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The following video depicts a bunch of puppies learning how to do stuff.

That's really all it is... but what else does on need?!?

There are puppies learning how to eat; puppies learning how to go outside; puppies learning how to swim and just... puppies. So, so, so many adorable puppies.

Good luck not wasting hours of your work day viewing this footage over and over and over and over. It's every bit as adorable as it sounds:

In the mood for other examples of puppies being incredibly cute?

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Ready to be inspired, pet lovers human beings around the world?

In July, we posted photos of a two-legged dog named Turbo who jets around in a homemade wheelchair and is living his life to the fullest.

Now, it’s time to meet a canine who belongs to YouTube user Jason Sanders and who broke both of her front legs jumping off a six-foot deck.

But she did let the casts on those legs stop her from moving around? From living a happy and excited existence? No way!

Watch her hop in and out of a door like a kangaroo in the following video, nary a concern in the world:

Like Anderson Pooper, perhaps this little guy will one day enter himself in a competitive dog race.

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As has already been made clear, cats often take control of dogs

But such furry friends don't simply exert dominance over their four-legged counterparts; they often show their human owners who's boss as well.

Remember that family who called 911 out of fear of their ferocious feline?

It was easy to laugh at the time, but the following video is far less humorous. It gives people plenty of warning about seemingly serene cats and how they can often go on the attack.

Consider this a (hilarious) warning to all: cats can be dangerous!

Of course, they can also be adorable. Especially when they snap selfies.

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Every now and then, a dog will exert his dominance over a cat. 

Case in point: this Great Dane, who frightened the heck out of a feline when it tried to sneak past him in the kitchen.

But, to the possible surprise of many, this is typically an exception. More often than not, cats are the ones bossing around their four-legged counterparts.

Admirable case in point: HERO CAT!

But cats need not save the life of a young boy in order to prove to a dog that he or she is boss. The following gallery depicts these contrasting pets going about their everyday lives, with there being no doubt whatsoever about who's in charge...

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Remember the cheetah and the dog who chased each other around and acted as total best friends late last year?

Or the baby cheetah and baby who formed a tight bond this summer at the San Diego Zoo this summer?

Well, the latter pair is back in the news... for the most adorable of reasons!

Raina, a female Rhodesian ridgeback, recently traveled with her best pal Ruuxa, a male cheetah cub, while the latter had surgery at to fix her bowed legs.

The dog remained by the cheetah’s side throughout the procedure, onlookers confirm, also hanging closely around when the cub awoke from sedation.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park officials say the two have been best friends since they were paired together at four and five weeks old.

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We already know that Great Danes hate to wake up

They also don't like it when cats try to sneak past them in the kitchen.

And now the following video confirms that at least one Great Dane named Dinky doesn't like it when his fellow pet gets love from his owner.

Watch Dinky throw tantrum that rivals any reaction you've ever seen from any toddler:

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We've all been there, right?

We're surfing our computer, the music is blasting, we're in our underwear, sitting alongside our dog and we just start dancing. And then we start showing our dog how to dance.

And the next thing you know... we're both dancing! Just rocking out, having a good time, nary a care in the world.

Until we later learn our wife has been filming us this entire time. OOPS!

But whatever, man. You keep being you. Dance loud and dance proud with that canine.

We thought nothing could be cuter than canine parents and their puppies, but this human parent and his pet may have proved us wrong. We love it!

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Okay, so here's what we're gonna do...

Let's run out of the house, raring to go. Then, we'll circle around the pool for awhile, gauging the depth and velocity of the current.

I'll jump in and swim around, getting an up close look at the drowning chew toy and figuring out the best angle before I make my move. You spot me. Make sure to act really excited.

Then, I'll dive down and make initial contact. I'll bring the item over to you. You take it in your mouth. I'll leap out and we'll drag the toy to safety as a tandem in order to enjoy its chewiness together, as best friends.

Ready? Set? Let's do this!

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BREAKING NEWS, celebrity gossip fans and pet lovers:

Miley Cyrus has renamed her pig.

About a month ago, Miley introduced Bubba Sue as a new member of her very large animal family.

And while the little guy remains there, the singer took to Instagram yesterday and updated followers on an important name change.

Miley and PIG

"Can't handle the kiewness (ps bubba sue is now legally changed her name to PIG (aka pig pig)," Cyrus wrote as a caption for the above photo.

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Well, this is different. 

And hilarious.

Internet user Lisa Hewus has posted the following video to YouTube, where it racked up over 100,000 views in just two days because… like we said, it’s hilarious.

The footage is of Lisa's cat, who doesn't merely take a sip of water when she's thirsty. She dunks her entire head under the faucet and soaks up the entire drink. Literally!

"I don’t know why she drinks like this, but she’s 15 and has always done it," Hewus says.

Hey, we have no idea why this dog comes to a stop this way, either. But why question it? Let's just enjoy it!

Inception Cat
It's a cat...holding a kitten...which is holding a kitten. Is the top still spinning? Someone get Leo D. on the phone ASAP.