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Because she's that big of a star these days, it's been all over the Internet this week that Miley Cyrus' dog died.

The singer described her pain over the loss as "unbearable" and Miley even broke down on stage at one point, overcome with grief. 

A bit melodramatic, sure, but we understand. Losing a pet can be tough, particularly when the death happens in a violent, unexpected fashion as we just learned was the case with Miley's dog, Floyd.

A backup dancer posted a comment on Instagram about Floyd, expressing his condolences (seriously, when celebrities mourn, the whole world mourns.

But when a friend commented on it asking what happened, the dancer accidentally revealed that the dog was killed by a coyote.

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Alanis Morissette claims her fired housekeeper stole her dog and is refusing to give the pet back, effectively holding the pooch for a king's ransom.

The housekeeper, via the video below, tells a different story.

Alanis says the housekeeper took her dog without permission after she was fired; she counters that Alanis abandoned the dog after it shat all over the house.

Morissette and hubby Mario Treadway have since filed a lawsuit trying to get the dog back, and in it, claims her legal efforts are being used against her.

The singer is afraid that the more she protests, the more likely they are to drive up the price of a settlement to return the dog. Yes ... this is a real story.

Treadway says Circus "is not merely a piece of property. He is living and breathing" and each day without him, "[my] heart suffers more and more."

He says their former house manager is ultimately motivated by money and not love, and are just holding the pup in order to score a big payday.

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Well, Internet. You had a nice run.

You posted many hot Kate Upton photos and a lot of funny cat memes and these 19 Essential Taylor Swift GIFs and some other cute stuff, too.

But you might as well retire now. You'll simply never be able to top the following photo gallery.

It combines babies with dogs and cats and sleeping and licking and it's JUST THE MOST ADORABLE THING EVER. It wins. It wins the Internet for all-time.

Don't buy the hype? Click around and you soon will:

21 Pictures of Kids and Pets Being Best Friends Forever
That's it. We can end the Internet now. This is the cutest photo you'll ever see.
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The. Cutest. Photo. Ever.

1. The. Cutest. Photo. Ever.

That's it. We can end the Internet now. This is the cutest photo you'll ever see.

Really, Kid?

2. Really, Kid?

You know the question we need to ask in this picture, don't you? Who is taking whom for a walk?

Black, White, Perfect

3. Black, White, Perfect

This is black, white and totes adorbs. Look how small that dog is!!!

Top of the Head Kiss

4. Top of the Head Kiss

This child plants a kiss on this dog's head and we just wanna curl up and die because it's so cute.

Playing Adorable Doctor

5. Playing Adorable Doctor

It's time for the cutest check-up in Internet history. Take long, deep breaths, dog.

Let's Swing!

6. Let's Swing!

Only one thing is more fun than going on a swing: going on a swing with your furry best friend!

Very Close Pals

7. Very Close Pals

It's hard to tell who is happier in this photo: The dog or its small, cute owner.

Like Pet, Like Son

8. Like Pet, Like Son

Doesn't this picture just make you want to die??!?! OMG, it... is... SO... cute!

Cutest Seat in the House

9. Cutest Seat in the House

Who needs a chair or a sofa? This little girl has found the best seat in the house.

Dog vs. Child!

10. Dog vs. Child!

We'd like to think these two are engaged in staredown. Who will blink first?!?

In Good Paws

11. In Good Paws

This newborn couldn't be more safe and secure. He's in very good hands... errr, paws.

Polka Dotted Delight

12. Polka Dotted Delight

Polka dots have never looked so adorable. We could stare at this picture for hours.

A Group Hug

13. A Group Hug

It's time for a group hug! Come on, get in here everyone!

Giant Dog, Small Owner

14. Giant Dog, Small Owner

This dog's head is bigger than half this girl's body. And the resulting image is adorable.

Kid and Cat Seat

15. Kid and Cat Seat

AWWW! This isn't just a car seat. It's a car and cat seat!

Group Chill Time

16. Group Chill Time

Someone forgot to give this pug the message: it's time to lie down and relax, buddy.

