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Some Pugs out there may be unimpressed by everyday toys.

But others are completely mesmerized by technology.

Take the canine in the following video, for instance. He's so into his owner's iPad and its water app that he begins to lick the screen... over and over and over and over again.

The poor guy. Let's hope he was rewarded for his oblivious cuteness with a big bowl of ice cold aqua.

Perhaps Pugs should just stick to reenacting Home Alone and How to Train Your Dragon.

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What happens when a baby meets a dog?

Sometimes, the dog shows the baby how to crawl.

Other times, the baby laughs hysterically at the dog eating popcorn.

And still other times, the baby and the dog nap together and the Internet collectively melts.

This time, however, the dog gobbles up as many bubbles as he can while the baby sits back and cracks up over the soapy water-eating. Yes, this video is as awesomely adorable as it sound:

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What... is... THIS?!?!

In the latest example of a French Bulldog being totally irresistible (have you see this French Bulldog refuse to sleep? Or these guys host a French Bulldog dance party?), the young canine in the following video makes an amazing discovery:

It's a door stopper! And it's positively mesmerizing!!!

There's really very little to say about this cute footage, except to wonder: Why did the cameraman only capture 54 seconds of it?!? We could watch this little guy's reaction for hours on end.

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The photo of two homeless Pit Bull mixes befriending each other while awaiting adoption at Fulton County Animal Services has gone viral.

And it's easy to see why.

The dogs (named Kyra and Delaware) didn't know each other before they were picked up as strays, but they "like to cuddle together [and] sleep together," according to says the shelter's adoption screener, Kim Meek.

Although this image has been shared thousands of times on Facebook and Twitter, the canines are yet to find a permanent home. Let's all hope and pray that changes soon...

Homeless Pit Bulls

As evidenced by this adorably heartbreaking picture - and this one of gay dads welcoming their baby into the world - love clearly comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes and species.

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Some cats are naturally gifted.

They simply know how to play Jenga or possess a truly insane jumping ability.

But others require a bit more PURRseverance before mastering a skill, as evidenced below in a video that features Timo the kitten.

The footage initially depicts this chubby feline struggling to navigate a hammock, as he fights against gravity and often ends up on the floor. But does Timo give up? No! Never!

Watch him figure out the complicated piece of equipment and get rewarded with an ultra comfortable nap any time he's in the mood:

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In the latest edition of Parents Aren't So Bad After All...

A few days after video of a boy going into hysterics over the gift of Minecraft went viral, the same thing has happened to footage of parents giving their daughter a very special gift.

That of A PUPPY!!!!!!

Watch the adorable toddler first read a note teasing the present and then completely break down once the dog is in her arms. It's great stuff:

Can you blame her for reacting in such a way?

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This is one of the cutest videos you'll ever see.

It features a dog who clearly loves to play fetch, wondering why the man on the park bench does not share his affinity for this really fun game.

Nevermind the fact that this man is a statue made of metal. Why won't he play with me?!?

Watch the hilarious footage now:

Dogs, huh?

You've gotta love 'em. Even when they have bad hair days and even when they don't comprehend just how big they are.

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We've seen many impressive rescues over the years.

There was the actions of Hero Cat, of course, saving the life of a toddler from a ferocious canine; and there was even Ryan Gosling, coming to the aid of a pedestrian in New York City.

But the following footage may be difficult to beat.

This video features the impressive work of men who amazingly found a cat stuck inside the car springs of Toyota Land Cruiser.

How did it get there? We have no idea. But the efforts of these folks to save the animal, along with their excited reactions once they are successful, will leave a giant smile on your face:

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Animals are better than people. It's true. And a fact universally acknowledged and accepted by people who know.

Like those of us here at The Hollywood Gossip.

We know our Kardashians and we know our animals. And while North West is an adorable celebrity baby, there is absolutely nothing more adorable than animals who think they're humans.

From lounging poolside to helping themselves to lunch to surfing, animals can do it all, even WITHOUT opposable thumbs. Who needs those anyway!?! (Humans, that's who...)

Below, check out 17 animals who seem to think they're human. Let's not tell them the truth, okay? Let's spare their very cute feelings.

Life Is a Highway
And these dogs just want to drive, you guys!!

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Talk about a seriously unexpected animal friendship.

The following gallery tells the sad/inspiring story of Breeze, a foal who was abandoned by his mother and found wandering around by a farmer.

The horse was taken taken to the Mare and Foal Sanctuary, where what happened to him next was both adorable and heartwarming: the owners tried to make their new animal feel at home by providing him with a stuffed teddy bear as a roommate.

And it worked better than anyone could have imagined! Click through the following images to see what we mean and prepare to be blown away. Does it get any cuter than this?!?

Horse Makes Unexpected Friend
This is adorable: a horse who was abandoned by his mother has found an unexpected companion in this stuffed bear.