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Nice try, Kim Kardashian.

We know you're attempting to be all sexy and seductive in your new perfume ad, posing in nothing but pink lingerie on behalf of Fleur Fatale, but here's the thing:

Remember that Kim Kardashian nude spread from Paper Magazine? The one that nearly broke the Internet last week?

It's made photos such as this seem tame and boring by comparison.

Kim Kardashian for Fleur Fatale

"So proud of my 7th fragrance called Fleur Fatale in stores now!!! #Roses," Kim penned as a caption to the above photo on Instagram last night.

And it's true: Kim Kardashian has come out with SEVEN FRAGRANCES.

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You may never be able to make the sort of personal connection with Justin Bieber that Selena Gomez can make on a nightly basis. Sorrt to break it to you.

But the artist has come out with his four fragrance (in just five years) with one goal in mind: YOU.

Justin Bieber Instagram Still

Speaking of Collector’s Edition with People Magazine, Bieber said he aims "give something really personal” to Beliebers around the nation with this scent, explaining:

"It’s all about the personal connection I have with my fans."

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She may have lost a hand in Sharknado 2, but Tara Reid has gained a new revenue source.

The wobbly actress is actually selling a perfume on her official website titled "Shark by Tara," described online as "a light and refreshing perfume perfect for day-to-day wear."

It's unclear if the fragrance will automatically add to one's blood-alcohol content or not.

  • Shark by Tara
  • Tara Reid Red Carpet Pic

The site says that Shark by Tara is comprised of hints of violet, lemon, iced mint, jasmine, tuberose, musk and other flavors.

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She's a celebrity mother that we love - and we clearly aren't alone.

Chanel No. 5 has tapped Gisele Bundchen as the new face of its fragrance, with director Baz Luhrmann on board to direct the beauty in a number of ads.

GORGEOUS Gisele Bundchen

Tom Brady’s sexier half was selected "for her natural beauty and modern femininity," according to a press release, while Luhrmann has previously worked on the No. 5 campaign with Nicole Kidman.

His spots with Gisele will premiere toward the end of 2014.

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Kristen Stewart may or may not be in a lesbian relationship with Alicia Cargile.

But the actress is definitely starring in a new ad for the fragrance Florabotanica by Balenciaga.

The commercial features Kristen in black and white, as brightly colored flowers cover her body and - we presume - Robert Pattinson wonders somewhere if he made a terrible mistake.

Stewart, of course, is merely the face of this brand.

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Celebrities know about as much about perfume as kids know about walkmans.

Still, this hasn't prevented an onslaught of famous people from coming out with their own fragrances.

Everyone from boy band members to Material Girls to former Ray J sex tape partners have attached their names to specific scents.

These sponsored bottles cost more than the average cologne, but, hey, at least you can brag to your friends that you're wearing something Jennifer Lopez may have one given approval of. That's worth something...we guess.

Herewith, we present 17 Celebrity Fragrances That Probably Smell Terrible... and also cost a pretty penny.

Selena Gomez
This self-titled Selena Gomez perfume may leave you lusting after Justin Bieber. Consider yourself warned.

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Kim Kardashian has taken a break from partying with Oprah to announce the release of her fifth fragrance.

Titled "Pure Honey," the perfume is "light and sweet" and "powerfully seductive," according to Kim, who adds via statement:

“As women we all have these dual natures. We can be girly and playful but also tempting and captivating at the same time. Combining the two elements was the perfect way to capture our full femininity. I created it to be delectable and crave-able, like all beautiful women are.”

Kim Kardashian Perfume Poster

And if you believe Kim actually created this perfume, you likely also believe it was really Christmas in September at the Kardashian household last week.

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He may be missing Kristen Stewart.

But Robert Pattinson is definitely sizzling in a new trailer for his upcoming Dior Homme ad campaign.

The company has already been teasing the full spread, which is expected to be released in October, with shots of Pattinson on a rooftop and in a bathtub with a tuxedo on.

In the following video, meanwhile, we see a number of black-and-white slides of the sexy star, as he broods and arouses while simply standing around by himself and/or watching a model get undressed.

Hot stuff! Ogle away now:

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Nicki Minaj is her typically outrageous self in a new poster for her latest fragrance.

As a follow-up to the beloved Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Perfume, "Minajesty" is currently available to purchase, for those who wish to smell of peach, tiger orchid and fluffy vanilla.

And in this poster for the product, Minaj poses in front of a golden throne, donning craze ling and a whole lot of hair.

Nicki Minaj Fragrance Poster

“I absolutely love this image and I hope my fans are as excited about it as I am,” Minaj tells People. “This new brand is striking, unforgettable, sexy and full of mystery."

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She's gone Rogue, ladies and gentlemen.

Rihanna has a new perfume out, and obviously, she's topless promoting it. If you expected a signature scent free of sexy promotional ads ... you don't know RiRi.

Rihanna Topless For Rogue

She can be seen in just high-cut panties and sexy ankle-strap stilettos on her feet, which she props against an oversize version of the perfume bottle.

Standard Rihanna nude fare, really.

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