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This is one of the cutest videos you'll ever see.

It features a dog who clearly loves to play fetch, wondering why the man on the park bench does not share his affinity for this really fun game.

Nevermind the fact that this man is a statue made of metal. Why won't he play with me?!?

Watch the hilarious footage now:

Dogs, huh?

You've gotta love 'em. Even when they have bad hair days and even when they don't comprehend just how big they are.

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We've seen many impressive rescues over the years.

There was the actions of Hero Cat, of course, saving the life of a toddler from a ferocious canine; and there was even Ryan Gosling, coming to the aid of a pedestrian in New York City.

But the following footage may be difficult to beat.

This video features the impressive work of men who amazingly found a cat stuck inside the car springs of Toyota Land Cruiser.

How did it get there? We have no idea. But the efforts of these folks to save the animal, along with their excited reactions once they are successful, will leave a giant smile on your face:

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Animals are better than people. It's true. And a fact universally acknowledged and accepted by people who know.

Like those of us here at The Hollywood Gossip.

We know our Kardashians and we know our animals. And while North West is an adorable celebrity baby, there is absolutely nothing more adorable than animals who think they're humans.

From lounging poolside to helping themselves to lunch to surfing, animals can do it all, even WITHOUT opposable thumbs. Who needs those anyway!?! (Humans, that's who...)

Below, check out 17 animals who seem to think they're human. Let's not tell them the truth, okay? Let's spare their very cute feelings.

Life Is a Highway
And these dogs just want to drive, you guys!!

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Talk about a seriously unexpected animal friendship.

The following gallery tells the sad/inspiring story of Breeze, a foal who was abandoned by his mother and found wandering around by a farmer.

The horse was taken taken to the Mare and Foal Sanctuary, where what happened to him next was both adorable and heartwarming: the owners tried to make their new animal feel at home by providing him with a stuffed teddy bear as a roommate.

And it worked better than anyone could have imagined! Click through the following images to see what we mean and prepare to be blown away. Does it get any cuter than this?!?

Horse Makes Unexpected Friend
This is adorable: a horse who was abandoned by his mother has found an unexpected companion in this stuffed bear.

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Loyal THG readers have already viewed a video of this dog playing soccer.

Perhaps they've also watched this canine cheer on the World Cup.

But the folks over at Mashable are here to prove that felines can get into the FIFA action as well, especially when set against the backdrop of heavy metal music.

That's how the following cats roll (and kick and save and take cooling breaks), as they sort of reenact some of the more famous World Cup goals to date.

Watch and laugh now:

Not bad, right?

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We didn't think it would ever get more emotional than a formerly blind dog seeing its family for the first time. But...

The following video featured a dog named Seco in Passo Fundo, Brazil.

He accompanied his owner to a local hospital for what the man believed would be a routine visit, only for him to be told he has melanoma and needs immediate surgery.

Hours turned into days - and Seco didn't budge. He refused to leave the parking lot, as staff members brought the puppy food and water until he was finally reunited with his owner eight days later.

Watch the heartwarming reunion below:

Do you need a moment or three?

We understand. Once you recover, check out these other examples of dog's acting as Man's Best (Occasionally Annoying) Friend:

Muddy Buddy
This is why most owners keep their dogs on a leash. And this is why most dogs do not want to be on a leash.

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Good news, blonde Adam Levine: someone out there is having an even worse hair day than you are!

Okay, actually, that may not be true.

But the following photo gallery features 11 dogs who can totally relate to the criticism aimed at that singer after he dyed his brown locks a much lighter shade.

Seriously, owners, is it so hard to take your canine to get groomed every now and then? Are you too busy feeding your dog corn to bother?

Pity these poor puppies and their embarrassing appearances below and think of them the next time you just can't get those pieces of hair to remain in place...

Black, White and Messy
Smile, pup! You may be having a bad hair day, but you're still very adorable.

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We're equal opportunity pet lovers here at The Hollywood Gossip, but there's something about big dogs that just make us go all mushy in our heart parts.

Especially when those big dogs don't seem to be aware that they're quite so big.

Admit it. You've always wanted to snuggle with a St. Bernard. You know you have.

If you're lucky enough to be loved by a dog, you know just how adorable it is when they're completely unaware of their size and try to do the things their smaller counterparts do.

You also know how difficult it is to hide the Scooby Snacks on top of the fridge when the dog is as tall as the fridge. Yeah. #BigDogProblems #TheStruggleIsReal

Take a look below at 21 enormous canines who are under the VERY false, sometimes painful impression that they're actually lap dogs...

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Who says dogs can't smile?

Seriously... who?!?

We challenge this individual to maintain such a stance when faced with the following video. It features a Golden Retriever sitting quietly and patiently as its owner strums the guitar, clearly very happy with the situation.

But when the guy stops? Even just for a second?

You won't believe how his pet reacts:

Many believe that Golden Retrievers are the cutest breed of dog out there - and it's difficult to argue with this stance.

Just consider this Golden Retriever eating corn like a human and this Golden Retriever... who adopted a rescue kitten!!!

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Time lapse videos are all the rage these days.

There was this beautiful example of a husband singing an original song while his pregnant wife blossomed... along with this father compiling 14 years of footage from his daughter's life into a couple adorable minutes.

Now it's time to meet Dunder.

The owner of this German Shepherd started taking one photo per week of Dunder when he was 8 weeks old. He continued this pattern until Dunder was a full year and then he spliced the photos together in one video.

The result? In a mere 40 seconds, we witness Dunder sprout from a puppy to an adult. It's cool, fun and very very cute. Watch now:

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