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Yesterday, we wrote about 19 Reddit users who looks just like certain celebrities.

But while those folks were impressive and all, we're even more taken aback by the following juxtaposition.

Thanks to the Twitter user “@IAmHellsBells,” we’ve been alerted to a dog who eerily resembles Harrison Ford, mostly due to his slanted lips upon smirking for the camera.

Don't believe that a dog can be an actor's doppleganger? Check this out. You soon will:

  • Dog Resembles Harrison Ford
  • Harrison Ford at Ender's Game Premiere

Now, if only someone would put this canine in a fedora and give him a whip, we could really make a comparison.

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According to recent THG videos, the list of things dogs love includes taking a shower and meeting a new baby.

Based on the following Vine, however, there's something at least one canine clearly does not love: messing with his treat.

In one of the cuter pieces of footage you’ll see this year, a pet named Beau gets utterly confused by the location of his cracker.

He nearly goes cross-eyed trying to find it on his nose, while his four-legged friend looks on from behind. Does Beau end up locating this delicious treat? SPOILER ALERT: Yes.

But it's the frantic search for it that will leave you in stitches. Watch now...

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It's a fear many new parents have after bringing their newborn home from the hospital:

How will my dog react to the presence of a tiny human being?

But it's a concern that one family didn't need to worry about for very long this summer, not after their Husky (Piper) met their baby girl (Lily) and was SO SO SO excited that she spun around in circles.

It's the reaction all mothers and fathers who are pet owners hope for. Check it out here:

There are plenty examples of dogs getting along well with small children, from teaching them how to crawl to eating popcorn, much to the baby's sheer joy.

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Some owners have to drag their dogs into the bathtub.

But the owner of a Rottweiler named Lena has the opposite problem: she can't get her beloved pet out of the shower!

In the following video, we see a totally soaked Lena sitting contently, in no rush to get away from the stream of water pouring all over her body. Oh, but she's happy to give a lick to her best friend.

And we're very happy to watch her do so. Watch the incredibly cute footage now:

Know what else dogs love to do (apparently)? Dress as characters on Game of Thrones!

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We've seen many unusual characters over the years on Game of Thrones, from frozen members of the undead to giants storming the Night's Watch.

But we've never seen tiny adorable dogs dressed like Game of Thrones characters... until now!

Streaming service Blinkbox has teamed with owners Phillip and Sue Lauer to feature their three pets (Roxy, Blue and Bono) as The Pugs of Westeros.

And the results are as impressive as they are hilarious!

There's pug Tyrion Lannister sitting under his family’s crest; and pug Daeneys Targaryen surrounded by her dragons; and even pug Varys, donning his familiar robe and wearing his familiar expression.

Forget winter. Hilarity is coming, GoT fans! Prepare for cute battle check out the pictures now:

Robb Stark, Ned Stark and Jon Snow
Only one of these three characters is alive on the show, but let's avoid telling that to the pugs.

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Wedding planning can be stressful, and we know you may not welcome tips from complete strangers (although one Facebook user has a great idea for how to explain invites), but allow THG to offer up one piece of advice:

Perhaps your dog should not serve as your ring-bearer.

We say this after watching Jethro do anything except lie still and face the camera while his owner tried to pose for her wedding pictures. Even though, as she tells him, master and canine talked about his behavior prior to the shoot.

It didn't appear to have much of an effect, however:

Still, the bride-to-be can hopefully can some solace.

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Are Bulldogs the cutest breed of dog out there?

Anyone who makes this statement may receive a lot of pushback, the evidence to support the claim definitely exists... at least on The Hollywood Gossip.

There was this puppy Bulldog who refused to go to sleep. There was this Bulldog who went nuts over a carrot.

And now there's the following Bulldog, a canine named Gus who didn't feel like playing in a filled pool outside this summer. Nope, he wanted to mess around with an empty pool inside.

So, much to his owner's chagrin/humor, Gus went about fulfilling this impressive mission. Watch the pet succeed at his hilarious goal now:

Need more proof that Bulldogs are awesome?

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Sorry, Miley Cyrus.

You no longer have the most impressive tongue on the Internet.

The following video introduces us to a dog that somehow remains asleep and totally unfazed by the fact that its owner is pulling on its tongue... and pulling on its tongue... and, wow, he's still pulling on its tongue!

The body part somehow keeps going and going, causing us to wonder if this is a tongue or an Air Head. Seriously, see for yourself: 

Dogs typically don't like being bothered when they sleep, even when it's just a cute kitten trying to be friends.

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Think the dog who helps change a baby's diaper is impressive?

Okay. He is.

But the same can be said about this Shiba Inu in Japan, who helps his owner run her owner's tiny cigarette shop.

The dog opens the window (by herself!) and greets patrons with a friendly, helpful smile, spending her days taking orders, napping and munching on some cucumbers during down time.

Don't believe us? Check out the following photo gallery?

May I Help You?
I have two extra hands with which I can fetch items for customers!

Still don't believe us?!?

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Hey there. What are you doing? Trying to sleep? How's that going for you? Wanna hang out instead?

That pretty much sums up the following video, which features an adorable kitten trying very hard to befriend a very sleepy dog. But it's safe to say the canine isn't very interested at the moment this is filmed.

That poor cat. He should go find a deer to lie with instead...

It goes both ways, of course.

In this video, a Saint Bernard tries to make friends with a small feline. But it goes equally poorly.

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