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Tia Mowry has a passion for Vegan recipes.

And to promote what she believes to be a healthy dietary alternative, the Style Network star has become the latest celebrity to strip down for PETA.

But not all the way down. She isn't making like Khloe Kardashian nude here. But she is rocking nothing but a lettuce apron:

Tia Mowry PETA Ad

Says the 34-year old:

"The more you learn about the benefits of being vegan, the more you become alive and the more you become aware of why it's a really great decision. Not only am I helping myself, I'm helping the animals out there, I'm helping the environment - going vegan, I feel great."

She doesn't look half bad, either.

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Dancing With the Stars' Kym Johnson is naked in a new ad for PETA, which is a good way to get people interested in PETA's causes. Well played, PETA.

Check out the Aussie stunner stripping down and condemning animal testing:

Posing with just her hot body and a bunny, Johnson says she was "shocked" to learn animal testing still exists, and felt inspired to join the cause.

"Be a Bunny's Belle of the Ballroom: Choose Cruelty-Free," a sexy Kym Johnson nude pic - she appears in print and video form - is captioned.

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So, this is what it takes to have a issue with Kate Upton photos.

PETA has set its annoying sights on the model after seeing pictures of her posing for a Harper's Bazaar spread titled "The Animal Nursery."

The photo spread features the absurdly attractive 20-year-old surrounded by such critters as a baby tiger, a leopard, a gibbon and a lion.

  • Kate Upon Harper's Bazaar Photo
  • Kate Upton for Harper's Bazaar

Railed PETA in a statement:

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It may not have experienced life outside the womb yet, but PETA believes trouble is ahead for the Kim Kardashian baby.

And it's all due to its mother's wardrobe choices, specifically the fur coat she donned yesterday in Paris.

Kim Kardashian in Fur Coat

“Kim is a commodity; she is paid to wear things like fur, a particular makeup, or to shake hands with questionable people, so she is not a good example to a child or anyone else of how to show a social conscience,” PETA spokesperson Wendy Wenger said of Kim's latest attire.

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Joaquin Phoenix's controversial new PETA ad was apparently too much for ABC, which reportedly banned it from next Sunday night's Academy Awards.

The spot aims to promote veganism by depicting a fish's dying moments, likening them to a human being submerged in water, unable to find oxygen.

As Joaquin flails, an ominous voiceover by the star intones: "In water, humans drown just as fish suffocate on land. It's slow and painful and frightening."

"And we do it to more than one trillion fish every year."

The spot ends with a plea for viewers to "go vegan." This, according to PETA said, was deemed too political and provocative to run during the Oscars.

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A couple days after the Beyonce halftime show, controversy continues to swirl around the performance of this superstar and her pals from Destiny's Child.

Why did Michelle Williams suck so much, Keyshia Cole asks? Did Beyonce flash the Illuminati Sign, crazy folks wonder?

And why did the singer wrap herself in leather, PETA wants to know?

Beyonce Super Bowl Outfit

Indeed, the world's most irritating organization has come out with a statement regarding Beyonce's outfit in New Orleans/

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Consider yourselves warned, New York City tourists and residents: a billboard of Wendy Williams naked will soon debut in Times Square.

The irritating talk show host is the latest star to star in PETA's "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" campaign.

"I don't really think that fur is the mark of success anymore," she says of her basis for doing so. "As a decent person, with compassion, it just seems like the right thing to support."

Wait... so if fur were still a mark of success, would she be okay with the killing of animals? As long as it made her look important to other members of society?

Wendy Williams Nude

Visit our gallery of naked PETA celebrities now and then decide:

Wendy Williams. Would you hit it?


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Since the days of George H.W. Bush, Presidents have spared the lives of a couple fortunate turkeys every year around Thanksgiving.

This year, for example, President Obama will pardon two birds named Cobbler and Gobbler.

But PETA is actually against this act, as chairman Ingrid Newkirk addressed the Leader of the Free World today and said:

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Honey Boo Boo is the proud new owner of a pet chicken named Nugget.

But PETA wants to make sure the seven-year old beauty queen understands: Nugget is only meant to serve as a pet, not a meal.

Honey Boo Boo and Nugget

"As I'm sure you are learning from your chicken, chickens are smart, interesting animals with personalities of their own," reads a letter written by PETA rep Michelle Cho and posted by E! News.

The organization goes on to outline how well chickens do math and have good memories, making a few suggestions to young Alana Thompson in the process.

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This (NOT) just in: PETA sucks.

The organization, always more interested in making headlines than helping animals, has released a new ad in which it encourages men to go vegan.

Because they will live longer? Feel better? Of course not. Because they will improve their sexual stamnia, of course! Isn't that what really matters in the end?

For a more revealing look at how PETA aims for attention over assistance, browse through these photos of nude celebrities.

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