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We've all been there, haven't we?

Heck, check the time and the date. Many of us are likely there right now.

We either partied too hard over the weekend. Or we didn't relax enough. Or we just really don't wanna go to work.

But no matter what the reason, we've been afflicted: we have a case of the Mondays. And we're not alone!

Pets clearly experience this same unfortunate illness, as made clear in the following gallery of GIFs, all of which feature pets with one question in common: Is it Tuesday yet?!?

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Move over, Hero Cat.

And make room for Hero Rottweiler!

In an amazing piece of footage that was filmed in 2010, yet only just went viral over the weekend, a Rottweiler named Happy comes flying to the rescue of a Chihuahua named Trixxie.

The latter canine was reportedly tied up outside around 7 a.m. when a coyote came sprinting out of the woods and snatched the small pup up in its mouth. Just as he turned around to make off with Trixxie, however, in swooped Happy.

Watch the amazing rescue now:

Pretty incredible, huh?

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Miley Cyrus has posted a new photo to Instagram.

Don't worry, however, the singer isn't popping a squat this time around.

Instead, Miley has unveiled a picture of her latest pet to her 11 million-plus followers, writing as a caption to the following image:

"Newest member to the fam #bubbasue. Happiest mommy ever."

Miley Cyrus and Her Pig

Bubba Sue is actually the second pig in this artist’s life, though he’s the first she’s ever truly owned.

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As previously documented on THG, many celebrities love their pets. This is true across various industries, from movies to television to music.

But it may be possible that no star is as in love with her pet as Lady Gaga, the superstar singer who adopted a French Bulldog named Asia in April.

Affectionately nicknamed BATPIG by Gaga's fans, this really little Monster spends nearly every waking (and sleeping) hour with the artist.

They take baths together. They eat breakfast together. They go on tour together. They wear weird outfits together. And, as one of the following photos appears to depict, they even party together. (Who knew dogs liked Jameson?!?)

So, in honor of a pet who even poses alongside her owner on the cover of national magazines, we've compiled the following picture gallery. Consider yourself warned, however: It's totally adorable!!!!!!

Good Morning, Asia!
Lady Gaga may still be asleep, but her dog is ready to begin the day in this Instagram photo.

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Today is World Cat Day and we know what you're thinking:

Isn't everyday World Cat Day?!? 

No, especially if you're trying to sleep in and your cat is acting like an alarm clock. Or if you're a feminist because some cats hate feminism.

Other times, however, these pets may act indifferent, but we know how they feel about us. And we know how we feel about them and their adorable behavior, whether they're chasing around some yarn or jumping incredibly high.

So sit back, cat lovers of the world, and help us celebrate this special occasion via the 37 Best Cat Photos You'll Ever See in Your Entire Life:

Inception Cat
It's a cat...holding a kitten...which is holding a kitten. Is the top still spinning? Someone get Leo D. on the phone ASAP.

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For millions of folks out there, it remains unclear why Kim Kardashian is famous.

No one can quite figure out what she has to offer the celebrity gossip universe.

But there's no real debate over why the following canines have hundreds of thousands of followers across Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram: it's because they're adorable!

And some are inspiring as well, making the most of various handicaps and living life to their fullest (while often wearing very cute outfits).

So sit back, click around and get to know the most famous dogs on the World Wide Web. These are some paw-inspiring pets!

The 3Bulldogges love to spoon and folks like to see them spoon. They have 118,000 followers on Instagram.

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Yesterday, we wrote about 19 Reddit users who looks just like certain celebrities.

But while those folks were impressive and all, we're even more taken aback by the following juxtaposition.

Thanks to the Twitter user “@IAmHellsBells,” we’ve been alerted to a dog who eerily resembles Harrison Ford, mostly due to his slanted lips upon smirking for the camera.

Don't believe that a dog can be an actor's doppleganger? Check this out. You soon will:

  • Dog Resembles Harrison Ford
  • Harrison Ford at Ender's Game Premiere

Now, if only someone would put this canine in a fedora and give him a whip, we could really make a comparison.

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According to recent THG videos, the list of things dogs love includes taking a shower and meeting a new baby.

Based on the following Vine, however, there's something at least one canine clearly does not love: messing with his treat.

In one of the cuter pieces of footage you’ll see this year, a pet named Beau gets utterly confused by the location of his cracker.

He nearly goes cross-eyed trying to find it on his nose, while his four-legged friend looks on from behind. Does Beau end up locating this delicious treat? SPOILER ALERT: Yes.

But it's the frantic search for it that will leave you in stitches. Watch now...

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It's a fear many new parents have after bringing their newborn home from the hospital:

How will my dog react to the presence of a tiny human being?

But it's a concern that one family didn't need to worry about for very long this summer, not after their Husky (Piper) met their baby girl (Lily) and was SO SO SO excited that she spun around in circles.

It's the reaction all mothers and fathers who are pet owners hope for. Check it out here:

There are plenty examples of dogs getting along well with small children, from teaching them how to crawl to eating popcorn, much to the baby's sheer joy.

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Some owners have to drag their dogs into the bathtub.

But the owner of a Rottweiler named Lena has the opposite problem: she can't get her beloved pet out of the shower!

In the following video, we see a totally soaked Lena sitting contently, in no rush to get away from the stream of water pouring all over her body. Oh, but she's happy to give a lick to her best friend.

And we're very happy to watch her do so. Watch the incredibly cute footage now:

Know what else dogs love to do (apparently)? Dress as characters on Game of Thrones!

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