say the canine isn't very interested at the moment this is filmed.

That poor cat. He should go find a deer to lie with instead...

It goes both ways, of course.

In this video, a Saint Bernard tries to make friends with a small feline. But it goes equally poorly.

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And... GOTCHA!

In the following video, a baby lion in South Africa has a bit of fun with one of the dogs with whom it resides on Cornellskop Animal Training Farm.

Okay, in reality, the baby lion is just strolling around and the dog doesn't notice him. But it makes this video even funnier to pretend as if the wild animal was plotting to scare the ish out of his four-legged friend all along.

Watch and laugh now:

Who knew that lions liked sneak attacking as much as they hated taking baths?

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We already know how cute it can be when babies pose with puppies.

But what about when a puppy is treated like a baby?

Alabama residents Jan and Chase Renegar recently adopted a Jack Russell terrier named Snuggles and hired photographer Jamie Clauss to snap pictures of the family as if Snuggles were a newborn instead of a pet.

"The session was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, a visual take on how we humanize our pets," Clauss said, adding that "no dogs were harmed in this shoot," though Snuggles did enjoy "a cozy nap."

And you'll enjoy each and every one of these precious snapshots, we guarantee it!

One Happy Family
This gives a new meaning to doing it doggy style in bed.

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Rarely has the pregnancy of one woman shined so much light on one man.

A few weeks ago, sources confirmed that Eva Mendes is pregnant. And, ever since, the Internet has been abuzz with Ryan Gosling news, views and hilarious memes.

Heck, we now even know that Gosling cries after sex.

It's a lot to digest about one person at once, even if that person is Ryan Gosling.

Following this trend, we stumbled across the Ryangoslingvspuppy Tumblr. It's a Tumblr page that asks if various photos of Ryan Gosling are cuter than various photos of puppies making similar faces to Ryan Gosling.

And, as documented below, it's amazing.

Ryan Gosling vs. Puppy
So, ladies, you tell us: Who is cuter, Ryan Gosling or a puppy?

So, THGers: Who is cuter?


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Pretty Woman? More like Totally Terrifying Woman!

In the following video, a dog is shown a picture of Julia Roberts in a magazine... only to run away in sheer terror.

Is it a fluke? A coincidence? A deep-seated fear of America's Sweetheart? You tell us as you watch what happens when the canine's owner shows him a photo of Roberts for a second time:

YIKES! Come on, dog. August: Osage County wasn't that bad.

Then again, Roberts can be kind of frightening:

Julia Roberts GIF

This may be the funniest video we've seen since this dog ran in his sleep and then crashed into a wall.

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The Bachelorette stars Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray are wasting no time acclimating to life in the public eye ... and enjoying moments together in private.

Described as a serious woman who doesn't take herself too seriously, Andi proved this yet again in posing with fiance Josh and his dog, Sabel:

Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray Frown

"The family that frowns together stays together," Dorfman captioned the photo of herself with her new family members, which she shared via Twitter.

Andi's signature frown on The Bachelorette was likened to Grumpy Cat by host Chris Harrison, but given Josh's love for Sabel, this is even better.

Even if you're a card-carrying member of Team Nick Viall, there's little doubt that Andi is happy with her choice on the 10th season of the ABC hit.

Dorfman, 27, and Murray, 29, have been tweeting and Instagramming about one another around the clock since their romance went public this week.

She also shared a photo of herself with the giant ring Josh gave her.

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