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Colonel Meow, a cat who achieved viral stardom even by Internet standards that allow for disproportionate amounts of feline fame, has passed away.

He had been battling heart disease since last fall, and was only two.

Colonel Meow's rise to power began in a roadside gutter, but not the way Lindsay Lohan ends up there. He was abandoned, scared, alone and sick.

Eventually rescued from the mean streets, he was taken in by the Seattle Himalayan and Persian Society, and later adopted by Anna Marie Avey.

Who soon became known simply as "Slave Beast." Avey and her husband, Eric Rosario, began posting images of him on Instagram, and a star was born.

The Colonel commanded allegiance from growing numbers of faithful admirers - also known as his minions - thanks to that epic, badass scowl.

The furball also had a penchant for scotch, apparently.

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Babies laughing at dogs? Hard to go wrong there, but this viral video may have set the new high water mark, even among still baby and dog video competition.

There’s nothing quite like the laugh of this little girl as she watches her pet dog eat popcorn. Which is pretty funny even if you're an adult, but to a baby? Hysterical!

Watch below and have your day immediately brightened:

Now that was something magical. Wasn't it, though?

We've seen a lot of canine/child interactions that warmed our hearts (see Theo and Beau photos), but there's just something about this little one's giggle.

Do your dogs and kids get along like these two? What random thing makes your child laugh like this? Have you ever seen anything as cute in your life?

Follow the jump for more hilarious dog videos:

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Peyton Manning, what?

Richard Sherman, who?

While some viewers around the country may be excited for this Sunday's Super Bowl, and others for this Sunday's Super Bowl commercials, we all know where the action will truly be at:

The adorable action, that is: The Puppy Bowl!!!

This canine-based contest turns 10 years old a couple days, with Animal Plant set to play host to 14 dogged dogs and, based on last year's numbers, over 2.5 million viewers.

Ready to meet the Puppy Bowl participants? The following animals are preparing for battle:

Lily is a Basset hound. She may have to stand up in order to make a play in Puppy Bowl X.

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Kittens. Kids. It's ON ... and it's like straight up Hunger Games in this video montage, with the children's parents content to watch and film the carnage.

Hey, why intervene and pull the plug on free entertainment?

After all, cats fight back when provoked, and kids are kids. Generally kind but clueless as to how their actions impact others, they will piss you off at times.

The result? A volatile mashup of encounters between human offspring and the furry felines who cohabitate with them. Watch some classic kid vs. cat fights below ...

Fortunately, no one was badly hurt in the above compilation.

The parents who sat around and thought to themselves "oh, I need to get this on YouTube" instead of breaking it up should be especially grateful for this.

In their defense, there was nothing they could do in some of these cases. Cats are like ninjas, lurking silently and stealthily waiting for the moment to strike.

Once that moment arrives, BAM. Straight up choke slam! That woman who kicked snow on a cat knows what we're talking about, only she asked for it.

Check out more crazy cat videos after the jump ...

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Sometimes, pets move us to tears for very sad reasons.

Such as when their owners die and they continue to visit the same church for mass every single day because that's where their loved one used to go.

Other times, pets move us to tears for hilarious reasons.

Such as when they watch television! And see other pets on the screen and get totally, adorable confused.

Check out a few examples of what we mean now and then scroll down even further for 36 MORE examples of cat being very, very cute;

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The Internet has always been run by cats, but with this video of Mean Girls reenacted by kittens, the entire web as we know it can officially hang it up.

You're not gonna do better than this, Cyberspace. At least not today ... unless Justin Bieber gets arrested again and is filmed trying to break out of his cell naked.

Now try to get that image out of your head as you feast your eyes on this feline-centric parody of the Tina Fey-Lindsay Lohan classic from the Pet Collective ...

The attention to detail throughout is tremendous, with the feline twists pulled off in fantastic fashion. You can't just ask people why they aren't lions!

Damian, for his part, is "too gray to function" while the girl at the end just wants to bake a cake out of "rainbows and catnip" so everyone can be happy.

Watch Pet Collective's masterpiece above from start to finish and be sure to click the slideshow below for many more classic cat videos from the THG archives ...

Cat Licks Vacuum Cleaner, Holds it Like Bong
Check out this awesome video of a cat licking a vacuum cleaner, and holding it like a bong.

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Dogs are amazing creatures.

In some cases, they befriend paralyzed cats. In other cases, they act like Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing.

And in truly heartbreaking cases, their owner passes away... yet the dog continues to attend mass on a daily basis because that's where the memories of their late master is strongest.

Watch the following video to learn the true, moving story of a canine who has been adopted by church goers because he continually shows up in his own. It's amazing stuff:

Of course, dogs are pretty gosh darn adorable as well!

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William Wallace isn't the only one who cries for FREEEEDDOOOM!

In a hilarious new video making the online rounds, an owner tried to put his pet Husky Blaze into the young canine's kennel. He begs. He pleads. He asks very nicely.

But Blaze is having none of it, making it very clear that he has no interest in being cooped up for an extended period of time.

And can you blame the dog? He probably wants to dance up a storm like this adorable hairless puppy.

Watch Blaze stand lie his ground now:

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Sorry, readers.

But Gangnam Style is making a comeback.

Before you click away from the site, however, take a look at the canine that is bringing this dance craze back.

His name is Nathan. He's a hairless puppy. He wears his hair like Miley Cyrus. And, holy rump shaker, does he like to shake it!

Nathan is available for adoption right now from Bald is Beautiful Dog Rescue, which specializes in rehabilitating and finding homes for hairless and small dogs in need.

It's a terrific cause, but Nathan is only in need of a beat at the moment. HIT IT!

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It doesn't take much for a cat to inspire AWWW online.

This feline is licking an ice cream cone and loving life and making us want to watch him over and over and over again.

And this furry friend is trying to leap from car to roof, failing miserably in the process but winning our hearts as he falls down.

But the following footage may take the cute cat cake. It's of an owner and his pet playing Peekaboo with a bed in between and it's downright adorable. Sit back and watch now:

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