Staring at the Snow

17. Staring at the Snow

Hey, look, it's snowing! Get dressed, kid, let's go play!

Totally AWWW-inspiring

18. Totally AWWW-inspiring

This toddler and his pet are taking a nap together and we may very well melt right here on the spot.

Cuddle Buddies

19. Cuddle Buddies

Shhh... it's nap time. This baby and his dog are catching some ZZZZs together.

A Pair of Pouts

20. A Pair of Pouts

Hey, kid, why the long face? Do you wanna go play with a ball or something?

Adorable Peering

21. Adorable Peering

Hey, what's out there? Can you tell? I can't see anything!

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We'll admit: it doesn't get any cuter than this puppy and this baby taking naps together everyday. It just doesn't.

But the following video at least comes close, and not just because it also features a dog and baby. Nor because the dog's name is Scooby (totes adorbs!).

But the footage is comprised of a Great Dane really, really wanting to cuddle up and kiss the tiny human being lying next to him.

Does it get any sweeter? Especially when you consider the canine's head is the same size as his little owner? Watch now:

We tried to warn you. Cuteness personified.

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Ready to meet the world's most patient cat?

In the following video, we're introduced to puppies named Storm and Shadow who, in turn, are being introduced to a feline named Finn.

At first one dog feels the unusual creature out. Then the other does the same.

They circle, they sniff, they act altogether very confused; all while Finn sits patiently and waits for his new friends to make up their minds.

And then they realize... this animal is willing to play! Hooray! Let's have fun and do this!

It's safe to say the above interaction went better than the time this dog got freaked out by this hidden cat.

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You do NOT want to mess with cats.

The only case in point you need? This feline totally owning this woman.

But what about when cats mess with you? And what about when this takes place first thing in the morning?

In the following video compilation, we see a number of pet cats greeting their owners at what appears to be dawn. Or very close to it at least.

Are they psyched to see these cute little cats? Not exactly...

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The world runs on small, furry, adorable creatures. Like puppies. (The Internet, however, runs on cats, just to be clear.)

The world also runs on "Happy" right now and for the foreseeable future as well. (Please don't let "Happy" end.)

What happens when PUPPIES recreate "Happy"? And awesplosion that will make even the grinchiest of hearts grow a full three sizes, that's what.

See for yourself.

You DO deserve a treat, puppy! YOU DO! This is me barking along and wagging my tail right along with you!

Yes, let's cuddle!

The pug at 1:16! OMG!

A happy dog DOES make a happy human. So here are some more adorable and happy dog videos to make your Friday afternoon happier.

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When his owner is away, this dog will play.

In a hilarious new viral video, a woman leaves a hidden camera on in an attempt to find out whether her adorable canine jumps on the bed in her absence.

And it takes very little time for us to learn the answer.

Watch now as this pet barely hesitates before leaping up and rubbing himself on the sheets, all while a disapproving cat looks on calmly... until the dog tries to engage it in its mischievous activity, that is:

The only thing more exciting for a dog than an empty bed? Welcoming its owner home after many months away.

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The world might run on Dunkin' but the Internet runs on viral videos of cats and dogs being adorable and silly and funny and did we mention adorable? 

Because yeah. That. 

What happens when puppies and kittens are used to parody viral Internet videos? Amazing things, that's what. Super amazing--and ADORABLE--things that make us positively giddy.

Take, for instance, "First Lick," a Jimmy Fallon parody.

You only THOUGHT that First Kiss video was great. 

Stop what you're doing RIGHT THIS SECOND and watch this Jimmy Fallon parody video. OMG THE CUTE I CAN'T EVEN HANDLE THE CUTE!!

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Warning: The following video WILL make you cry.

But it will also make you laugh.

Because we were so moved by this video of dogs welcoming their military owner back after his stint in Iraq, we've gone ahead below and upped the adorable, emotional ante.

That's right, it's an entire compilation of dogs greetings their owners after a very long time apart, with all canines going totally crazy one and literally jumping out of his car in excitement.

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