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We've really must stop underestimating dogs.

Over the past several months, these animals have proved themselves capable of nearly any act.

For example, did you catch the dog who helped change his baby's diaper? Or what about the canine who assists his owner with her grocery bags? Very impressive all around.

And now a four-legged friend named Charlie can enter the discussion for Most Amazing Dog in the History of the Universe, as this video depicts the puppy opening and closing the front door all by himself.

It's an unexpected skill, to be sure, but it can also be a dangerous one: keep your eye on Charlie at all times or else he'll be a goner!

And we know what you're thinking:

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As previously documented in detail, pets sometimes like to act like they're human.

Take these dogs, for instance. They love to just kick back, relax and watch TV sometimes - and can you really blame them? A life of sleeping, fetching, walking and eating can be stressful.

But other times canines don't necessarily act like humans... they look like humans! Specifically, Russian President Vladimir Putin and/or beloved actor Harrison Ford.

They also look like stuffed animals, breakfast food items and other types of creatures, none of whom you would typically compare with Man's Best Friend.

But these photos speak (humorously) for themselves. Click around now and admire 13 dogs who may not actually be dogs...

A doggy bear
Dog, meet Teddy Bear. Teddy Bear, meet Dog. Can you tell them apart, readers?

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Budweiser has made us cry once again.

Not through it watered down taste, no. But through its use of puppies to get an important point across.

The beer company, who brought us to tears with its Super Bowl puppy love commercial, has released a new spot in which it gives pet lovers yet another reason to never (ever!) drink and drive.

It features a man heading out with some friends and a six-pack of suds, while the cutest dog you'll ever see hangs at home, waiting for his beloved owner to return.

He's waiting and he's waiting and and he's waiting and then the screen ominously tells us that "the waiting never ended" for some canines, whose masters made the irresponsible decision to drive drunk.

Seriously, people. You should already know to never get behind the wheel while inebriated. But if this ad doesn't convince you of that fact, nothing will:

Totally adorable. Totally inspiring. Totally on message, don't you think?

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Who's a good girl?!? Who's a good boy?!?

Those questions may never be answered, no matter how often they get posed to canines around the world.

But who is the BEST dog in the world? Sorry, owners and pets everywhere. It looks like we finally have a response to this inquiry.

Watch the brief, hilarious video below to see one (biased) dog's reply to this pressing question:

Anyone care to disagree with Amelia? 

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In October 2012, photographer Seth Casteel released a best-selling book titled "Underwater Dogs."

The title said it all: this was a colorful batch of pages filled with pictures of, well, underwater dogs.

Now, Casteel has followed up that adorable tome with “Underwater Puppies.” You can guess what this one is about, can't you?

But it's actually better than just pages and pages of puppies swimming underwater... because these are images of RESCUE puppies swimming underwater.

Casteel’s photography career actually began when he volunteered to photograph shelter canines to help get them adopted. Pretty cool, right?

Click around the gallery and prepare to have your heart melt into a million little pieces:

Look at Me!
This 9-week-old puggle mix is having the wet time of his life.

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No one will ever really accuse a cat of being the smartest animal on the planet.

Just consider how long did this feline did battle with a lemon before even trying to come up with an argument in favor of a cat's intelligence.

But what a cat lacks in brain cells, he or she often makes up for in sheer cuteness, a trait illustrated perfectly by the following video.

It features a pet lying back comfortably on the couch and being watched very closely by his human owners as he stares intently as his very own tail. What is this thing? Why is it moving all around? What does it taste like?!?

This kitten has so many questions about its tail, and each answer is both cute and endearing. Watch now:

See. You don't need to be a Hero Cat in order to go viral.

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There's a reason no animal named Grumpy Dog exists, you know.

It's because there's no reason for a canine to ever be in a bad mood... unless it's raining, of course.

But these four-legged creatures sleep on very comfortable beds. They go for walks, sometimes even for runs or hikes. They play some fetch. They eat. They sleep. They get a lot of affection. They wrestle. They shake. They get treats.

And then they sleep some more.

Heck, some work on the side as a DJ.

Yes, the life of a dog is pretty free, easy and fun - and at least the following pets are aware of this. Toggle through photos below of dogs who making the most of each day, smiling up a storm as they walk, play and interact with their humans.

Happy Dog!
It's a sunny day and I'm going for a walk. What is there NOT to smile about?

(Quiet down! These dogs are totally smiling and not yawning or simply catching their breath!)

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We just have one question when it comes to baby pigs:


As documented many times in the past, these little animals are positively adorable, whether they are trying to befriend a pit bull or simply hopping through the grass.

But this may be the cutest piglet example to date: the following video features a very young pet and a very patient dog. The former is so excited to be pals with this four-legged creature that he practically backflips over him at one point.

Then, later, the dog acts like the pig's mother, licking him all over and making the tiny guy oh so happy, safe and relaxed. It's precious stuff:

Seriously, who would have guessed these two would get along so well?

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The following video seems too good to be true.

But, as far as can tell, there have been no edits or trick camera work of any kind. It's simply an owner acting as a DJ... and then his French Bulldog actually copying his every move and also acting as a DJ!

Seriously! For reals.

No offense, Pauly D. But can we please line this four-legged creature up to emcee our next party.

It should come as no surprise, we suppose that a French Bulldog is doing something cute.

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Forgive (or embrace) the obvious pun, but... HOO says a cat and an owl can't be close friends?

Not Forbi, the feline in the following video, who is doing all she can to get the attention of an owl named Cleo.

The unlikely pals, whose footage has been shared more than 100,000 times on Facebook, are owned by Brazilian biologist Andre Costa.

They met at a young age and have been inseparable ever since, even if you wouldn't totally know it based on Cleo's reaction below. Come on, Cleo, give Forbi some love!

As unexpected as this friendship may seem, there are other examples of even more unexpected animal bondings.

Like this lion, this tiger and this bear. Or this cheetah and this dog. How adorable, right?!?

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