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We didn't think it could ever get any cuter than a dog teaching a baby how to crawl.

And then we didn't think it could ever get any cuter than a baby laughing at a dog eating popcorn.

But what if you combined the two? What if you could watch a video in which a dog tries to teach an important lesson to baby... and in which that same baby laughs uproariously at the dog?

This has now become an amazing reality. Feast your eyes on the following footage and just try not to break into an enormous smile:

How does the dog even know that the goal of this apparatus is to help the child jump?!?

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Dogs are often successful at many things.

Like being cute. Or licking their own private parts. Or making you feel loved at all times, unconditionally.

But even the best canines sometimes fail. At catching a tennis ball... at attacking a mailman... at trying to get a tennis ball that is just lying their on the sofa but it's barely out of reach and, come on, can someone please help me here?!? 

So at least Louie The Beagle can take comfort in knowing he's not alone. 

And readers can take humor of of Louie's following attempt to get through a door:

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Sebastian and Sienna are back!

You remember Sebastian, the giant Newfoundland, and Sienna, the cute little girl, don't you?

We featured this duo on THG in mid-October, as they played the world's most adorable game of Hide and Go Seek. But we now need to make a correction:

That was actually the world's SECOND most adorable game of Hide and Go Seek. Because Sebastian and Sienna are back for round two in the video below. And it's a must-watch:

It's a little known fact overall, of course, that animals love to play Hide and Go Seek. This pitbull and this deer had a blast doing so in July.

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We've seen some dogs do some amazing things over the past several months.

There was the canine who heard the words "I'm parched" and immediately ran to fetch his owner a beer bottle.

There was also the pet who helped his master change her baby's diaper. And let's not forget the four-legged friend who assisted its pals with some grocery bags.

But the following footage may top them all. Because it features a Corgi using a tiny set of stairs, popping a squat over the toilet bowl and letting the urine flow. Just like a human! You must watch this video:

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Trick or treat?

More like: Oh-My-God-These-Costumes-Are-So-Cute-We-Think-We're-Gonna-Die!

Following a weekend in which we published a number of stories about various Halloween costumes - from Kim Kardashian dressing her daughter as a skunk for some reason to Kaley Cuoco channeling Justin Bieber - it's now time to bask in the ultimate example of cuteness.

Dogs. Kids. Dressing up in matching costumes.

A Banana and a Monkey
This dog is dressed like a banana. This child is dressed like a monkey. And our heart just shattered into a million piece.

There's an ode to Toy Story featured above. And another one to Star Wars.

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Lifetime is set to give viewers the best Christmas present ever.

No matter what Grumpy Cat has to say on the matter.

An actual Grumpy Cat movie will air on Lifetime on November 29 at 8/7c, with the network releasing the first trailer over the weekend for Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever.

What, did you expect this feline would actually be in a festive mood over the winter?

The film brings the Internet sensation to the big screen and features Aubrey Plaza as the voice of the titular pet.

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It doesn't take much to get a cat's attention.

Sometimes, in fact, all it takes is a cat's very own tail. Admittedly, that body part can be especially fascinating.

Other times, something as innocent as a lemon can cause a feline to totally flip out and do battle with an inanimate object, clearing wondering: What the heck is this thing?

And then other times, a cat can become transfixed by, well... we have no idea by what. But good luck breaking the concentration of this adorable furry friend:

What could he possibly be staring at?!? A fly? A neighbor cat? Pictures of Kate Upton nude?

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Think you're excited to crawl into bed after a long and stressful day?

Sorry, but not since the Kim Kardashian sex tape was filmed has anyone had as much fun between the sheets as the canine featured in the following video. 

All he needs is a bed, no humans taking up room in it and watch him flip the eff out now:

This isn't the first time a dog has acted uncontrollably happy for a seemingly mundane reason.

Remember when that Corgi went crazy over seeing that spoon? Or the time when that dog saw a dandelion and just... forget it. He lost his mind.

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Happy belated National Cat Day, pet lovers!

While this holiday took place on October 29, it's never too late to post a few pictures of adorable kittens, is it? Especially when those adorable kittens are being cradled by some of the biggest names in Hollywood?

That's what we thought.

Ian Somerhalder
Ian Somerhalder loves ALL animals. But you'll rarely find him at home without a cat in his arms.

Celebrities who adore their cats run the gamut, from rappers to Glee stars to those who portray members of the undead on The Vampire Diaries.

Not to mention Taylor Swift, of course, the most famous cat lover of them all. She and Olivia Benson have been given their very own photo gallery, after all.

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The following video features a number of kittens recreating the smash hit movie Gone Girl, with one cat voicing the character of Ben Affleck and another voicing the character of Rosamund Pike and...

... we had you at "kittens recreating Gone Girl," didn't we?

Courtesy of the genius folks at The Pet Collective, check out thus purr-fect re-enactment now:

This isn't the first time cats have come to life as iconic movie characters.

Remember Guardicats of the Galaxkitty? Or the time a handful of kittens did their version of the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer? Talk about something that's disturbing and hilarious!

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