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Who says that cats and dogs can't get along?!?

Sometimes, yes, an older feline may describe its occasional nemesis as a cat... just without cleanliness, independence, and intelligence.

And other times cats like to prove their dominance over dogs via facial expressions and/or paw gestures.

But the following footage proves that all hope is not lost. It's clear evidence that these species really can be close friends, as an innovative cat named Lester leaps up and actually opens the door for its four-legged frenemies.

Watch him take action now and watch the dogs follow Lester inside:

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French. Bulldogs. For. All. The Wins.

Another day has brought with it another example of these creatures being far too cute to handle, as the following video comes on the heels of this bulldog puppy trying to howl.

In this case, a young canine is trying to reach a tennis ball that is just barely out of his reach, weeping, whining and barking in order to retrieve the item.

It's both sad and totally hilarious at the same time. See for yourself:

Bulldogs have been making us laugh and cry for months now.

Remember this dog who met his daughter for the first time?

Or that bulldog who really, really, really wanted a carrot?

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We may have been mistaken.

For months, we've been saying that a baby bulldog refusing to sleep was the cutest video we've ever seen in our entire lives. And it very well may be.

But we have a definite new contender for this honor... and it just so happens to also involve a baby bulldog!

In the following video, this little guy stumbled around a bit (while nearly blending into the bed spread) while attempting to howl. He's trying to badly and he comes to very close! You simply have watch right at this very second:

Are you still alive? Or did you melt into a million little pieces?

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Ray J and his girlfriend Princess Love broke up last week, and it wasn't pretty. In fact, a major fight over the former couple's dog has ensued in the aftermath.

Ray J, Princess Love, Dogs

The couple's split was on the verge of being at least somewhat amicable until she tried to leave with their dog Boogotti, at which point Ray flipped out.

Apparently, the Kim Kardashian sex tape and Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star offered to leave as she packed her things ... but he didn't mean Boogotti.

Things got so heated regarding the three-pound Maltese puppy that Ray's security had to step in. He ended up keeping the canine, at least for now.

Princess Love says she pleaded with him to let her keep Boogati, claiming she's been the pup's primary caretaker, but her pleas fell upon deaf ears.

Now Princess says her three other Maltese dogs are heartsick over Boo's absence, crying and whimpering all the time (seriously) since the split occurred.

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Taylor Swift is single, but the singer isn't anxious to mingle.

Not any time soon, at least, because she has two cats. She's all set at the moment. Heck, Swift is rarely seen anywhere without Olivia Benson in her arms.

So you can understand why she reacted in such shocked fashion during an appearance Friday on The Graham Norton Show, as comedian John Cleese dared to insult the beloved feline.

"Is that a proper cat? That's the weirdest cat I've ever seen in my life,” Cleese remarked, saying it looked as if Olivia had an “accident” of some kind.

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Grumpy Cat movie is actually in the works.

But while some fans of this famous feline may be psyched for that film, we know at least one creature who won't be seeing it: Garfi.

This fluffy orange Persian cat resides on Turkey and has gone viral because a woman named Ms. Ozkok was convinced by her son to post photos of him on a Flickr album.

The page depicts Garfi in a number of hilarious scenarios and costumes, though he doesn’t seem at all pleased by any of the shenanigans, especially not when they involve a Santa jacket or a bath.

Garfi Photo
Garfi is a resident of Turkey. He's an orange Persian cat and very little in life makes him happy, as you can see here.

Garfi also has his own Facebook and Twitter page, but he’s got a long way to go until he reaches the unhappy status of Grumpy Cat.

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It's getting colder. It's getting darker out earlier. And many around the country are getting out their winter clothing already, in preparation of another Polar Vortex in the months ahead.

How can one feel better about the changing of the seasons?

That's easy: watch a Corgi play with a pumpkin! Here you go:

It really doesn't get much better in life than watching a Corgi in action.

Cases in point:

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Veteran Cat is back to advise Unsure Kitten.

Back in June, we ran a Buzzfeed video that served as an extended, amazingly awesome ad for Friskies. It featured the narration of an older feline offering words of wisdom to a young animal of his same species, warning him against the "monster known as vaccum."

Now, the two have returned for another "Dear Kitten" spot, one focuses on that new "thing" in the house.

"It is called a 'dog,'" the older cat explains. "Imagine a cat. Now take away cleanliness, independence, and intelligence. What you have left is basically a dog."

The cat goes on to tell the kitten about what dogs do with newspapers... how they'll eat "butt paper"... and how they possess a "psycho furry sword" that he'd be well served to avoid.

Be sure to watch until at least the 2:10 mark and just try not to burst out laughing when the cat goes on about owners referring to their canines as a "puppy."

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Ian Somerhalder can't help but gush over girlfriend Nikki Reed these days. The Vampire Diaries star is just over the moon when it comes to his "family."

“Thank you for giving so much of your life and for being a strong voice for those whom can speak,” he wrote to her on Instagram, with a photo of the pair.

“My hat is off to you. You amaze me. Love, Ian.”

Ian Somerhalder, Nikki Reed, Family
Ian Somerhalder shared this photo in Instagram with a wonderful note to Nikki Reed, gushing over his new girlfriend and their "family."

The CW star and Twilight actress, who moved in together after just two months of dating, have been out in the open with their social media declarations of love.

The latest certainly photo is no exception.

Beaming with joy as he gets a smooch from one of his pets while Reed smiles and poses next to another, the actor wants to pass along a smile to fans, too.

“A day with 3 of the most beautiful ladies in the universe... Wow smiling is such a beautiful part of the human experience - I highly recommend it,” Ian said.

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The life of a cat can be exhausting.

Sometimes you must do battle with a lemon. Other times you need to escape from a burning building without getting a scratch on you.

This is why cats sleep up to 15 hours per day, twice as long as most human beings. But can you blame them? These felines need to deal with owners who trip over chairs while simply using a cell phone as a camera.

So it's no wonder that some cats just fall asleep wherever that happen to be, whether that's in a wine class... under a dog... or on top of a chair.

You've heard of catnip, right? Here's a look at a few pets who are all about the cat nap:

My Happiest Hour
With what should you pair this wine glass? With anything cute!

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