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Pat Robertson knows why Robin Williams committed suicide.

We'll let the televangelist himself explain.

"You see these very popular people in the media who commit suicide, like Robin Williams recently, and you say, ‘What is the deal with him? What happened?"

Well, Pat Robertson??!? Please tell us!

"The god of the heathen are idols, and everything that you seek in life can ruin you unless that something and somebody is God himself,” Robertson said on The 700 Club last night, concluding:

"You won’t want to commit suicide after you have come to Him."

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Pat Robertson has already come out against gays, saying some spread AIDS on purpose.

He's also taken wives to ask, blaming them for their cheating husbands.

And now the 83-year old televangelist has issued a warning to anyone cooking up an Atkins or Paleo recipe: you are totally dissing God!

In yet another impossible-to-believe segment on The 700 Club this week, Robertson told the story of some dude named Jimmy Moore who lost 180 pounds by cutting out carbs.

And what's the matter with such a healthy move?

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We didn't think Pat Robertson could get any lower than blaming a wife for her husband cheating.

And we didn't think he could utter anything more asinine than his implication that LGBT activists are members of the Illuminati.

But then the crazy religious gift that keeps on giving answered a viewer question this week on The 700 Club.

It involved whether a woman should have been informed that a passenger in her van had AIDS, in case there was an "accident" and he contaminated her with the virus.

Did Robertson point out the absurdity of this question? Sort of, at first. But he then went on a rant about how gay people in San Francisco use specially-designed rings to PURPOSELY SPREAD AIDS. Really, he said this.

See for yourself now:

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Given some of his controversial statements on women and gays, Pat Robertson surprised many this week when he replied to a viewer question about transgender lifestyles...

... and showed understanding and compassion when it came to these individuals.

The televangelist - who recently said he wants to vomit over gay men kissing and who blamed a wife for her husband's infidelity - was asked by a 700 Club fan about coworkers who have legally changed their gender and replied:

"I think there are men who are in a woman's body. It's very rare. But it's true - or women that are in men's bodies - and that they want a sex change. That is a very permanent thing, believe me, when you have certain body parts amputated and when you have shot up with various kinds of hormones.

"It's a radical procedure. I don't think there's any sin associated with that. I don't condemn somebody for doing that."

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Pat Robertson is at it again.

No, the conservative preacher did not blame women for their cheating husbands this time. Nor did he claim that LGBT activities are members of the Illuminati. But you're getting warmer...

Yesterday, during an appearance on The 700 Club, Robertson was asked by a viewer if Facebook Liking photos of same-sex couples means one is supporting this supposedly anti-Christian lifestyle.

"That makes me want to throw up,” he said. "To me I would punch ‘Vomit;’ not ‘Like.' But they don’t give you that option on Facebook.”

Maybe someday they will, Pat. We can only hope - nay, pray! - that The Big Guy is listening. That means you, Mark Zuckerberg...

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The Christian Broadcasting Network is sort of sorry if Pat Robertson came across a chauvinistic pig this week.

The televangelist appeared on The 700 Club Wednesday and responded to a viewer's question about how to forgive a cheating husband by initially telling her to focus on the man's positive traits.

"Does he provide a home for you to live in? Does he provide food for you to eat?" Robertson asked. "Is he handsome?"

Robertson - who shrugged off David Petraeus' affair with Paula Broadwell because the latter is attractive - then caused a real firestorm with his closing remarks:

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Pat Robertson has already offered up advice about LGBT activities (they are members of The Illuminati!) and advice for those whose wives aren't respectful (become Muslim and beat them!).

Now, the televangelist has words of wisdom for any woman with a cheating husband: GET OVER IT! CONSIDER THE TEMPTATIONS! BE GRATEFUL HE PROVIDES FOR YOU!

That's a summation of what he told a viewer on yesterday's episode of The 700 Club, as she asked Robertson how to forgive her straying man.

"Males have a tendency to wander a little bit," Robertson said. "What you want to do is make a home so wonderful that he doesn't want to wander."

Seriously, woman... come on! Shape up!

Robertson has expressed similar sentiments about male infidelity in the past.

Last November, after the David Petraeus affair with Paula Broadwell came to light, Robertson didn't see it as a big deal. He's a man, after all, and she's hot. This stuff happens.

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The Illuminati are alive and well, in the form of LGBT activists who have set out to destroy the family, church and state, Pat Robertson implied last night.

The former Republican presidential candidate and longtime televangelist linked the modern gay rights movement to the Illuminati of the French Revolution.

“It has been said that those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to live them again,” the 83-year-old said Wednesday on the 700 Club.

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In his latest controversial remark, Pat Robertson believes that "awful-looking" women are predominantly to blame for a romance-deficient marriages.

Yes, he actually said this.

When a 17-year-old boy wrote to Maxim asking for advice on how to get his video game-loving dad to pay more attention to his mom, Pat had to weigh in.

On an episode of the Christian Broadcasting Network's "700 Club," he said, "It may be your mom isn't as sweet as you think ... She may be kind of hard-nosed."

Robertson then went on to to say that perhaps she should put in more effort, as "awful-looking" women can be to blame for certain marital problems:

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Conservative televangelist Pat Robertson is weighing in on Gen. David Petraeus' affair with Paula Broadwell ... and says he can't really blame the guy.

After all, he's a man, and she's really attractive.

  • Pat Robertson Pic
  • Paula Broadwell Pic

"The man's off in a foreign land and he's lonely and here's a good looking lady throwing herself at him. I mean, he's a man," Robertson said in an interview.

He continued describing Paula Broadwell:

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