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For the record, Miley Cyrus is a feminist.

So is Courtney Stodden.

But the following felines are decidedly NOT part of this movement. Not at all. Not even a little bit.

In what appears to be a strange response to the even stranger hashtag #WomenAgainstFeminism, someone has created a Tumblr titled “Confused Cats Against Feminism."

Really, it's unclear why it exists, but it's even more unclear why anyone should care... because it's totally hilarious!!!

Why, you're likely wondering, are cats against feminism? For reasons that range from food to vacuums to work to, well, food again. Flip through and learn more:

DON'T Work It, Girl!
Seriously, women. Lie down and relax with us.

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We wouldn't exactly say the cat featured in the following video is naughty and should be publicly shamed.

But you can tell he kinda sorta wants to be.

Confused and combative, this kitten is totally freaked out by a ceramic version of himself... flipping, spinning, rolling around and trying to attack the statue like some kind of ninja.

Why? Who knows. Should you watch this hilarity right this very instant? Heck yes!

If only this thing had been a deer, the cat would have snuggled right up to it.

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Darn it. Just when we thought the decades-long feud between dogs and mailmen was over...

The following footage depicts a mailman on his typical route, preparing viewers for what he knows is on the way: an angry dog running as fast as he can to attack his mortal enemy... oblivious to the chain-link fence surrounding his yard.

SPLAT! Yes, the dog runs directly into the fence and, no, it's impossible not to laugh.

But the sad aspect of this video is that the mailman took it, clearly planning to release it online and embarrass the canine. So much for the end to their feud, huh?

This isn't the first time dogs have had trouble with fences.

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In February, we shared the story of Beau and Theo, a baby and a puppy who take naps together every single day.

Now, it's time to meet Eisleigh and Clyde, an eight-week old girl and 10-week old pit bull who are giving Beau and Theo a run for their adorable money.

These North Carolina residents belong to a 25-year old named Brandi Hodges and her fiancé, Madison Hatton, who have been sharing photos of the cute young pals on Instagram.

And melting the Internet into tiny little pieces with each and every one. Keep quiet to let these two nap and check out their precious pictures now:

Baby and Puppy Nap Time
Does it get any cuter than a baby and a puppy taking a nap together?

This isn't the only example of babies and puppies getting along, of course.

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Anderson Pooper is here to once again prove the inner strength and determination of dogs everywhere.

This seven-year old dachshund is paralyzed and uses a custom cart to get around, but that didn’t stop the canine from enterining the Star 101.5 Wiener Dog Race at Emerald Downs in Seattle.

The competition marked Pooper’s first foray into racing, but let’s hope it isn’t his last.

Watch the inspiring pup sprint down the muddy coarse in the following video:

Earlier this month, we posted GIFs of dogs playing fetch in their wheelchairs, while also introducing the world to Turbo, a two-legged puppy who gets around on a cart made of toy.

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Sorry, Great Dane Who Refuses to Wake Up and Dog Who Teaches Baby to Crawl.

You are no longer the cutest animals on the planet.

That honor has now fallen to Bubu, a chinchilla with her very own Instagram account and over 100,000 followers.

On a daily basis, these followers watch Bubu drink tea, iron clothing, admire herself in the mirror, sell popcorn and maybe even date Alvin the Chipmunk.

You can follow Cute Bubu online and you can get to know this ridiculously cute animal via the following photo gallery:

Chinchilla Drinks Tea
This Chinchilla has a stressful life. It's time for a tea break.

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As has sadly been documented over the past few weeks, dogs often have a hard time letting go.

Remember this case of a pet who refused to leave the side of his owner's corpse, despite the 100-degree temperature in Oklahoma City? Terribly sad stuff.

Below, we chronicle a similarly sad story, though it's one with a happier ending:

Among the many animal rescues featured recently on THG, one poodle lived for over a year under the shed of his dead owner's home. The neighbors provided him with food and water, but he refused to leave until workers from Hope for Paws arrived.

Watch them bring this canine back to life and be moved to tears by the transformation of this dog and many other four-legged friends now:

Poodle Rescued, Revived from Late Owner's Shed
This dog lived under the shed of his late owner's home for over a year. Watch his amazing rescue/transformation story here.

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Some dogs refuse to go to sleep, melting our hearts in the adorable process.

Other dogs, however, get angry when you interrupt their sleep, especially when it's really early in the morning. Isn't that right, Great Dane puppy?

The following canine can totally relate to the latter situation, as his owner tries to get him moving... only to be met by some back talk and a pet who simply will not budge.

You tell her, Copper! What's the rush anyway?!?

There is one way to get this dog, and most dogs, out of bed, however.

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WARNING: You may wish to view the following video with ear plugs in.

WARNING #2: You may not stop smiling for hours after doing so.

The footage below depicts a schnauzer’s reaction to seeing a family member return after a two-year absence.

At first, the dog jumps for joy and emits a piercing shriek that leaves his owner confused and laughing. The canine then topples over and briefly passes out from excitement.


It's okay to watch and enjoy because the owner says the dog was later taken to the vet and everything checked out fine.

For more excitingly adorable pet action, check out this video of a dog crying in the lap of its soldier best friend.

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As previously documented, dogs can have plenty of fun in wheelchairs.

And they can also inspire.

In the following photo gallery, we’re introduced to Turbo, a chihuahua puppy born with two legs as the result of a genetic defect.

But does this mean he’s destined to live a short, unfufilled life? Heck no, not with the the staff at the Downtown Veterinarian in Indianapolis having a say.

Using a toy helicopter and a toy welding kit, the doctors there have made Turbo an unusually awesome temporary solution before he’s old enough to be fitted with a cart.

"We just wanted him to be able to get used to the feeling of a cart,” says the facility’s manager, Amy Birk. “It allows him to get up and use his legs a few minutes a day in addition to his physical therapy. Using toys just seemed logical because he is so small and it had to be very light.”

Check out Turbo and his amazing wheelchair now... and prepare to breakout a few tissues!

Turbo and His Wheelchair
This is amazingly awesome. Little Turbo is moving around in a wheelchair constructed out of toys.

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