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We've all observed how animals eat their food at some point.

Never quite like this, though. That much we can promise you.

In the viral video below, appropriately titled How Animals Eat Their Food, a guy demonstrates the various techniques employed by many of Earth's creatures.

If you've ever wanted to see a guy eat like a cow, alligator, lizard, whale, groundhog, kangaroo, flamingo, rhinoceros or T-rex, you are officially in luck:

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So, this is what it takes to have a issue with Kate Upton photos.

PETA has set its annoying sights on the model after seeing pictures of her posing for a Harper's Bazaar spread titled "The Animal Nursery."

The photo spread features the absurdly attractive 20-year-old surrounded by such critters as a baby tiger, a leopard, a gibbon and a lion.

  • Kate Upon Harper's Bazaar Photo
  • Kate Upton for Harper's Bazaar

Railed PETA in a statement:

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An Argentine man who bought a pair of poodles at an outdoor market took them to his local vet only to be told that they were actually ferrets on steroids.

Seriously. This actually happened.

Ferret vs. Dog

The vet said the ferrets "had been given steroids at birth to increase their size and then had some extra grooming to make their coats resemble a fluffy toy poodle."

He paid $150 per poodle too. Ripoff.

Another woman interviewed by a Buenos Aires TV station claims she got a roid-raging ferret instead of what she thought was a chihuahua at the same place.

Luckily, if you find yourself at an Argentine market, the Daily Mail (UK) has a handy guide to making sure your dog is not a Barry Bonds-esque rodent:

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Kate Upton cuddled up to her favorite Tiger recently.

No, it wasn't rumored boyfriend Justin Verlander.

Kate Upton, Tiger

The supermodel seemed to be poking fun at those very rumors - that she and the Detroit Tigers pitching ace are an item - by Tweeting this photo with the caption:

"Just cuddling with my favorite tiger :)."

Unfortunately, for those looking for proof she's dating Justin Verlander, it's just her holding a tiger cub as part of a modeling shoot for Harper's Bazaar.

Fortunately, for single men everywhere, Kate Upton is single, and not even going to the prom with that kid it looks like ... busy schedules and everything.

Unfortunately ... Uplander would be a sweet couple name.

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The baby polar bear at the Buffalo Zoo has some cute company.

Kali, an orphaned polar bear cub currently residing at the Alaska Zoo, is winning fans across the nation and world ... and it's easy to see why, isn't it?

Lil Bear

The cub, who is about 3-4 months old, was taken to his temporary home in Anchorage in March after his mother was fatally shot. The shooter turned the cub in.

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service says it eventually plans to relocate the little cub because the Alaska Zoo already has two polar bears on display.

We <3 Kali.

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The Internet's most favoritest, grumpiest cat turned 1 this week.

As you can imagine, it sucked. This is Grumpy Cat after all.

Grumpy Cat Birthday

Despite achieving more in a year than most of us could dream about in a lifetime - fame, fortune, meeting Ian Somerhalder at SXSW - Tardar Saurce remains incorrigible.

One can sympathize here. Birthdays often fail to live up to expectations, even for eternal optimists. People make such a BFD about them, and for what?!

Ooooh, you didn't die in 12 whole months!? Whoop-dee-doo.

Anyway, hopefully year two will eat it slightly less maybe?

Happy birthday, Grumps.

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NOTE: The spider photo below is not to scale.

It's actually considerably bigger than that.

A face-sized tarantula has been discovered in Sri Lanka, and a photo of the eight-legged giant has since gone viral. It's ... not a small creature. Or un-scary.

Face-Sized Tarantula

The photo of the huge spider was shared by Wired on April 2, shocking readers and being shared across the Internet. And it is surprisingly real.

The newly discovered "face-sized" tarantulas were reportedly found living in trees in Sri Lanka, the only place on Earth they are known to exist.


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The rare baby Rothschild giraffe born at a Connecticut zoo last month has been given the name Sandy Hope in honor of the Newtown shooting victims.

The cute creature - check out the baby giraffe trying to stand for the first time (below) - arrived at the Leo Zoological Conservation Center in mid-March.

Sandy Hope (Baby Giraffe)

After a public appeal that elicited nearly 7,000 entries, the center chose the name Sandy Hope, a reference to Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy.

"It's a really meaningful name and that's why we had to attach the middle name 'Hope' with it," Marcella Leone, the center’s founder and director, said.

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An Illinois man is suing a cat owner who may or may not be his wife for $100,000 after he was house-sitting for her and and her feline went OFF on him.

William Baxter of Homer Glen, Ill., claims he was "viciously attacked, bit and clawed" by the cat, causing "significant" injuries to his ring finger and left arm.

The cat's owner, a Christine Bobak, should have known the cat was dangerous, the lawsuit alleges, since it's apparently attacked others before.


Of course, there has to be more to this story, right? Right ...

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