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A Detroit woman allegedly trying to "protect" her pet dog from a stray cat ended up paying a painful price in an amazing viral video making the rounds today.

Short story: Even if you dislike cats, do not attempt to shoo them away by kicking snow in one's face. Cats possess agile, ninja-like skills and precision.

Don't make one retaliate. Not worth the risk. If you do, this might happen:

After the cat responds by pouncing on her and mauling her grill, it choke-slams her to the ground like a WWE wrestler before she beats a hasty retreat.

That's a Top 10 Internet Cat Fight right there ... albeit a one-sided one.

Holding her injured head, she leaves the dog she was allegedly "protecting" behind as the cat approaches the unattended fence. WAY TO GO LADY!

Hopefully the dog decided to take heed and let the visitor do its thing. Usually they just wanna prowl and be left alone anyway. No need to start $h!t.

While the woman clearly didn't expect the cat to attach itself to her face in response to her actions, you can't blame the critter for reacting like that.

No one likes snow.

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If the world runs on Dunkin', the Internet runs on animals. 

Seriously. Animals do crazy and awesome and hilarious things and sometimes it's like the do it just so we can laugh at  with them. 

Here are 13 animal photobombs guaranteed to make even the grinchiest Grinch smile. 

Thinking Cat Thinks

Cat 1: "I'll just sit down in my thinking chair and think." Cat 2: "That's what you think, sucker!"

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In case a post about Macaulay Culkin and his pizza-loving band wasn't enough for your Monday, here's a little throwback to his younger years to help you through the afternoon slump.

It features puppies and the now-iconic Christmas classic Home Alone. Put the two together and the results are funny and adorable.

Because puppies!!

Order up a cheese pizza and watch as pug Kevin outwits the bad guy bears!

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Sunny Obama is serious about dog biscuits and he'll mow down a toddler to prove it!

Despite Michelle Obama's attempts to hold the excited dog back, the First Family's second Portuguese water dog knocked a two-year old girl over at a recent White House function.

No worries though. The little girl is fine and immediately set about petting the pup while the dog gave her kisses (i.e. licked the food crumbs from the girl's face. Probably. Toddlers are notoriously crumb-riddled.)

Knowledge that the little girl was okay did not stop the internet from erupting with hilarious and satirical tweets about the event.

Sunny Obama 1

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Is it too late to add a sport to the Winter Olympics? Because we're lobbying HARD for a Synchronized Kittens competition.

These kitty siblings from Italy would totally win the gold medal. 


Is there a tennis match happening in that bathroom? Are they seeing aliens? Does it even matter?

No, no it does not matter. All that matters is how adorable these furry felines are, and man they ARE adorable. And hypnotic. 

We dare you not to smile at their cuteness. (Seriously. If you can not smile at this, you might be a robot.)

Synchronized Kittens Do Adorable Things

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If you thought Ian Somerhalder and his cat Moke were adorable, wait until you get a look at Yankee the St. Bernard and his cuddly kitten friends.

Yankee the St. Bernard Curls Up With Kittens

Yankee, a 9 year old St. Bernard, lives on an Iowa farm with his feline friends. Each night he curls up with the kittens to keep them warm.

Keegan Vansoelen, the farmer who owns the animals, says that the animals pal around together like this in the summer, too. 

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Seeing Ian Somerhalder pose with his cat Moke for People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive 2013 spread might be as hot as seeing Channing Tatum wear his baby girl.

Ian Somerhalder alone is swoon-worthy, but Ian plus cute and furry four-legged friends? Super hot. 

Somerhalder, who plays Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries, rescued his orange-haired kid while filming Lost in Hawaii.

He reveals to the magazine that he used to put Moke on a leash and take him for walks on the beach.

The cat apparently helped him get a lot of dates, but it's Ian Somerhalder so Moke was probably just a lovely bonus for those lucky ladies.

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While the world is reeling from the news that Paul Walker died over the weekend, a South Jersey family's grief hit a little closer to home.

Karen Quigley said goodbye to Elwood, her well-loved but very ugly dog. The Chinese Crested-Chihuahua mix died in his owner's arms on Thanksgiving morning. They say all dogs go to heaven, right?

"The best part was he did not suffer," Quigley said. "I couldn't be more proud that people who haven't met him loved him...I couldn't be more proud."

Elwood was only 2 when he first began turning heads with his unique looks. In 2007, he was named the World's Ugliest Dog at the annual competition held in Petaluma, California at the Sonoma-Marin Fair.

"He's very confident in his looks," Quigley said. The dog's life lesson, according to his owner, is that "you don't have to be perfect to be special."

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Challenge extended, dog who can balance anything on your head.

Yes, you are cute. And you sure are talented.

But the cat in the following video is named Scotty and he can sit up and lick a lollipop! Just like a human being can and often does!

It's extremely adorable, though we caution readers to perhaps watch without their volume turned on. Scotty's owners are a bit frightening in their encouragement of this unusual action.

See what we mean now:

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It doesn't get much cuter than pets riding around on a Roomba.

Unless we're talking about a puppy napping with a baby.

But it might not get much more talented, pet-wise, than this canine named Scout.

As you can tell in the following photos, Scout is a master at balancing stuff on his head. Such as computers. Or cat food bowls. Or bundles of asparagus.

The pictures, appropriately, are courtesy of a site called

Dog Balances Laptop

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