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Hope for Paws might as well just take all our money right now.

Each time this animal rescue organization posts a new video online, we can't help but open our wallets to assist its cause.

In this case, the following footage depicts a stray dog found sleeping in a parking lot. He awakens to a net over his head and flips out in fear.

But perhaps the most amazing aspect of the video is how quickly he calms down once he the workers start to pet him. This little guy is just desperate for affection!

Watch his inspiring journey unfold now:

In the past, Hope for Paws has made us cry by rescuing a dog from a trash heap and giving new life to an abandoned canine.

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Perhaps we've had it wrong all along, people.

As evidenced by a recently-posted video, cats aren't so scared of things after all.

And dogs? Dogs are sometimes far more fearful than their feline frenemies, especially when faced with... well... cats.

Take the case of Chevy, a Golden Retriever who is trying to make his way down some stairs in the following footage, only to be faced with his worst nightmare: a cat!!!! 

What is a dog to do? Step over it? What if it attacks?!? Can't someone help this petrified pup out?!?

In kind of related news, this dog is fascinated by a door stopper.

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Question for cats across the Internet: 

What's the matter?!?

We're all familiar with Grumpy Cat, a feline who has risen to online fame specifically for being in a bad mood.

And we were recently introduced to a bunch of violent cats, who took it upon themselves to attack everything in sight for some reason.

Now, it's time to meet Purrmanently Sad Cat. That’s the awesome nickname given to the pet featured below by Ashley Herring, who has posted pictures of her furry friend on Imgur.

How did he earn such a moniker? The answer is rather apparent...

Cheer Up, Little Guy!
This feline goes by the moniker Purrmanently Sad Cat. It's not hard to see why, is it/

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We're very sorry, cats around the world.

We'll never refer to you as scaredy ever again.

In the following hilarious compilation, cats go on the attack against all kinds of creatures and items, from dogs to vacuum cleaners to a piece of printer paper.

We can only imagine they're practicing for the day when a dog goes after a toddler again and they have a chance to become the next Hero Cat. If so, have no fear, parents.

These fierce felines will be there!

Most of them, at least. Some might be chilling in a hammock.

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Have you ever wondered what a birthday party for a hedgehog and two hamsters would look like?

Well... wonder no more!

Hello Denizen, the same YouTube User responsible for a tiny hamster eating a tiny burrito and a tiny piece of pizza, has posted a new video online.

It features the three small animals mentioned above, all sitting down for a dessert-based meal and all causing us to smile broadly with each bite.

Watch now and try not to do the same:

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Give the following canine an A for effort.

And then signing him up for classes with Crazy Awesome Jumping Cat.

The owner of this very cute dog has captured his pet on video, trying very hard to catch a tennis ball tossed his way.

He gets up in the air in okay fashion, he contorts his body pretty well... but he comes up empty in the end, crashing painfully to the ground and having the embarrassing fall depicted in slow motion.

Is it bad that we can't stop laughing at this?

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Some Pugs out there may be unimpressed by everyday toys.

But others are completely mesmerized by technology.

Take the canine in the following video, for instance. He's so into his owner's iPad and its water app that he begins to lick the screen... over and over and over and over again.

The poor guy. Let's hope he was rewarded for his oblivious cuteness with a big bowl of ice cold aqua.

Perhaps Pugs should just stick to reenacting Home Alone and How to Train Your Dragon.

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What happens when a baby meets a dog?

Sometimes, the dog shows the baby how to crawl.

Other times, the baby laughs hysterically at the dog eating popcorn.

And still other times, the baby and the dog nap together and the Internet collectively melts.

This time, however, the dog gobbles up as many bubbles as he can while the baby sits back and cracks up over the soapy water-eating. Yes, this video is as awesomely adorable as it sound:

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What... is... THIS?!?!

In the latest example of a French Bulldog being totally irresistible (have you see this French Bulldog refuse to sleep? Or these guys host a French Bulldog dance party?), the young canine in the following video makes an amazing discovery:

It's a door stopper! And it's positively mesmerizing!!!

There's really very little to say about this cute footage, except to wonder: Why did the cameraman only capture 54 seconds of it?!? We could watch this little guy's reaction for hours on end.

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The photo of two homeless Pit Bull mixes befriending each other while awaiting adoption at Fulton County Animal Services has gone viral.

And it's easy to see why.

The dogs (named Kyra and Delaware) didn't know each other before they were picked up as strays, but they "like to cuddle together [and] sleep together," according to says the shelter's adoption screener, Kim Meek.

Although this image has been shared thousands of times on Facebook and Twitter, the canines are yet to find a permanent home. Let's all hope and pray that changes soon...

Homeless Pit Bulls

As evidenced by this adorably heartbreaking picture - and this one of gay dads welcoming their baby into the world - love clearly comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes and species.

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