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Take note, Justin Bieber and Drake Bell.

Observe carefully, Joan Rivers and Kim Kardashian.

If a dog and a mailman can get along, there's hope for all of you yet.

Indeed, the following footage features the world's greatest owner giving his canine a very simple command... and then sitting back while the dog sprints over to his long-time rival, a postal worker, and calmly retrieves the man's mail.

Can't we all just get along? Yes, folks. Sometimes we can.

Who is more impressive, this magazine-fetching friend... or this diaper-changing dog?

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Taylor Swift posted an adorable Instagram video of her sleeping kitten Olivia Benson on a plane, and it's pretty darn ... well, it's adorable. We know, we said that.

But seriously. Liv is an aggressive sleeper, Taylor tells us, and this proves it:

Also notable in this video, ostensibly about the drowsy, fluffy Ms. Benson?

Taylor Swift without makeup! Her fresh-faced look marks a change of pace from her usual appearance, and she looks even more strikingly beautiful.

The singer is, shall we say, a bit of a perfectionist at times when it comes to her image, so it was a surprise, and a pleasant one, to see her au naturel.

Not that she didn't look pulled together in mid-flight. Au contraire.

Even her casual attire looks breathlessly flawless. It's almost annoying. And that summery, floral outfit is totes adorbs, perfectly complimenting her features.

Oh yeah. And cute cat too, Tay.

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Amazing Jumping Cat is back!

The impressive feline - who first captured our attention in November with leaps of over six feet - has returned in a new viral video featuring the furry creature flying through nearly seven feet of air.

Always in pursuit of a toy hung from the ceiling, Nya-Suke is captured below from a variety of angles.

Might his owner have better things to do with his time than set up multiple many camera shots and set this footage to some majestic music? He might.

But we're sure glad he doesn't! 

We can think of a certain chubby cat who could benefit from a jumping lesson or two.

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It will be difficult for any video to ever top the cuteness of this dog showing this baby how to crawl.

But that doesn't mean the following kitten and Pit Bull won't give it their best shot!

In positively adorable footage making its way around the Internet, a little cat takes a few moments to give his close pal a face massage, as the canine lies contently in his bed, barely making a move.

Finally, the cat realizes the dog has the right idea, curling up alongside him and taking a nap. It's as endearing as any video involving two animals can be:

This patient Pit Bull nearly puts this patient cat to shame, doesn't he?

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Before Kaley Cuoco married Ryan Sweeting, the actress says she warned her husband-to-be that she has several other loves in her life: her three rescue pit bulls.

Keley Cuoco and Norman

Her affection for her dogs led Kaley to respond on Twitter yesterday to a Time magazine article detailing the scars and and injuries suffered by a 3-year-old girl following a horrific pit bull attack:

"Many of u asked if I read the Time magazine article about 'killer pit bulls,'" Cuoco tweeted. "I just did. I have to take a Twitter break. I can't stomach this anymore."

The Time article stemmed from an incident in Jackson, MS, in which a woman was asked to escort her granddaughter from a KFC restaurant, as the young girl's facial scarring and eye patch were bothering the other patrons.

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It's official, and officially adorable: dogs love soccer!

Over the past several days, we've posted one video of a dog playing striker and goalie, along with another of a canine excitingly watching the World Cup.

Now, THG presents a Labrador Retriever who totally riveted by Sunday's Portugal-United States match, one that ended in disaster for the Americans when their opponent tied the score at 2 in the waning seconds.

But perhaps watching this dog's reaction to that stunning goal will make anyone associated with the U.S. feel a bit better:

Seriously, can ESPN just include a box in the corner of its screen of this dog watching every World Cup game going forward?

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The following video will break your heart. And lift your spirit.

Produced by the animal rescue organization Hope for Paws, it chronicles the journey of a dog named Theo.

After being abandoned by his owners, the canine was found under a trailer in Compton, California. His hair was all matted. He was initially terrified by human touch and/or interaction.

But Hope for Paws took Theo in, cleaned him up, nourished him and, within two weeks, the dog's tail was wagging and he was happily enjoying the company of two other rescues.

Watch this incredible, inspiring transformation now:

Last year, Hope for Paws posted the video of a dog saved from a trash heap and nursed back to health.

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Let's be clear: Footage of a dog and a baby doing pretty much anything is adorable.

Consider this baby laughing at its pet eating popcorn... or these photos of a dog and a baby napping together.

But the following video trumps all similar videos that have come before it. Because it features a dog teaching its very small owner how to crawl. Seriously. For real.

Titled “Buddy’s Baby Crawling School,” the video starts with the child in question struggling with how to move on all fours... only for her furry friend to then scurry into position and show her how it's done.

This is, literally, the cutest thing you will see on the Internet in 2014:

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Lady Gaga's bizarre fashion sense has earned her plenty of criticism, but a photo the singer posted to Instagram recently is creating even more controversy than Gaga's own onstage attire:

Lady Gaga's Dog

That's Gaga's French bulldog, Asia, and while the singer clearly posted the pic as a joke, animal right's activist groups like PETA are finding the photo anything but funny.

"Lady Gaga may choose to decorate herself with elaborate and even uncomfortable outfits, but Asia doesn't get to make that choice," said PETA in a statement posted on the organization's website. 

"Though it seems clear that Lady Gaga loves Asia, we think Asia - and all dogs - are adorable without the added flair."

Gaga has yet to respond to the criticism, which is not surprising, as we're sure the Mother Monster's publicists are working overtime these days:

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Think this dog is excited to eat?

Okay, he clearly is.

But so is the Corgi in the following video, as the little guy does a happy dance in honor of his breakfast being poured, sporadically pulling the mat on which his bowl rests closer and closer to him, lest anyone gank his meal.

You best hurry up and chow down, buddy...

In the mood for more adorable Corgi action?

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