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A drink guy who stole a cat felt so bad the next day that he confessed and posted an apology on Craigslist, in hopes of ensuring the feline's safe return.

Django was nabbed by a guy in Chico, Calif., last week. He claims he thought he was rescuing a stray, only to see Django's collar the following morning.

Uh oh.

Stolen Cat

The cat-napper describes Django as a frisky black kitty with sleepy eyes, and while he appears stoned, he doesn't think he is. Let's hope not, anyway.

So if he belongs to you, the thief feels terrible about what he did and would like to return him. Mostly for your sake and the pet's, although also for his.

He's been feeding Django cheese, and does not own a litter box.

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A two-toned lobster caught in the area of Owls Head, Maine, may be the coolest ever.

How cool is it? The fishermen who found it gave it a new home at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, rather than next to a dish of butter and a side of coleslaw.

The rare crustacean is two-toned, symmetrically. Check him out in the video below:

A genetic mutation, and a particularly uncommon one at that, led to this two-toned lobster's creation. It occurs in roughly one in 50 million lobsters.

Even more rare, and not quite as cool? An albino lobster, at 1-in-100,000,000.

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Excuse us please. We may need a few moments...

Sarah Silverman, a comedian known a lot more for her raunch than her emotion (did you read her quips at the James Franco Roast?!?) has tugged at the heartstrings of anyone with a pulse via an "obituary type thing" she penned on WhoSay this weekend in honor of her late dog, Duck.

"Duck left me today but I forgive him," Silverman wrote late last night, adding that the canine she rescued 14 years ago was "a happy dog, though serene. And stoic. And he loved love."

Sarah Silverman, Dog

Over the past few years, Duck had grown deaf, blind and arthritic - and when he stopped eating, Silverman couldn't deny the inevitable any longer.

"I couldn't figure out this hunger strike. Duck had never been political before. And then, over the weekend, I knew. It was time to let him go," she wrote.

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Kittens on slides? Now that's the recipe for an adorable video montage.

Which someone made, obviously, 'cause the Internet looooves cats!

And then some Photos, GIFs, videos. The Internet is MADE of cats.

There's really not much more analysis we can offer here.

Nor should we. Just do as the web intended when it was first created and giggle with joy at the cutest clips of kittens crawling up and slipping down slides.

You're welcome.

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You just returned to work after a three-day weekend.

You want to ease back into it, not read about Lamar Odom's cocaine habit or debate your colleagues over the major Fifty Shades of Grey casting news from yesterday.

We get it. You crave simple cuteness this morning, right? Allow us to oblige in that case, via the following home video of a mini French Bulldog trying to get a Great Dane off the couch for a walk.

What happens when tiny animal meets enormous pet? Find out now!

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He is just SO fluffy.

Say hello to Colonel Meow, a cat who recently set the Guinness World Record for longest hair, rocking out with nine-inch long fur that really needs to be seen to be believed.

So go right ahead and take a close look in this video:

The two-year old is owned by Anne Marie Avey and Eric Rosario of Los Angeles and weighs 10 pounds. A trio of veterinarians have confirmed his impressive length to Guinness.

The Colonel is even more of a viral sensation than Tuna the Dog, with over 180,000 Likes on Facebook and an astounding 1.3 million views on his YouTube channel. He's also on Twitter... and Tumblr... and he has his own website.

Yes, it's time to accept the truth: Colonel Meow is far more popular than we were in high school.

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Look out, Kim Kardashian.

Tuna the Dog is coming after your Instagram crown.

The canine was abandoned by the side of the road in San Diego a few months ago and eventually adopted by Courtney Dasher.

Through a series of photos and online postings, Courtney shared Tuna's story with the online world and he has since caught on fire… to the tune of over 400,000 Instagram followers!

Learn a lot more about Tuna in this video:

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Seriously, does it get any cuter than dogs and stairs?

Sometimes, they need help learning how to use them.

Other times, they walk up them backwards.

And in the case of the little Pomeranian below, they take it upon themselves to struggle and struggle... fight and fight... until they can climb over that single stair all on their own. Hooray!

Watch and be AWWW-inspired now:


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The Kia hamsters are back! And more dapper than ever!

And sleeker, sexier and more sophisticated than ever ... not unlike the car they want you to buy, the 2014 Soul. At least that's the hook of the ad (presumably).

Formerly frumpy, the Kia Hamsters are turning themselves into leaner, meaner, head-turning machines. And when they roll up in their Soul, peeps take heed.

Watch as the adorable trio, whose previous TV spots have featured "Black Sheep" and LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem"  hit the gym and shed their furry folds.

Their workout song of choice? Lady Gaga's "Applause".

They LIVE for it. Just like Mother Monster. Watch:

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Grumpy Cat was interviewed live via satellite on Australian TV from her home in Arizona this week, and it went about how you'd expect it would.

The incomparable feline Internet phenom was not what you'd call enthralled, which is pretty consistent with what we've come to expect at this point.

This is Grumpy Cat, after all. She doesn't impress easily.

The primary takeaways from this watershed TV moment:

  1. Host Karl Stefanovic thinks it's beyond hilarious.
  2. Grumps is not impressed in the least.
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