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Taylor Swift may have one reason to be sad at the moment: three men were arrested this week for breaking into her mansion.

But the singer also has a reason to feel happy - and her name is Olivia Benson.

Yes, that's the awesome, Law & Order-based moniker Swift has given to her new kitten, an adorable pet the artist shared with fans on Instagram yesterday.

Taylor Swift, Cat

Taylor is clearly excited about the addition, though the same can't be said for Swift's other cat, Meredith.

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Let's just get right to it:

The dog in the following photo looks very much like the male reproductive organ.

So admits the owner of this unnamed canine himself, who posted the picture on imgur and wrote as a simple headline to the image: My dog looks like a hairy black penis.

We mean... it's true, don't you think?

Dog Resembles Penis

We're not judging.

We just like to point out unexpected resemblances, such as Miley Cyrus' knee and Seth Rogen... or this Satanist and Taylor Swift.

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Leningrad Zoo in St. Petersburg, Russia recently adopted a homeless cat that found its way into a lynx’s enclosure and made a home for itself there.

Does it take us by surprise that an animal who typically exists in solitude would welcome this domestic feline into his world?

Yes... but also no, not when considering other unexpected animal friendships over the years.

Few videos in the past several months have been as moving as this goat reuniting with this donkey, while we could watch this dog and elephant play in the water for days on end.

It's a brand new world, folks, one in which different species find comfort and warmth in one another, regardless of preconceived notions.

Perhaps humans can learn a lesson from these relationships. What do you say?

Cat and Lynx
Well, this is adorable. Check out a photo of a cat and a lynx who have become best friends at the zoo in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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Think Lindsay Lohan is focused on having a lot of sex?

Meet... this pig!

In a video that speaks (hilariously) for itself, a pet pig furiously humps part of an armchair, thrusting his little crotch into it over and over until the hot and heavy action prompts him to tumble off.

But the porker won't let that slow him down. Oh no. Watch him climb right back up and really let that piece of furniture have it now:

NOTE: no animals or armchairs were harmed in the making of this video.

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How to Train Your Dragon 2 hit theaters on Friday.

But some movie goers may be hesitant to see this sequel because they missed the 2010 original.

Have no fear, though, readers, a bunch of Pugs are here!

In the following video (courtesy of The Pet Collective), a young boy uses these adorable pets to explain the plot of the first Dreamworks film.

Why does one need to train one's dragon? And how would one go about doing so? Find out now!

In other cute Pug news:

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Dogs like many things.

They enjoy being serenaded by their owners via an original song. They love the World Cup. Heck, some even are all about cuddling with pigs.

But many pets are just like us and you: they wanna be left alone after a hard day of napping, drinking water and running after tennis balls.

Especially when their favorite program is on!

Below, THG presents nine dogs that just need to kick back, unwind and act like couch potatoes in front of the TV for a few minutes. Is that really too much to ask?!?

Controlling the Remote
It's been a long day. Just let me unwind for a few minutes before I start dinner, okay?

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When Salt-n-Pepa released their classic track "Push It" in 1986, we somehow doubt they had gorillas in mind.

Or bulldogs. Or kittens. Or walruses.

But the Internet has done its awesome thing to this beloved single, with one genius user playing it in the background while animals of all kinds Twerk like Miley Cyrus and pop like J. Lo.

There’s a gorilla getting down around the 20-second mark. There’s a booty-shaking Corgi as the footage nears a minute.

There are patty-cake-playing kittens and, yes, even a cat who could easily be in Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video.

Confused? Intrigued? Anxious for more? You simply must click Play:

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Father's Day. It's not just for human beings anymore.

In a video that's capturing the hearts of Internet users everywhere, an English Bulldog named Chaucer meets his puppy girl for the first time.

The two are situated on a couch, with dad initially unsure what to do with daughter.

But after a couple minutes pass, he begins to gently paw and play with her... and we begin to lose our collective minds. In the most adorable way possib.e


It's not unusual for a bulldog to be cute (see this little guy who refuses to go to sleep).

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We have a very exciting update on Frostie the Snow Goat.

This beloved farm pet, a resident of the Australian nonprofit Edgar’s Mission, first made headlines in May due to a debilitating joint disease that left him confined to a wheelchair.

But the organization has now provided (adorable!) video evidence of Frostie’s recuperation, as he’s now able to walk and even dance around on his own for brief periods of time.

Says the inspiring goat's owner:

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This is downright adorable.

The owner of a Pitt Bull named "Doogie" has penned an original song in honor of his beloved pet, who apparently loves to eat cookies and to relieve himself outside.

And while the track isn't overly catchy or anything, the reaction of the pet upon hearing his master play the song will remain in your head (and heart) all day long.

Watch this cute duo in action now:

Clearly, the only thing Pitt Bulls love to do more than hear singles written about themselves is chase deer.

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