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Forget McKalyla Maroney and Robinson Cano for a moment.

The cat in the following video is particularly unimpressed. Even after not seeing his owner for six months.

Indeed, felines don't exactly share the same bond with their masters as canines. It's not a judgment. It's just a fact, as evidenced below. Watch now and remember:

There's probably a dog somewhere that could use a rescue!

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Well, this is about as awful as it gets.

A St. Louis woman named Adrienne Martin has been arrested after setting fire to a three-year old dog and bragging about the killing on Facebook.

The charred shepherd-terrier (named Brownie) was discovered by its owner on July 10, a day after Martin took to Facebook and wrote message that included "I'm on killa mode..."

  • Dog killer
  • fb posts

It is believed the canine - who was taken to Stray Rescue of St. Louis for medical treatment, but died from organ failure - belonged to Martin's sister.

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More and more disturbing details of the bizarre incident that ended with Amanda Bynes hospitalized and held under 5150 psychiatric hold are emerging.

Bynes, as you've likely heard by now, started a fire with gasoline in a stranger's driveway in her SoCal hometown, leading a passerby to call 911 on her.

Well, it turns out she accidentally drenched her Pomeranian with gasoline while building the fire ... then raced to a nearby liquor store to clean the dog off.

Amanda Bynes Twit Picture

This is apparently where she went after the 911 call was placed and she bolted; Bynes was found not far from the spot of the fire when police arrived.

Surveillance video inside the liquor store shows her bursting into the liquor store, dog in hand, and bolting straight for a restricted "employees only" area.

The cashier rushed out from behind the register and chased after Bynes.

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Yesterday, we documented the story of a Subway employee who placed his penis on the store's sandwich board and also froze his urine inside a bottle at work.

But the most incredible aspect of that story? It was only the second-weirdest happening at a fast food restaurant this week!

Horse in McDonald's

A British woman in Manchester tried to ride her horse through a McDonald's drive-thru this week, only to be denied service.

She subsequently took her riding companion into the restaurant, where it proceeded to poop on the floor.

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Raccoons are notorious scavengers and thieves, but you've got to see the way in which this one escapes after pulling a heist on some cats' food.

In the video below, the masked bandit strolls nonchalantly over to a group of cats, casually brushes them aside and stars helping himself to a feast.

Interestingly, he appears to mix their dry cat food and water together to make a cereal of sorts while a trio of felines stand around, looking a bit perplexed.

The best part, though? As the cats begin to get testy, the thief grabs what he can and makes a LOL-tastic exit from the scene of the crime. Watch:

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One of the Internet's most beloved animals has passed away.

Schoep - a dog made famous when a touching picture of him and his owner, John Unger, went viral last summer - died Thursday at the age of 20.

Photographer Hannah Stonehouse Hudson snapped the famous image of Unger lying in Lake Superior with his pet because the water was therapeutic for Schoep's arthritis.

In response, thousands of dollars poured in from Web users to help with the canine's ailment.

Schoep Photo

"Schoep and John had an amazing relationship ... I hope that people can give John some space and privacy for now ... he just lost his best friend," Stonehouse Hudson told The Pioneer Press.

Unger himself broke the sad news of Schoep's death on Facebook, writing "I Breathe But I Can't Catch My Breath... Schoep passed yesterday[,] more information in the days ahead."

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Animals are running amok these days. In the most unusual of places.

First, a cow killed a man in Brazil after falling through his bedroom roof.

Now, The Times of Israel confirms that a 35-year resident of that country was visiting his parents in the town of Nofit when a snake that had been hiding in the toilet crept up and bit him on the penis.

Snake in Toilet

Fortunately, the animal was not venomous and the man was released after some time under doctor supervision.

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This local news segment offers the bear necessities when it comes to warding off a giant ursine creature in the woods. Or any other living thing for that matter.

Following a story about a man who faced down a bear, reporter Julie Tremmel of Providence, R.I.'s local NBC affiliate WJAR did a segment on bear safety.

Her intentions were no doubt good, but the end result was at least a solid 7 or 8 on the unintentionally comedy meter. Watch below and see for yourself:

So if you meet a bear in the woods, just make like Tremmel. Dart your eyes wildly, side to side, and wave your hands in the air like you just don't care!

Then curl up in the dirt as the confused animal laughs, concludes it probably isn't worth the trouble, shakes his head and ambles back into the forest.

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The thought of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West taking a nap with their baby is cute.

But it doesn't exactly compare to the following adorable image of a kitten... injured from a crow attack... wearing an outfit crocheted by its owner in order to prevent it from removing its feeding tube.

Yes, prepare to have your heart melted, Internet users.

Check out the ridiculously awwww-inspiring photo now and then be moved to tears again by a Navy medic who nursed some baby rabbits back to health.

Kitten in Costume

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Check out this amazing video of cheetahs chasing a group of impala antelopes ... one of whom escaped via the car of some folks on a safari in South Africa.

The frightened impala had been separated from its herd and was trying desperately to elude two cheetahs in Kruger National Park in South Africa.

To the surprise and shock of tourists parked on the road, the panicked impala escaped by jumping into a car through a window of a Toyota Prado.

Call it a window of opportunity?

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