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We have another contender for Worst Pet Owner in the World.

A couple days after a woman responded to a Craigslist ad because someone threatened to shoot his dog, and a couple weeks after a man actually blew his canine up, we have news of a four-month old kitten who is fighting for its life.

After being doused in gasoline and set on fire.

A $5,000 reward has been established to catch the awful people involved, as the cat continues to struggle with no whiskers and severely singed ears.

Watch the sad report now and let's all hope the little guy pulls through:

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We've seen dogs act as ambulances and as lions in a Chinese zoo.

But one family recently decided to help its canine unknowingly serve as a dentist, tying a string to their son's loose tooth... attaching an end to their four-legged pet... and then coaxing him away at full speed with a treat.

The result? A successfully pulled loose tooth!

Watch the impressive, hilarious, helpful feat now:

And if you're looking for more adorable animals videos, it doesn't get any cuter than this puppy running while sleeping.

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They say you can find anything on Craigslist.

Including, apparently, a second chance for a dog with the world's worst owner.

Liz Pendleton told an Illinois Fox affiliate this week that she spotted an ad on that website that simply read "Dog needs gone or shot" and, naturally, "had to pick him up" from nearby Morrisonville.

Dog Craig's List Ad

"I couldn't leave him," Pendleton added to KMOV.

"The ad had only been up for an hour and a half, but I didn't want to take any chances of him getting hurt so I left within the half hour of seeing the ad myself."

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Abby Wetherell, 12, struggled desperately to escape a black bear that was mauling her on a dirt trail in Northern Michigan - and lived to tell about it.

Abby W

"I was just thinking, 'This is it, I'm not going to live, I'm going to die here,'" she told the Associated Press in an interview Monday from her home.

Abby, who is still recovering from deep cuts to her left thigh and back, said, "I was really worried about my family, to think they would find me like that."

The seventh-grader was attacked as she jogged at dusk Thursday near her grandfather's cabin in a wooded area outside Cadillac, 200 miles from Detroit.

Wildlife experts don't know what caused a bear to attack Abby, but it happened as she embarked on the trek home from her grandpa's house to hers.

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A couple in Murfreesboro, Tennessee were arrested this week after stealing a puppy from a pet store in one of this summer's least stealthy crimes.

As seen in the following video, the woman simply stuffs the dog - a rare Pekingese valued at $750 - in her shirt and walks away, seemingly unaware of the surveillance camera trailing her every move.

Watch now:

Once footage of the burglary hit local news, a police officer recognized the woman at his next door neighbor and swooped in for the easy arrest.

The puppy has since been returned unharmed and the two juveniles were taken into custody. They will likely face felony charges.

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Move over, Bo Obama. There's a new cutie in town.

The White House announced today via Twitter that a black Portuguese water dog has joined the company of the Commander-in-Chief, telling its 35 million followers in a simple message:

"Welcome to the family, Sunny."

Sunny Obama Picture

No information about Sunny's age, origins or political leanings have been released, but his breed was likely selected due to Malia Obama's allergies.

We'll run as detailed a background check on this canine as we can over the next few days. For now, though, even Orson Scott Card would have to agree:

Sunny is quite the adorable addition.

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Now almost a month old, His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, a.k.a. the Royal Baby, is back for a second round of pictures.

The Royal Baby photos released one day after his birth July 22 were very special, but the world has eagerly awaited more ever since. Now the wait is over.

And it was worth it. Here's young George with his glowing, proud parents:

Royal Baby Portrait

Aww. Honestly, what's not to love about this couple and their new addition?

Prince William and Kate Middleton may not be getting a lot of sleep, but you wouldn't know it from this shot of the happy couple with their little son.

Follow the jump for a second family photo, featuring their dog Lupo!

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Forget a cat riding a Roomba while dressed like a shark.

That video is so earlier this month.

In our latest footage of a pet doing something ridiculously cute, a man named Sean Sweat decided recently that he wanted to ride his motorcycle with his cat as a passenger.

But, have no fear, Mr. Sweat gave this idea plenty of safe thought, storing the cat inside a hamster ball that had been tested on the vehicle up to speeds of 140 miles per hour prior to becoming the quasi seat belt of a kitten.

Watch how it went down now:


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When is a scrape not just a scrape?

When that scrape turns out to be the hatching of a tiny sea snail inside a little boy's knee. We know: EWWWW!

Four-year old Paul Franklin was on vacation with his family in Spooner's Cove, California recently when he fell and hurt his knee.

No big deal, right? Paul's mom Rachel cleaned and dressed the cut and the child moved on with his life… until the wound remained unhealed a few weeks later.

After noticing her son's knee was turning black and with antibiotics not solving the problem, Rachel drained the body part - and shrieked when a black snail shot out of it! Watch this video for more:

All is well that ends well, however, no matter how gross:

Paul has kept the snail and named him Turbo.

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We've seen some unusual animal videos in our time.

Did you watch coverage of this Chinese Zoo, which tried to pass a dog off as a lion?

But the following footage ranks right up there in terms of strangeness: it's of an owner vacuuming a duck and seemingly making the pet's day.

The video simply raises so many questions: Who has a duck for a pet? How did this individual realize that said duck enjoys being vacuumed? And why does he enjoy being vacuumed?!?

Watch now and try to gain some understanding for yourself:

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