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We already know that Great Danes hate to wake up

They also don't like it when cats try to sneak past them in the kitchen.

And now the following video confirms that at least one Great Dane named Dinky doesn't like it when his fellow pet gets love from his owner.

Watch Dinky throw tantrum that rivals any reaction you've ever seen from any toddler:

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We've all been there, right?

We're surfing our computer, the music is blasting, we're in our underwear, sitting alongside our dog and we just start dancing. And then we start showing our dog how to dance.

And the next thing you know... we're both dancing! Just rocking out, having a good time, nary a care in the world.

Until we later learn our wife has been filming us this entire time. OOPS!

But whatever, man. You keep being you. Dance loud and dance proud with that canine.

We thought nothing could be cuter than canine parents and their puppies, but this human parent and his pet may have proved us wrong. We love it!

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Okay, so here's what we're gonna do...

Let's run out of the house, raring to go. Then, we'll circle around the pool for awhile, gauging the depth and velocity of the current.

I'll jump in and swim around, getting an up close look at the drowning chew toy and figuring out the best angle before I make my move. You spot me. Make sure to act really excited.

Then, I'll dive down and make initial contact. I'll bring the item over to you. You take it in your mouth. I'll leap out and we'll drag the toy to safety as a tandem in order to enjoy its chewiness together, as best friends.

Ready? Set? Let's do this!

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BREAKING NEWS, celebrity gossip fans and pet lovers:

Miley Cyrus has renamed her pig.

About a month ago, Miley introduced Bubba Sue as a new member of her very large animal family.

And while the little guy remains there, the singer took to Instagram yesterday and updated followers on an important name change.

Miley and PIG

"Can't handle the kiewness (ps bubba sue is now legally changed her name to PIG (aka pig pig)," Cyrus wrote as a caption for the above photo.

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Well, this is different. 

And hilarious.

Internet user Lisa Hewus has posted the following video to YouTube, where it racked up over 100,000 views in just two days because… like we said, it’s hilarious.

The footage is of Lisa's cat, who doesn't merely take a sip of water when she's thirsty. She dunks her entire head under the faucet and soaks up the entire drink. Literally!

"I don’t know why she drinks like this, but she’s 15 and has always done it," Hewus says.

Hey, we have no idea why this dog comes to a stop this way, either. But why question it? Let's just enjoy it!

Inception Cat
It's a cat...holding a kitten...which is holding a kitten. Is the top still spinning? Someone get Leo D. on the phone ASAP.

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The following photos are Not Safe for Work.

Because they'll get your in trouble with your boss? No, we're not talking about the new Kim Kardashian nude photos in British GQ here.

Because you'll never be able to get back to work, not after seeing how cute these 13 puppies and their parents are and not after imagining (as we've done many times below) what the elders are telling their offspring.

Some are playing. Others are napping. One tandem is jumping into the pool, GIF style.

But all are ridiculously cute. Sit back and prepare to be AWWWW-inspired now!

Listen up, son...
Photos simply do not come any cuter than this.

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The cockatoo in the following video is giving brand new meaning to the term "bird feeder."

(Sorry, we shouldn't use those words around this Vaseline-soaked squirrel. He's probably still a tad bitter. And sticky.)

According to the description on YouTube, this bird’s name is Spike and he’s happily doing his Great Dane friends a major solid by tossing numerous treats their way.

The dogs can barely eat as many Milk Bones as Spike is throwing from the kitchen counter, but we doubt they mind.

We just wonder if they'll be able to return the favor later on and somehow provide Spike with some seed...

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It's official: one cannot remain angry at a pug. It's physically and emotionally impossible.

In the following video, the owner of a young dog named Bandit tries to explain to the canine how he can fix some unruly behavior. It would be nice, for instance, if Bandit stopped chasing around cats.

That's not an unreasonable request. But it's also not something the owner can be too stern about, considering Bandit's response to this guilt trip.

He sits. He listens. He stares down in shame. And he looks at his master with the widest, cutest eyes you will ever see in your entire life.

Seriously, you MUST watch how this pet reacts to being chastised:

And here with thought the most adorable thing a pug ever did was recreate the movie Elf.

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It doesn't take much for a baby and a dog to melt our hearts.

Sure, it helps when the dog is showing the baby how to crawl.

And it's a boon when the baby is laughing at the dog eating bubbles.

But sometimes it just takes a baby sitting alongside its furry friend to win over the Internet, as evidenced by the following photo - which, we can only presume, depicts a staring contest between a pair of adorable little creatures.

Baby vs. Dog!

Who blinked first? What were the stakes? For how long did this go on?

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We humans can't do everything ourselves.

Fortunately, Man's Best Friend is well aware of this fact and is only too happy to offer a hand paw at times. 

Like when we need help changing a baby's diaper... or when we return home after a massive shopping spree.

The following video features a bullmastiff named Millie (who belongs to Gail Mackie of Kincardine, Scotland), who has somehow learned to pick up grocery bags in his mouth and bring them into his house.

Watch him grab an especially large one toward the end of this footage and see how excited he gets to make his master happy. So very cute.

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