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Forget what you've heard or read: dogs and cats mostly get along very well.

Emotional case in point? This abandoned dog who befriended this paralyzed cat.

There was also this dog and this cat, who plotted an escape from the kitchen together.

Sometimes, however, these two popular pets don't exactly see eye to eye... or mouth to mouth. Such as when cats go around stealing the food right out of their suppose friend's bowl.

This video captures many of those cruel, albeit hilarious, moments.

In related news, cats also like to steal dog beds.

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Prepare to be moved, dog lovers.

And possibly prepare to open up your home to a new animal.

The following gallery features before-and-after photos of dogs who have been rescued, resuscitated in numerous ways and basically given a second shot at life.

Some of these canines have found an adopted family, but others are still looking. All, however, are totally adorable and their transformation is truly astonishing.

Be amazed and impressed now:

Boo! This adorable dog is no longer scary.

The rescue of the dogs featured above was detailed in this moving video. Go ahead and click on the link, but be warned:

You may wanna have a box of tissues by your side as you do so.

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Well, this is downright adorable.

In the following video, a little girl uses her family's huge Tibetan Mastiff as her personal stuffed animal, draping herself across its body, snuggling up inside its soft fur and even singing it a song.

But does the gentle giant mind? Not one bit.

This tolerant canine is content to lie back and let its tiny owner have her fun. And we're more than content to watch her do so:

It's good to know that not all dogs get irritated when smaller creatures attempt to befriend them, isn't it?

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In December, a wife in Virginia learned not to make her husband choose between her and his Harley Davidson.

Now, a girlfriend in Lancaster has learned a similar lesson.

In a hilariously awesome Craigslist ad, an unnamed pet owner goes into detail about the problems with his purebred dog.

She isn’t really trained. She yaps all night. She’s high maintenance. She can be pretty darn mean. And, as a result of all these issues, the man’s girlfriend doesn’t like the canine.

So, the man asks… anyone interested in his selfish girlfriend? HA!!!

New Girlfriend Wanted

We assume he's kidding. But maybe not.

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Sorry, just had to get that out of our system. 

But if anyone cares to disagree, he or she need only watch this video of a puppy refusing to go to sleep... and then also watch the following footage of an 8-week old French Bulldog named Rocky who is at first afraid to leap into his owner's arms.

He lies down. He starts to run. He stops. He hesitates. And then he does it!!!!

And then, the most adorable part? He does it again, without any concern, after realizing his owner will provide a soft and loving landing. Like we said above: SO SO SO SO CUTE!

Are you somehow still not convinced that the bulldog may be the most adorable animal alive, even after watching this guy empty a pool and drag it inside?

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We've already borne witness to 21 dogs who have been publicly shamed

They know who they are. They know what they did.

But now it's time to flip the furry script and focus on the well-behaved dogs, the canines who fetch you the paper or help change your baby's diaper.

You know, the dogs who deserve their own special spa day, one that includes a full body massage that will leave them more relaxed than they ever imagined possible.

We're not sure what the corgi in the following video did to deserve such treatment, but we salute his owners for rewarding him with it. Look at how happy this animal is!

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Think it's easy being a cat?

Trying to give your owner a high-five, wearing a shark costume while you ride around on a Roomba and doing all you can to avoid that really mean dog?

It's tough. It's tiring. It's downright exhausting at times.

You'll take sleep wherever you can get it, even if that place involves using a watermelon as a pillow. Just don't you dare move, watermelon!

Oh man! There it goes...

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It's easy for a cat to ride a Roomba while wearing a shark costume.

But it's a challenge for a cat to give its owner a high-five. Just ask Fugly.

That really is the name of the six-month old feline in the following video, as he jumps up on two legs to give his pal some dap... and he comes really close to doing so... only to topple over and fall on his back.

Nice try, Fugly! Better luck next time.

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The dog featured in the following video is named Oscar.

And he has an understandable reason for acting like a grouch: that stupid alarm clock keeps beeping louder and faster and he just wants to remain in his cozy, warm bed for awhile longer.

Sound familiar?

Indeed, in another case of a canine refusing to get out of bed, we sympathize greatly for this four-legged friend. Oscar has a tough day of lying down, walking and eating treats ahead of him. He needs his rest!

Beyonce adorable, right?

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These animals may often quarrel, but cats and dogs have at least one thing in common:

They aren't always on their best behavior. Or anything that resembles their best behavior.

Recently, we ran down 27 naughty cats who have been publicly shamed by their owners; and now we're here to let those felines know they aren't alone.

Some canines eat thongs. Others attack their fellow pets. And still others stare so long at their owners in the shower that it's downright freaky.

Can you relate to any of these pet problems? Click through the following photo gallery and try not to burst out laughing at each sign and affiliated puppy face:

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