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The headline of this article really says all that needs to be said.

In one of the funniest YouTube videos of the summer, a cat dons a shark outfit and calmly rides around on a Roomba... while its own casually goes about her kitchen routine as if this takes place everyday.

It doesn't, of course. The costume is in honor of Shark Week and the ride on the Roomba? Come on. As if you wouldn't do that if were you a cat!

Watch now:

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This is both depressing and disturbing.

Christopher W. Dillingham - a Washington native who was arrested on Sunday for attaching explosives to his dog and blowing him to pieces - may not face animal cruelty charges.

  • Dog Murderer
  • Dead Dog

According to KATU, officers responded to Dillingham's home around 4 a.m. after neighbors heard an explosion.

They arrived to find bits of his Labrador Retriever (named Cabella) scattered around the lawn.

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A tortoise in Great Britain has been found after escaping from his home's garden Thursday and spending five days trying to make a grand escape… only to travel a grand total of half a mile.

Seriously, these animals are slower than the time it's taken Kim Kardashian to release her baby photos.

Ironically, the pet is named Aston (after an Aston Martin) and its owner is hoping to contact the little girl who tracked him down from a bush at the end of the road.

If you have any information on her, e-mail editor (at) In the meantime, watch this video for more on the daring turtle escape:

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The Fort Worth Zoo's baby elephant is already making a splash with Texas children who visit the attraction - and online, where Belle has become a viral star.

Bell was born July 7, and is the second Asian elephant to be born at the Fort Worth Zoo in 104 years. The staff has quickly been making up for lost time.

The kids' (and adults' if we're being honest) fascination with the pachyderm only grew today when officials at the venue added a pool to her enclosure.

A small, inflatable pool that's way too little for even Belle.

Cuteness ensued. Watch and swoon above.

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Very sad news this week out of New Brunswick, Canada.

A 100-pound python escaped from its cage inside a pet store, found its way through a ventilation system and then fell through the ceiling of a room where a five-year old and seven-year old were sleeping.

The brothers had been visiting the apartment of a friend and were strangled to death.

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We have a challenger to that dog who sings along to Adele.

Meet Wagner. He's a White Shepherd with an apparent fondness for Daft Punk, as his owner makes clear in this adorable video.

As soon as "Get Lucky" hits, Wagner awakens from a nap, howls along with the up-tempo track... and then collapses back asleep once it ends.

Is he as talented as Amanda Seyfriend's dog? Maybe not. But that is quite the high bar to set. Watch Wagner do his musical thing now:

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Dominican man Geraldo Ramos recently passed out drunk and woke up missing something lost a lot less frequently than one's car keys, wallet or dignity:

His penis.

The 45-year-old has no clue where his penis went, but neighbors told a local TV station that Ramos was attacked by a dog when he was drunk.

Ramos, naturally, has no recollection of this.

The alleged dog, BTW, has not been found.

It's unclear what the next course of action is after this sort of thing happens ... but at least this Arkansas man who lost a testicle to a dog has company.

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Are bears in Alberta getting in on the Twerking craze too?

A pack of ursine creatures were recently captured on video taking turns thrusting hips, twerk-style, around a tree used to mark their scent in a Canadian national park.

The more Twerking animals we see, the funnier it gets:

An Alberta park ranger pointed a camera at the tree and captured a video of the bears gettin’ freaky. You have to say, they have some sweet dance moves.

They seem to bump and grind, pop and lock, even break it down! Not as appealing as Kate Upton Twerking in one sense ... but worth a look just the same.

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If there's anything cuter in this world than babies and dogs together, we challenge you to tell us what that thing is, 'cause we legitimately don't know, THGers.

Now that we've extended this challenge, we invite you to check out Exhibit A below, as little Hadley, who just learned to sit up, is sent tumbling backward.

A flurry of loving dog kisses will do that sometimes:

If that hasn't convince you, be sure to watch this baby laughing at a snoring dog, or another one cackling as its canine companion runs around going bonkers.

We're onto something cute here.

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